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2016-09-21, 12:45 PM
I'm tryingn to create a scenario for solo play and i know character backgrounds are important for creating overall story arcs, but wanting somethingn to start out with so to give ideas for character background.

wanting to use non Neverwinter forgotten realms as map. but if right idea comes along that doesn't fit in with that, will be willing to homebrew the map.

Thanks for input in advance.

2016-09-22, 03:38 PM
There's the 100 plot hooks list in the DMG. I would recommend starting there, and seeing if any catch your eye that you'd like help expanding upon. (I'd offer more, but I'm liable to wind up replicating ideas from there.)

2016-09-22, 04:03 PM
Elder Evils. All of them are great.

2016-09-23, 08:25 AM
Cheers much appreciated