View Full Version : DM Help Things to reflect Baldurs Gate, Waterdeep, Neverwinter

2016-09-01, 04:12 PM
So I'm still shaping my "journey from BG to Neverwinter" and I want to make it fleshed out and full of fluff for my players. I'd like to point out stuff I have so far and would appreciate any additional ideas.

Baldurs Gate: Segregation. Outside the city there has grown a large refugee/settler town, consisting mainly of poor folk from the south (anyone knows the nation?). Flaming fists + large contingents of mercenaries are keeping an order by rather draconic methods. (i intend to set up a scene of "police brutality" - albeit a guy did try to rob a merchant). Inside the city the rich quarter is separated from the poor by a wall and a fee to pay. This should be explained.

Waterdeep: LOTS of adventurers set out to go to Undermountain. LOTS of taverns, magic supply shops, things adventurers like. Undead in the very port (in the depths of the bay). I'll just set up a few possible roleplay encounters here where heroes will discuss things with other adventurers.

Neverwinter: A city trying to rebuild. Many houses are newly-built, but there are still quite a few charred and large areas of the city are burnt down and uninhabited due to a volcano explosion 30 years ago. (it had killed 50% of the population). Guards are jumpy and Neverwinter is a front guard of civilisation which was brutally erased by volcano eruption. PCs may see some adventurers carrying dead flame-beast that stil ocassionally popup from the chasm in the city. But mainly ruins, newly built houses, distrustful adventurers and almost no half-orcs. Orcs took advantage of Neverwinters devastated state and tried to plunder it when weakest.

What do you gys think? Got any other ideas? Want to expand my ideas further? Also I'd love some roleplay deas regarding sea voyage like ship signaling to another ship these water were safe so far and no (insert specific pirate location) pirates were seen en route. Zentharim group on ship, fleeing Red Wizard with small entourage, an Order of the Gauntlet on its way north and perhaps even a representative of Lord's alliance sailing between the cities.

Basically anything that could help me flesh out faerun a bit more for my group.