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2016-09-02, 06:22 PM
So, a friend of mine likes to try to homebrew things for Pathfinder, like this base class based on the likes of Gilgamesh in the Final Fantasy series or Erza in Fairy Tail. He was having trouble with his account, so he gave me permission to post it here for critique. Is it overpowered? Underpowered? Smells like monkey scorpions?

Spoilered for length:

pathfinder weapon hoarder class

changes v2.03.07
fixed typo in acellerated weapon calling
added legendary collector(mythic) feat
added guilded jaunt reliquery adornemnt
fixed typo in greater remote flanking feat requirments

weapon hoarders love weapons, what drives them to collect so many weapons varies, sometimes its greed, sometimes they desire power, sometimes they're just OCD, whatever the reason, weapon hoarders are always expanding their collections

hit die: d8

alignment: any

level bab fort ref will special
1 0 0 2 2 magical armory, exotic proficiency
2 1 0 3 3 reliquery adornment
3 2 1 3 3
4 3 1 4 4 armor summon, reliquery adornment
5 3 1 4 4 saturated attunement
6 4 2 5 5 reliquery adornment
7 5 2 5 5
8 6/1 2 6 6 reliquery adornment
9 6/1 3 6 6
10 7/2 3 7 7 saturated attunement weapon bonus +1, reliquery adornment
11 8/3 3 7 7
12 9/4 4 8 8 saturated attunement armor bonus +1, reliquery adornment
13 9/4 4 8 8 saturated attunement weapon bonus +2
14 10/5 4 9 9 reliquery adornment
15 11/6/1 5 9 9 saturated attunement armor bonus +2
16 12/7/2 5 10 10 saturated attunement weapon bonus +3, reliquery adornment
17 12/7/2 5 10 10
18 13/8/3 6 11 11 saturated attunement armor bonus +3, reliquery adornment
19 14/9/4 6 11 11 saturated attunement weapon bonus +4
20 15/10/5 6 12 12 Martial Convergence, reliquery adornment

favored class skills: appraise, bluff, intimidate, knowledge: dungeoneering, knowledge: history, knowledge: nobility, use magic device
skill points per level: int + 4

proficient in all simple and martial weapons as well as light, medium and heavy armor

exotic proficiency
the weapon hoarder starts play with one exotic weapon proficiency of her choosing

magical armoury
you gain an interdimentional vault to hold your weapons, the maximum number of weapons it can hold is equal to your charisma modifier plus twice your level. adding a new weapon to your vault or replacing a weapon in your vault with a different weapon takes 30 minutes to attune, at any time you may call a single weapon into your hand(or prehensile apendage) as a swift action, after doing so you are considered to have the weapon drawn and may wield it normally. alternatively, you may call multiple weapons and have them float in the air around you until they attack or come to you, calling weapons into the air is a move action and may call up to your charisma modifier plus 1 per 4 levels number of weapons at a time this way, alternatively the weapon hoarder may summon double her charisma modifier plus 1 per 4 levels number of weapons at a time as a double move action, or as a full round action the weapon hoarder may summon thrice her charimsa modifier plus 1 per 4 per levels weapons, weapons called into the air this way often appear above your head, however they can be called to any point in a 10ft radius, once you have called weapons into the air, you may have up to 3 of them attack a single target as a full round action, doing so is a ranged attack(40ft increment) that deals normal weapon damage plus your charisma modifier in damage, these attacks use the weapon hoarder's full bab, these weapons retain any special properties they may have, any lack in proficiency or improper size penalties apply as normal, each weapon's attack and damage is rolled seperately, every 2 levels beyond first, the weapon hoarder may use one additional floating weapon in this full attack action, alternatively, the weapon hoarder may have a single floating weapon attack a single target as a standard action, every 4 levels this standard action can attack with 1 additional floating weapon(up to 6 at lv 20). at lv 8 onward, the full attack action may have more floating weapons attack than her usual limit, however each additional attack beyond this limit takes a cumulative -4 penalty(ex:if your limit is 6 and you have 8 weapons attack, the 7th is at -4 and the 8th is at -8). any number of your weapons may be recalled to your armoury with a swift action. weapons floating in the air are considered unattended for the purpose of sunder attempts, weapons floating in the air do not impede movement. adding a new weapon to your armoury takes 2 full round actions

