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2016-09-18, 09:54 PM
Hello everyone, it's my fiance's birthday in 4 days and I'd like to surprise her by presenting her with her own custom class. She and I love to play D&D solo campaigns at home when we're both free from school and work so I think this would be one of the best gifts I could give to her. She's a double major and math and education so I thought it'd be fun to make a class with that concept in mind. I am utterly stupid when it comes to math passed the basics so I did my best using the power of good old google.

As such I would love to hear everyone's opinion on the class keeping in mind that I'd love it if it was constructive and not overly harsh.

I also still need to come up with a list of formulas which will probably entail me altering some wizard spells and flat out creating new ones. Please let me know what you think.


Professor Gnoll
2016-09-18, 10:50 PM
You've made the document private, so it can't be accessed without permission. You'll need to make it public if you want people to see it.
EDIT: Alright, it is now accessible.

2016-09-18, 11:24 PM
Exploratory Math is probably too strong. Most people are probably going to use it the same way; subtracting AC and adding HP, so as it's written, it essentially reads "creature gains 15 HP and loses 3 AC", which is huge. 15 HP is nothing; that's one attack from a fighter with PAM. On the other hand, -3 AC means +3 to hit for the rest of your team, which will increase damage by about ~15%. At later levels, that is a tremendous difference.

Alternatively, you could use it on your allies, subtracting 6 HP for +3 to hit, which is also really strong.

2016-09-19, 04:49 AM
I could make it 10 hp for every one point moved, would that make it more appropriate?

2016-09-19, 01:39 PM
I could make it 10 hp for every one point moved, would that make it more appropriate?

While that might make it balanced for low levels, I think it remains broken at mid-to-high levels. I suppose you probably could find some balance where the HP cost is linked to the target's level, but that's a complication it might be easier not to bother with.

Maybe if you take HP out of the options? If what you can manipulate includes just Attack Bonus, Damage Bonus, and AC, that gets more comparable. Though, as a debuff, giving someone a much lower Attack Bonus while boosting their Damage Bonus is likely strong.

2016-09-19, 01:43 PM
I was thinking over it today and I considered a mathematical formula similar to what's used for the Beast Master's companion. Perhaps when you add a point to HP the target gains HP equal 1*CR/Level or 10 whichever is higher. Would that perhaps curtail the power creep a bit?

EDIT: I may also make it so you cannot use Exploratory Math on an ally or on yourself in order to prevent those kinds of silliness.