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2016-09-04, 11:49 AM
OK looking for help/input with something that just came up in my game of star wars, More of a story question than any sort of rules problem (thus the thread location) I wanted to know how many Mandalorians from around the Galaxy would show up on Dantooine if someone claiming to be Mandalore the Fierce made an open invitation via the Holo-net and was effectively calling for a new crusade. Only info was a declaration of who she was and instructions to meet on Dantooine.

Background info: Setting is 35 After the Battle of Yavin, Gallaxy is in turmoil, The New Republic is heavily militarized, The Empire is still ruled by Palpatine despite his many defeats and reincarnations but has been reduced to holding 10% or so of the empire's original planets. The Yuzong Vong were never a thing (If they had attacked a sector fleet of the New Republic could have handled them.) And Luke is a Hot cocoa drinking Jedi Master who only occasionally comes out of teaching/retirement to kick Palpatine's @$$ again. The Empire is desperate to get any advantage on the new Republic and it's a resource/personnel War (especially with Force Sensitives). Throw into this refugees from the Old Sith Empire from the Unknown Regions trying to make their own pocket kingdoms, Xim the Despot and his droid armies taking the Tion Hegemony from the New Republic, general alien super-weapon hi-jinks and Force goings on and it is a fairly turbulent time.

What the galaxy at large might know: Certain people in the know do know that this Mandalore the Fierce is/was a "Free-trader", She is a Nagai patriot that helped them throw back another Toff Invasion, and the person who killed at least 1 Imperial High Inquisitor (read wanna be Vader, actual count is 3). She and a band of Jedi, rogue Sith and Mandalorians (of which she was obviously in charge) also saved Yavin's Jedi Academy from (another) plot to destroy it, that had an unexpected MT-AT and dozens of automated sentry turrets installed at the academy by her order. When the Hapes cluster started their own Jedi academy under Jedi Master Mason Kendo, he took the students aboard her ship the "Dragon's Lair" a heavy military transport because he said they would be safer there than anywhere else. They then bounced around the sector being chased by Imperials bent on getting the young students.

My thoughts: Not every Mando hidden around is going to be available, but a few are going to be sent to check things out before reporting back on wither this is legit. There will no doubt be a few New Republic observers, Imperial agents and Mandalore wannabes that show up to challenge her and make trouble. As it is Legends there are no giant planets of mando's out there, we are just talking about those that have settled around the galaxy and blended in. The actual planet of Mandalore and most who were hanging out/colonized in the unknown regions are not available for plot reasons, we are just concerned with those within the New Republic/Empire area.

TLDR: It's 35 ABY and Mandalore the Fierce calls on all Mandalorians to join her, Who do you think would show up?

PS: Boba Fett is not interested in the job of Mandalore and will likely not show up, but may be watching with interest to see what happens.

2016-09-04, 11:04 PM
Finally, a mandalorian SW campaign! Yes!
I'll be watching with interest, I can hope and dream for an invite, and so on!
Kandosii, Karen Traviss! ...I apologize, that was a fanman moment.
So, in answer to your question, have you ever read Star Wars: Republic Commando?
The 5-book series that's said to improve SW? If not, I hope you get a chance to enjoy it.
Disney's purchase made sure that it was never finished. Dang it, disney!
I fully expect that the null arcs, the commandos, and etc would show up. Bardan Jusik as well,
if possible.
I'm also sure that there are plenty of others from that series as possible candidates.
I'll be subscribing to this thread, and watching with interest.
Am I a candidate? CAN I be a candidate?
Thank you for reading this, and I hope you have a better day!

2016-09-06, 04:24 PM
Unfortunately the Game is IRL (though open to new interest if you happen to be in the Portland OR area), that being said Thank you for the input and interest IntellectPaladin. I'm not sure how many of the clone troopers (ARC troopers/Nulls etc) would still be alive due to aging (again 35ABY) but If I remember not all of them had the quicker than normal human aging.

Though If you want to go Necro Diving you could read some of my old campaign stuff here on GITP, I had a few SW games back in the day (several years back if they still have them) and the current game is set in the same well traveled universe.

In fact the current "problem/reward" facing the group is how to spend their 1 million credit reward for saving a planet offering custom droids.

I'd be curious how folks in the playground would spend it.

Basic rules are as follows, You have 1 million credits worth of resources at the Zether Droid Works. You may get as many or few droids as you like but they are limited in what they can make (somewhat)

Size of the droid
Small=200 -2 STR +4 to Hide, +1 to hit, +1 To Defense
Medium=500 No Mods
Large=1250 +4STR +4CON -1 Defense -1 to Hit
Huge=3000 +8 STR +8CON -4Defence -4 to hit

Droid Stats are 25 point buy.(per Star Wars d20 Revised core rule book) Max 18 Min 8 (Size and Degree of droid bonuses may push these stats up/down beyond these limits)

Additional points for the point buy cost 200 credits for each additional 4 points

Degree of Droid gives a cost multiplier to the Total final cost and applies the stat mods to the final
x1 First Degree (Science) +2INT -2STR -2CHA
x1.5 Second degree (Engineering) +2DEX +2 INT -4STR
x1 Third Degree (Social) +2CHA -2STR -2WIS
x1.5 Fourth Degree (Military) +2DEX +2CON -4INT
x0.5 Fifth Degree (Labor) +2STR -2WIS -2CHA

Programming complexity costs the following per level of the class (only NPC classes are available)
Expert = 200 credits per level
Diplomat = 300 credits per level
Thug = 400 credits per level

Mobility method adds an additional modifier onto the total cost
x1 = Walking/Wheeled
x1.1 = Tracked
x1.5 = Hovering
x4 = Flying

Additional Droid accessories (alot of the important stuff) is as seen on Table 15-6 of the d20 revised core rule book

The Glyphstone
2016-09-06, 11:49 PM
I'd get a couple hundred small flying droids with thermal detonators glued to their chassis, and use them as smart missiles.