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2016-09-17, 12:40 PM
A Pathfinder update and fix of the warmage, aiming for upping its effectiveness and filling in its abilities while retaining its flavor as an elitely trained combat mage.

The warmage's ostensible role is to be a damage-dealing combat caster, so their spell list focuses on evocation, and doesn't have a lot of utility or defensive options. They get some armor usage, which is nice, but doesn't quite make up for their poor BAB and health for someone who's a straightforward combatant. Warmages get to add their Int bonus to spell damage, but use Cha for casting, making it a little harder to boost physical ability scores. Advanced Learning is neat, giving them a few extra Evocation spells, but not enough. 2+Int skills are alright, I guess, given that you are encouraged to have Int as your #2 score. Metamagic feats are nice too, but they still take up extra spell levels to cast.
Everything about the Warmage is Too Little, Too Narrow, so I feel comfortable cranking some of these up to 11.

This rebuilt Warmage upgrades these abilities to be a Gish, hopefully without changing the feel of the class. Upgraded health and BAB, armor-wearing abilities, and a more flexible spell list including abjuration and transmutation help the Warmage hold their own in a fight. The spell list is still focused on attack and moving up towards the enemy, has little in the ways of defense, and arcane spell failure occurs whenever the Warmage does not have at least 1 hand free, to try and prevent the Warmage from just being most of a Fighter + a bunch of magic.

So with all that out of the way,
The Warmage:
HD: d8
BAB: Medium
Fort: Bad
Ref: Bad
Will: Good
Skills/Level: 2 + Int modifier

Weapon and Armor proficiency:
Warmages are proficient with all simple weapons and with light armor, but not shields.

Class Skills:
Craft, Fly, Intimidate, Kn: Arcana, Kn: History, Perception, Profession, Ride, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device

Spellcasting: A Warmage casts spells spontaneously, off of the Warmage Spell List, using Charisma as their casting stat. They get spells per day as a Sorcerer of the same level.

1: Advanced Learning 0, Armored Mage (Light Armor), Cadet Training, Cantrips
2: Armored Mage (Light Shield)
3: Advanced Learning 1
4: Enlarge Spell
5: Advanced Learning 2
6: Armored Mage (Medium Armor)
7: Advanced Learning 3
8: Empower Spell
9: Advanced Learning 4
10: Seasoned Combatant
11: Advanced Learning 5
12: Armored Mage (Heavy Shield)
13: Advanced Learning 6
14: Widen Spell
15: Advanced Learning 7
16: Armored Mage (Heavy Armor)
17: Advanced Learning 8
18: Maximize Spell
19: Advanced Learning 9
20: Arcane Juggernaut

The Warmage can use all cantrips listed on their spell list at will, as well as the cantrip learned from Advanced Learning 0

Advanced Learning:
At each odd level, the Warmage may learn one Abjuration, Evocation, or Transmutation spell off of any Arcane, Divine, or Psychic spell list. Regardless of the spell list the spell came from, it is considered an Arcane Spell on the Warmage Spell List when used by the Warmage. The maximum level of the spell that may be added to the Warmage Spell List is listed with the ability. The Warmage may use a spell for this ability once their level is equal to the level of the casting class when they first learn to cast this spell. For instance, when using a Bard 4 spell, the spell becomes available at 10th level because that is the level that a Bard gains 4th level spells.
Any spells off of a divine caster's list must be prayed for like those of a cleric, though they still count as arcane spells. A Warmage who does not pray for spells or is not a follower of a deity (or other deity-like source of divine spells, devils, nature, etc) cannot gain spells from a divine list.
At each even level, one spell learned in Advanced Learning may be changed to another spell of the level listed or lower. (For instance, if Advanced Learning 3 is used to learn a 3rd level spell, that may be swapped at 8th level for a 2nd level spell, and may be swapped at 10th level for a 3rd level spell, but not a 4th level spell).

