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2016-08-27, 12:36 PM
Hello everyone,

First time poster to any RPG forum. Anyway, I'm in a game with a friend and he's doing some custom archetypes for people. I was hoping to get some feed back about the archetype below. Thank you for your time!

College of the Hero

Heroes are ordinary Individuals who find the strength to persevere in spite of overwhelming obstacles. They are intent on making the world a better place then the one they came from. One does not join the College of Heroes, One stumbles into it and never recognizes it. Known as the College of the Wanderer to Those within, they are always on the move.

When you Join the College of Heroes at 3rd level you gain proficiency with medium armor, shields and one martial weapon of your choice. Your Jack of All Trades Ability Applies to Either Your Wisdom or Constitution Saving Throws as Well (Your Choice).

Lead By Example: Beginning at third level you are able to rally your allies into battle, inspiring them with your own actions. When you make an attack roll, you may expend 1 use of Bardic Inspiration. Roll a Bardic Inspiration Die and add it to your attack Roll. You can choose to do so after the die is roll but before the results of the Roll are announced by the GM.

Words from the Heart: At 6th level you words and song echo from your heart, into the hearts of your opponents. When you cast a spell that requires a saving throw, you can expend 1 use of bardic inspiration. Roll an Inspiration die and subtract the role from one creature's saving throw roll. You can choose to do so after the die is roll but before the results of the Roll are announced by the GM. This ability fails if the target cannot hear you or is unable to be charmed.

Influential Actions: Beginning at level 14 you become so influential to those around you that your actions spread hope and bravery to your allies.
When you succeed with a bardic Inspiration Die using your Lead By Example or Words From the Heart class features you can use a bonus action to grant a creature within range Bardic Inspiration without expending a Die.