View Full Version : DM Help Using props, music and more.

2016-08-26, 03:50 AM
Hi everyone,
I'm sure that there is a post on this somewhere, but as the newest thread one I found was from last year or so I figured it may be fun to start a new one.

What are some of the favorite props you've seen over the years?

I'm planning a 'noir fiction' themed game, full of mysteries and puzzles, so I've planned a couple of things - (real) WW2 photographs, a vintage book used as a decoder, an old lighter with a message inside of the tube, a bunch of 'potions' in test-tubes. I've been using 'paintings' for all the important NPCs in my last campaign and I feel like everyone liked them and remembered them more easily, so I figured that more props may be fun. This may also end up being the last campaign I get to run for a long time, so I really want to make it special.

My minor worry is that they may prove a bit too distracting, especially if I manage to get some of the more exotic props (flea markets are your friends when looking for stuff like this). Any tips?

I was also hoping to get some input on music and sound effects. Seeing how it's a DnD game set in the 60s I figured that some appropriate music for some pubs and weird battles may be fun, 'fallout style', as well as atmospheric background music for the tense 'you're in a warehouse with a shadowy figure stalking you' moments. Also, monsters - me making weird sounds with my mouth is just lame, plain and simple, so I've not been doing it. That said there is a ton of monster sounds online that, I feel like, could add a ton of tension, especially when hunting one. Are these worth using? Or do you feel like all these things are too distracting from the game? I'd keep volume to the minimum, just to have it be somewhere in the background.