reliquery adornments(name pending)
at second level and every 2 levels thereafter the weapon hoarder selects a reliquery adornment off following the list

accelerated weapon calling
you can call 1 more weapon from your armoury at once as a move action, 2 more as a double move, or 3 more as a full round action, may never call more weapons than are in your armoury, may be taken multiple times, effects stack

alacritous strike
as a swift action the weapon hoarder may have a single floating weapon that has the piercing quality launch at tremendous velocity, this has the weapon attack all targets in a 60 ft line, the attack is treated as having both the piercing and ballistic properties for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. alacritous strike may be taken multiple times, once per 4 levels, each additional time it is taken either an additional floating weapon may be simultaneously fired in a 60 ft line, or the line is increased by 30 ft(chosen upon taking the adornment), additional weapons may be fired down the same line or in different lines

bladed bulwark
the weapon hoarder may spend an immediate action to condense a number of her floating weapons to block incoming attacks, this provides a deflection bonus against attacks equal to the number of floating weapons used, the bonus lasts till the start of her next turn and then the weapons spread back out, the weapon hoarder may use a maximum number of floating weapons equal to her charisma modifier. despite the name, weapons need not be slashing to be used in bladed bulwark

calamitous torrent
the weapon hoarder has some of her floating weapons violently spin around her, this results in each of the chosen weapons to attack all squares adjacent to her as a full round action, the weapons used immediately return to the armoury afterward. the weapon hoarder may use up to her charisma modifier in floating weapons for calamitous torrent. calamitous torrent may be taken multiple times, each additional time increases the number of floating weapons that may be used by 1, or increase the radius which calamitous torrent attacks by 5ft(chosen when taken)

deep weapon understanding
magic weapons can offer many bonuses, but few know all the nuanced intricies of how they work or how to best use them, you have a deeper grasp of such things and can wield them more effectively, normally an enhancement bonus provides benefit to attack and damage, when you take deep weapon understanding, you choose ether attack or damage, whichever you choose, you gain double the actual enhancement bonus instead of the enhancement bonus when wielding magic weapons(ex if you choose attack a +1 enhancement bonus will provide +2 attack and +1 damage instead of +1 to both). deep weapon understanding may be taken 4 times, the second time you choose between attack and damage again, if you choose the same one your floating weapons also gain the benefit, taking it 4 times lets both attack and damage be effected for you and your floating weapons

exhuberent assault
when performing the full round attack action with your floating weapons, you may now divide your attacks between 2 individuals instead of them focusing on one. exhuberent assault may be taken multiple times, once per 3 levels, each additional time it is taken allows you to split your attacks to an additional target

exostential augmentation
requires: wonderous upgrade
your skill with modifying and using your weapons is truely masterfull, when using wonderous upgrade you may now consume bonus from the weapon in conjunction with bonus from saturated attunement to gain enhancements, however the weapon must still retain atleast +1 bonus after any enhancemnts. additionally, you may choose to add unique enahncements off the following list at their listed bonus cost

cleaving, bonus value: 5
the weapon automatically attacks one adjacent square to its initial target with the same attack roll(which square is chosen before attack roll is made)

effective, bonus value: 4
the weapon is of exceptional quality, doubling its base damage(1d6->2d6, 2d4->4d4, etc)

executing, bonus value: 2
coup de grace performed with this weapon treat its critical damage multiplier as 1 higher than normal

mythic, bonus value: 6
all other enhancements effecting this weapon consume 1 less bonus(min 0)

torturing, bonus value: 2
the weapon can only inflict non lethal damage however its base damage is doubled

usurping, bonus value: 3
if used against an enemy with more hit dice than yourself, gains an additional 1d4 base damage for each hit die the target has above you

