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2016-09-23, 01:33 PM
I am currently running a game (3.5, but for my purposes in this thread I don't think the system really matters), and I am planning on having my players face some kind of inner fear of their characters. Mainly looking for any advice. The characters will be separated and face their specific challenge alone. Below is a list of the characters, a very brief bio, and what I currently have planned for that character.

A)Darsie, halfling rogue-fled home because his sick father tried to sacrifice him to heal himself on advice of sinister shadowy type (with glowy yellow eyes). Joined up with a hippie religious commune run by a priest of Pelor where he met his wife and had twin daughters. Eventually something happen and character gets suspicious and discovers the priest has actually been slave trafficking and not what he claimed to be, he confronts the priest, priest vanishes and kills his wife and kids, he hunts down the priest and kills him in a rage. After Darcie collapses from grief and exhaustion the nearby shadows come together and form into the glowy-eyed figure. Darcie flees.

As for his challenge, He finds himself in a poorly lit stone walled passageway, a halfling woman on her knees facing away from him sobbing. He immediately recognizes her as his (dead) wife. Eventually he notices she isn't sobbing, but snickering. She turns around and reveals her glowing yellow eyes. At some point she will also turn into his father and also the priest he killed.

B)Faust, elf ranger-left home to get away from controlling mother (who also dabbles in necromancy), Eventually met up with an old gnome ranger who trained her. Befriended her granddaughter Trixi (character D), acting as sort of a big sister to her and is very (possibly overly) protective of her. She has fairly recently began a relationship with a local tavern maid, Sally.

Her challenge, she finds herself on a grassy hill, there is an unlit funeral pyre with a body on it and a figure standing next to it. As she approaches she realizes the body is Trixi's and the figure is here grandmother, who begins blaming Faust for not protecting her granddaughter. At some point during this the body and figure change to Sally lying on the pyre and her father, the tavern keeper, blaming Faust for her death.

C)Shadowtail, half elf druid-raised by adopted parents after her elven mother dies in childbirth. Never knew her father as he was a traveling adventurer and he most likely doesn't even know he has a daughter. Reason she has struck out on her own to find him.

Her challenge, she finds herself in a room with a man she immediately recognizes from pictures she has seen as a child as her father. He first acts like he doesn't know here but eventually reveals he knew all along he had a daughter but he just didn't care.

D)Trixi, gnome bard-Orphaned fairly young when her parents were killed in a Duergar (evil dwarf for those unaware) raid. Raised by her grandmother, a retired ranger. Meets a human bard in the nearby pub as he was traveling through the dwarven/gnomish lands. Fascinated by his stories of adventure she offers to accompany him and help him deal with the surly dwarfs of the region. After a few years traveling with him she returns home but is eager to set out for even more grander adventures she leaves again, but this time with her grandmother's student and her surrogate big sister, Faust.

Her challenge, I'm not really sure, maybe a reliving of the raid that killed her parents, with no matter what she does she is unable to prevent their deaths.

E)Kreg, half orc sorcerer-born after a tribe of orcs swept threw his village, taking whatever (and whoever) they pleased. Kreg was raised by his human mother who loved Kreg deeply in spite of his heritage. The villagers however never trusted him due to the circumstances if his birth. On his tenth birthday his magickal powers awoken and he accidentally killed his mother as he uncontrollably cast his first spell. Distraught at what he done, and now exiled by his village he wandered the village. While practicing to control his magic he was found by a tribe of orcs who took him in and trained him. After growing up with them and then raiding a local village he realized he was becoming the think he hated most, his father. He attempted to leave but was held captive by the orcs he was traveling with, who viewed him as a weapon. He eventually gets is chance tp escape, and burns down the entire orc camp in the process.

His challenge, another one I'm really not sure about, maybe something about him breaking and destroying everything he touches?

2016-09-23, 01:47 PM
I have an idea for Kreg: he is back in the orc tribe he joined, escaping and burning it down as he goes, but every person he strikes at turns into his mother and dies screaming at him.