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2016-08-30, 12:21 PM
I'll be making the switch from DM to player pretty soon and I'm looking for some help/advice for the character build I have in mind. I'm more interested in building a flavorful drow character then min/maxing, but at the same time its not fun playing an ineffective character.

My character is Kalannar, a drow warrior from a Menzoberranzan noble house. He is betrayed and left for dead during a surface raid by the weapon master of his house. The matron mother of the house replaced the house mage with her oldest son, and the weapon master was worried she would do the same to him with Kalannar. By killing Kalannar he secured his position within the house for at least a few decades.

For anyone who doesn't know the drow of Forgotten realms, like many races, have certain weapons that are identified with them (dwarves have Hammers and Axes, Elves have long swords and bows etc...). These would be the Hand Crossbow, Death Lance/Spear, Whips, Spider shaped shields, Throwing Spiders, Maces (female clerics only) and the two-sword style (most commonly long swords even though Drizzt uses scimitars). While I'll most likely arm Kalannar with a hand crossbow (stick on his back, similar to Winter Soldier's submachine gun) and whip (most likely used as a rope more then a weapon) I want his main focus to be Spears and the two-sword fighting style.

What is the best way (class, multi-classing options, feats etc....) to create a character equally capable with spears/lances AND the dual wielding stlye?

And one martial class I want to not entertain right from the start is the monk, as I don't think the monk is a good fit. 1) Drow warriors wear armor. 2) I'm not really interested in going down the unarmed attack route and 3) I always pictured the drow two-weapon fight style to be more like the Knight of the Morning from GoT then the flippy, flashy Prince Nuada style.

Mark Hall
2016-08-30, 01:22 PM
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