violent, bonus value: 4
attacks with this weapon deal damage to both wielder and target with every attack, once per round when this weapon damages its wielder, they may make one additional attack with it against the same target

world sundering, bonus value: 6
you can use this weapon to attack magic openings or projections of other planes, if your damage exceeds 10x the spell level of the effect used to create it, it is destroyed and the effect ends

expanded armoury
your armoury has unusual size, the maximum number of weapons you can store in your armoury is increased by 6, expanded armoury may be taken multiple times, its effects stack

furious impact technique
with this technique a number of your floating weapons may make small aoe attacks. the relevent floating weapons attack all squares adjacent to their initial target for half damage. the weapon hoarder may only perform furious impact technique a number of times per round equal to half his chrisma modifier(round down, min 1). furious impact technique may be taken multiple times, each additional time allows it to be used one more time per round. furious impact technique may be applied to any attack made with your floating weapons, if you are attacking with more than one you may choose how many and which ones get effected, must choose to effect an attack before the attack roll is made, the evasion class feature and similar abilities treat the aoe damage as aoe spell damage with a DC equal to the attack roll

glorious war form(name pending)
requires level 16
once per day as a full round action you may call upon the energies in your vault to make you a fearsome beast on the battlefield, you gain ethereal arms, tripling the number you would normally have and you summon a weapon from your armoury into each hand. while glorious war form is active each weapon you wield may be used for only one sucessful attack before returning to your armoury, and a new weapon is automatically summoned in its place. weapons summoned by glorious war form cannot be summoned again until the effect ends, glorious war form ends when you run out of weapons to summon or may be ended early as a swift action. glorious war form may be taken multiple times, each additional time increases the number of sucessful attacks a weapon can make before being dismissed by 1

guilded jaunt
requires: saturated attunement
after your floating weapons attack they do not automatically return, this adorment allows you to come up with new tactics for retreaving them and leaving them scattered across the battlefield, as a move action you may teleport to any weapon affected by your saturated attunement that isnt floating or being wielded

incidental preperations
may, once per turn as a free action, summon one weapon from your armoury to float in the air

insatiable collector
requires: expanded armoury x5
your passion for aquiring new weapons is truly monsterous, as a result, you've learned to store things in your armoury more efficiently, your base armoury maximum is now charisma mod + 4 per level instead of the normal charisma mod + 2 per level, additionally each purchase of expanded armoury provides 10 additional max weapon storage instead of the normal 6

jewel in the crown
requires: saturated attunement weapon bonus 1 or higher
one of your weapons garners your attention above all the others, maybe it holds sentamental value, maybe its design captivates you, maybe its simply stronger than the others, whatever the reason you take extra care when weilding it to draw its full potential out, when taking jewel in the crown, select one weapon in your armoury, that weapon is now the "jewel" of your armoury, calling the "jewel" from your armoury to your hand is always a free action, while you wield the "jewel" in your hands(not floating) the enhancement bonus effecting the "jewel" from saturated attunement is considered twice its normal value. the total enhancement bonus of the "jewel" may exceed the normal limit of +10. if for whatever reason you wish to change the weapon that is the "jewel" of your armoury it may be changed, however the process takes 8 days and the current "jewel" looses its bonus during this transition

lord impaler
when you would summon weapons as a fullround action, you may summon them right below an enemy on the ground, this requires a reflex save by the enemy DC 10 + half your level + your charisma mod or they are hit by each weapon you summon beneath them, inflicting bleed damage instead of the usual damage type if the target isnt immune to bleed. weapons that strike a target in this way immediately return to the armoury

personal linkage finisher
when you perform your full attack action with your floating weapons you may make the final attack an attack with a weapon you are wielding in your hands, the target must be within range of the weapon

all the weapons of the world truely belong to you, you just need to get them back, as long as there is room in your armoury, you may put any weapon you hold with your hands into it as a swift action(the 30 minute attunement process still applies before you may resummon it)

