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2016-08-31, 06:36 PM
So a bit ago my DM put me with the task of designing some prestige classes for a homebrew empire created by one of his characters long ago, the prestige classes he must first approve for them to be used but for most purposes I can do whatever I want while they are balanced and fit in with the campaign. Here is the link for the ones I have already created. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aH8qcAJC55s2VbxhGTkr-Gtw2X4O14mOQw16aCp0dOI/edit?usp=sharing
What do you guys think about the classes? The empire is Lawful evil although more lawful based and has as a patron deity Hextor, its a bit of an extremist empire and literally everyone has at least 1 class level usually being fighter but all core classes (except paladin and druid) are in there. One of the most important things about the empire is that its more of quality and not quantity in soldiers and adventurers so its ok if the prestige classes are a bit more powerful than the usual but not by too much. If you have any Ideas feel free to suggest them. Also if it helps clerics are sort of authority in there if it helps to show sort of what this is supposed to fit in with. If you have any idea for a possible prestige class just suggest it and I might add it.

2016-08-31, 07:44 PM
Just going through real quick, please forgive grammar/spelling errors.

Some advice:
•Try to avoid dead levels like the plague. Class features are what most people look for when they go prestige. Dead levels have very little draw.

•They feel rather generic. If these are for only that empire, and specific alignments at that, make it show.

Spell combatant:
•needs an effective fighter level to qualify for some of the existing fighter bonus feats.
•Sorcerers and wizards would already get a decent amount out of this, so only flavor abilities should be added.

For Shock Warrior:
•up the skills to at least 4+int. 2+int is too few for a martial or skill monkey character
•Mobile Tank should not be dependent on Wisdom. You already have four stats necessary for entry. I'd make it a bonus that scales with level, and allows you to ignore speed reduction by armor (also gradual->treat armor as one category lighter for purposes of speed reduction, +1 category at 4th, to a minimum of light).
•Give them an option to get a feat other than power attack if the already have it. Maybe a class feature that raises the limit on power attack, too.
•an effective fighter level to qualify for some fighter bonus feats.
•The DR/- restriction of not being flat-footed should be taken out.
•A capstone may be a good idea-something other than another point of DR

Scope eye:
•up the skills to at least 4+int. 2+int is too few for a martial or skill monkey character
•I think all base classes get craft, which can be specified however they wish. I would throw in move silently too.
•bows&crossbows, or just one of the two?
•Enable other bonus feats to be taken if the character already has the bonus feats
•curve shot should be thought about.
---Concealment and cover are two different things. While related, they aren't interchangeable.
---its hard to tell whether this is broken or not due to the wording.
•Millimetric precision is a bit underwhelming, and needs work
---the save strength is debatable, and should be based off of class level, not HD
---daze with that long of a cooldown isn't something to write home about. Spellcasters have spells that could inflict far worse by now.
---I'd maybe allow it to expand the crit. range by one and increase the crit. multiplier by one, stacking with feats and abilities
---daily abilities are usually magical in nature. shooting in a special way shouldn't have a 3/day limit
---I'd say full-round shot, ignore material-based DR and Hardness equal to your level, Bonus damage die = 1/3 the number you would get for sneak attack. no daily limit or cooldown.

I may go over the other three tomorrow if I have time.