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2016-08-28, 07:14 PM
Hey guys, this is my update to the previous DH post (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?497207-3-5-Homebrew-Class-Dragon-Heritor-v5-1-Testers-Opinions-Appreciated&p=21148469) on the forums and I wanted to get ya'll's opinion on the class me and a buddy have been writing up for a campaign I'm running. The document is a tad long (22 pages) but has some charts, fluff, and other information that I cannot easily post here.

Dragon Heritor v5.5 - Google Docs (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-h2W-lygwGzaTA5Y0ZvRTQwX3M)

Specifically, I'm interested if it seems to be balanced, over-loaded, under-tuned, etc. As far as playtests are concerned, my buddies have played a few and we have come to this version of the Dragon Heritor. Additionally, I would like to thank ComaVision for his help with the class.

as for background info: this class was created with the idea of incorporating dragon bloodlines into everyday life, and as intended to be a class that the player would want to achieve 20th level in.

Anyway, I will regularly respond to posts in this thread, so please give me all your honest opinions and feedback, I'd greatly appreciate it.

- srgtsilent


Update: 5.5: Fixed some bugs in Natural Style Dragon Heritors