Armored Mage:

Light Armor - The Warmage is proficient with light armor. When at least one hand is free, Warmage spells do not incure arcane spell failure from light armor

Light Shield - At 2nd level, the Warmage is proficient with light shields, and their use does not incur arcane spell failure when at least one hand is free. Light shields are those granting a +1 bonus without enhancement

Medium Armor - At 6th level, the Warmage is proficient with medium armor.Warmage spells function without Arcane Spell Failure when wearing medium armor, as long as at least one hand is free.

Heavy Shield - At 12th level, Warmages are proficient with heavy shields, and their use does not incur arcane spell failure when at least one hand is free. Heavy shields are those granting a +2 or +3 bonus without enhancement

Heavy Armor - At 16th level, the Warmage is proficient with heavy armor. Warmage spells only incur a 5% chance of Arcane Spell Failure from wearing heavy armor when at least one hand is free. Making the armor out of an exotic material, such as mithral, does not reduce this penalty.

Tower Shield - see Arcane Juggernaut, 20th

Cadet Training:
A Warmage may add their Int bonus to damage rolls of damage-dealing spells.
This cannot be added more than once per affected creature or target of a spell, per round.

Enlarge Spell:
4th Level: Gain the Enlarge Spell metamagic feat

Empower Spell:
8th Level: Gain the Empower Spell metamagic feat

Seasoned Combatant:
At 10th Level, a Warmage may add their Int bonus to either Fortitude or Reflex saves. Once assigned, this may not be changed.

Widen Spell:
14th Level: Gain the Widen Spell metamagic feat

Maximize Spell:
18th Level: Gain the Maximize Spell metamagic feat

Arcane Juggernaut:
At 20th level the Warmage receives one of the following two abilities, emphasizing either spellcasting or martial prowess. Once the choice is made it may not be changed:

Armored Mage (Tower Shield) - The Warmage is proficient with Tower Shields. Additionally, a Tower Shield incurs no chance of arcane spell failure with Warmage spells as long as 1 hand is free. With no hands free, all shields as well as light and medium armor each incur a 5% chance of arcane spell failure when casting Warmage spells. Making shields out of an exotic material, like mithral, does not reduce the penalty in either case. The arcane spell failure penalty incurred for wearing heavy armor is reduced to 0% with one hand free.

Arcane Soul - The Warmage may cast one 10th level spell, (consisting of a spell of up to 9th level plus metamagic adjustments). This spell is not subject to arcane spell failure and does not use a spell slot. The casting time of this spell is not increased by metamagic feats. After using this ability, it is not usable for 1d4 days

2016-09-17, 12:44 PM
Acid Splash
Disrupt Undead
Ray of Frost

Burning Hands
Magic Missile
Shocking Grasp
True Strike
Ear-Piercing Scream
Enlarge Person
Hydraulic Push
Snapdragon Fireworks
Stone fist

Continual Flame
Fire Trap
Flaming Sphere
Acid Arrow
Scorching Ray
Bladed Dash
Bull's Strength
Cat's Grace
Fox's Cunning

Fire Shield
Flame Arrow
Gust of Wind
Ice Storm
Lightning Bolt
Sleet Storm
Stinking Cloud
Blast Barrier

Black Tentacles
Phantasmal Killer
Wall of Fire
Caustic Blood
Emergency Force Sphere
Ice Storm
Telekinetic Charge

Cone of Cold
Flame Strike
Lightning Arc
Life Bubble
Wall of Force

Acid Fog
Blade Barrier
Chain Lightning
Circle of Death
Fire Seeds
Freezing Sphere

Delayed Blast Fireball
Finger of Death
Fire Storm
Mage’s Sword
Prismatic Spray
Waves of Exhaustion

Horrid Wilting
Incendiary Cloud
Polar Ray
Prismatic Wall
Scintillating Pattern
Shout, Greater

Elemental Swarm
Meteor Swarm
Prismatic Sphere
Wail of the Banshee