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2016-09-14, 01:26 PM
Hey, guys!

My duskblade is currently locked in a tower that has it's own dimension and time, so when he rejoins the party he will probably be a bit, if not a lot older and will bring some new cool magics with him, since the tower was previously inhabited by a very smart and wise Alchemer. I was thinking of creating a magic language that can only be learned and understood by creatures that are allowed to. That way, the party can freely speak, without having to worry about surroundings. My idea is that the language will be delivered trough a Learn spell, that will insert the knowledge directly into the allowed creature's mind. It has to have a free slot to learn the language, or choose to forget one language and swap it with this one. I'm also considering the idea whether the caster can choose to allow the creature only to understand and not speak the language, thus not using language slot.

What are your thoughts about it? How should this spell look in 3.5e and how it may be countered by evildoers?