royal extension
normally your floating weapons must be sumoned within 10 ft of you, this incrases the range at which they may be summoned by 5ft, may be taken multiple times, effect stacks

sky darkening volly
you may use your full attack action to have your floating weapons attack a cone area, each weapon attacking a different square in the cone, starting near the weapon hoarder and expanding outward

stream of regal pain
requires level 6+
gain the hammer the gap feat, even if you do not meet the normal requirements for the feat

temultuous purge
you may use your full attack action with your floating weapons to attack an area of effect, the first weapon hitting the center point then each subsiquent attack targeting the adjacent squares, spriralling outward

treasured asernal
you value your weapons and expend extra energy to keep them from breaking, weapons attuned to your armoury have their hp multiplied by your charisma modifier for the purpose of being sundered

wonderous upgrade
requires saturated attunement weapon bonus 2 or higher
your experience with seeing and wielding many different weapons has allowed you to think up new ways to use them, when you summon a weapon, you may sacrifice part or all of the saturated attunement bonus to grant it a magical effect equal to the ammount of enhancement bonus sacrificed, the enhancement must be appropriate for the weapon(keen still wont work on bludgeoning etc) and the weapon must still have atleast +1 net enhancement bonus, also the weapon cannot already have the enhancement, otherwise any enhancement you know of and have enough bonus for is fine,(at GM's discretion may require the weapon hoarder to have seen the enhancement before or make knowledge check DC 5 times the enhancement bonus amount)the new enhancement lasts until the weapon returns to your armoury

armor summon
at 4th level you may store armor in your magical armoury, up to your chaisma modifier in armors may be stored in your magical armory at once. you may summon and fully dawn any armor in your armory as a standard action, at 14th level armor may be summoned and dawned as an immediate action. dawning armor from your armoury while already wearing armor automatically stores the previously worn armor

saturated attunement
at 5th level, weapons in your magical armoury become saturated with your energy and work better for you than anyone else, you treat weapons attuned to your magical armoury as masterwork even if they are not. at 10th level, you treat weapons attuned to your magical armoury as if their enhancement bonus was +1 higher than it is(to a max of +10), every 3 levels beyond 10th, the effective enhancement bonus of your attuned weapons increases by a further +1(+4 at 19th level). new weapons must be within your valt for 24 hrs before they become effected by saturated attunement. at 8th level saturated attunement effects the armors in your magical armory, causing them to become masterwork level, at 12th level and every 3 levels thereafter their effective enhancement bonus is increased by +1 (+3 at 18th level), armors must be in your magical armory for atleast 24 hours beforre they become effected by saturated attunement

Martial Convergence
at 20th level, once per day you may call every weapon in your magical armoury and have them attack a single target without the normal penalties

race class bonuses

human +1/6 reliquery adornments
dwarf +1 max weapons stored
elf +1/4 attack for floating weapons
orc +1/2 damage for attuned weapons

new feats

remote flanking
requires: magical armoury class feature
your floating weapons may now engage and be part of flanking attacks, they may not flank with each other or yourself but can flank with allies

improved remote flanking
requires, remote flanking feat, lv 10+
you may now use your floating weapons to flank with your own attacks, however they may still not flank with each other

greater remote flanking
requires: improved remote flanking feat
your floating weapons may flank enemies with each other, additionally, each floating weapon that flanks an enemy after the first in a given turn increases the flanking bonus against that target by +1 for all susequent flanks for the rest of the turn

greatest remote flanking
requires: greater remote flanking
when you or your floating weapons flank an enemy, the flanking bonus applies to damage as well as attack

extra adornment
requires: reliquiry adornment class feature
you gain 1 extra reliquery adornment you qualify for

Legendary collector(mythic)
requires: magical armoury class feature
your weapon collection is the stuff of legends, expansive beyond any ordinary collection, the total number of weapons your armoury can hold has it's maximum is multiplied by 10

potential future changes

bladed step
use weapons to propell self
dash, jump,

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