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2016-09-02, 05:37 AM
The Loremaster (http://imgur.com/a/mmnyC) is part of an ongoing worldbuilding project of mine - it is intended to serve as a replacement for Wizards in a setting where pursuing magical power is more to do with delving in ruins and examining artifacts for signs of arcane potency, and less to do with reading lots of books and chanting. It is thus especially suitable for low magic and/or post-apocalyptic world, altho you could probably squeeze it in most places.

Some specific points that I would love feedback on are -

Is the spell list balanced? Are any of the environments disproportionately weak or strong, and are the available effects appropriate to the class?
Level 18 feature. Should there be one? What sort of power level would be appropriate?
Do any of the tricks stand out as too weak/too strong? I'm especially interested in the ones that let you find temporary magic items to give to your companions.
Is there space for a third archetype?
Names. Names are hard, especially when there are so many of them. If you have any suggestions for names, especially for Tricks of the Trade, please throw them my way.

Also, if the class grabs you, feel free to share your favorite parts.

Which career would you choose at 3rd level?
Which 3 tricks would you choose first?

My current goals for the class are:

Refine the spell list, likely adding some new loremaster-exclusive spells.
Possibly add a third archetype, the Scholar.
Tweak and most likely add to the list of Tricks of the Trade.

If you missed it the first time, here it is again - The Loremaster (http://imgur.com/a/mmnyC)