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2016-09-28, 12:50 AM
Hello! This Thread will be a description of the inner world and note book of my character Cal within the Kingmaker campaign by Devacorian.

the main campaign thread is here: giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?499591-Game-Journal-Devacorian-Presents-Kingmaker

This character is the offspring of my character Martin Longheart from the campaign preceding this one,
which can be found here: giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?480297-Red-Hand-of-Doom-is-Still-Cool-Right&highlight=red+hand+of+doom+dravda

And now, the character description found on his character sheet ;)

"Martin Callendon Elioda Longheart The Second, was born and raised by his parents Martin Longheart, and Keaylea Fen during the peaceful times following the defeat of the Red Hand with his five older sisters at Vraath Abby. Having activated a wand of healing under the direction and tutelage of "Uncle Lenny" at the age of seven "Cal" became obsessed with magic. Being enamored by the harrowing tales of the Great Red War and becoming restless and dismissive of the teachings of Cuthbert at the abby at the age of Sixteen his parents finally relented to let him set out with "auntie Elli" for the big city of Brindol to study the arcane arts as her apprentice. finding the city exiting and horizon broadening, after several years of study he was sicken with wanderlust he decided to set out on his own great adventure, seeking the seeking the secrets of magic, and a place in the great stories of kingdoms and heroes he loved so much as a child."

Cal Is an eccentric Archaist. The first thing I must say about Cal is that he has an Int score of 20. Having returned to D&D with my red hand of doom fighter, compared to playing a character with 20 STR I find it challenging to role play a character whose intelligence is beyond my own. Also how can you reconcile a character with savant level intelligence, above average charisma but only average or perhaps low wisdom and low physical stats.

Answer? Cal has a photographic memory and synesthesia, he experiences mathematics, magic, and knowledge as collars, shapes and emotions. At every hour, on the hour, cal casts prestidigitation so that he can use magic itself as part of his thought process. with the change color function of presto he manipulates the colors of his armored kilt and armored sash as well as a tri force tattooed on his forehead to give him a sort of multicolored and all around mystical appearance.

In this journal I will be recording Cal's thoughts, notes, and experiences thought Kingmaker. :smallcool:

2016-10-25, 08:03 PM
The Big Wedding

(I have decided to create these logs in a form of short stories from Cals' point of view so that there might be an going story line for this character)

Having said his farewells to his family, friends, and masters, Cal left the Veil and everyone he has ever known behind to set out upon a great adventure. Having extensive knowledge of the local nobility and in being a conjuror of cheep tricks, he found himself a prime invitation to the wedding of Vladim Garess and Morella Lebeda in at Silverhall, a stranger in this land, he promptly set about making friends and entertaining the children.

Thus Cal Longheart found himself in the standing room of the ceremony next to a new acquaintance, a handsome half org named Mercer (gentlemen adventurer) , staring at the ceiling wishing that mirage ceremonies were not so long and so boring. "what a silly convention for the alliances of nations and great powers." he thought to himself as he scanned the ornamental stained glass windows that bathed the room in multi colored hues. He was in the midst of mentally calculating the collective density of the wave lengths the multicolored light rays shining thought the glass when a hooded figure in the rafters caught his eye.

"I'm pretty sure that one should not be up there." he whispered to the half orc beside him, pointing out the figure, who was presently drawing a hand cross bow. As the Gentlemen adventurer immediately bounded off through the crowd to raise the alarm Cal shrugged inwardly and crouched down to draw his stone bow from the top of his adventuring pack. making the split decision to take immediate action instead of watching to see what would happen, he quickly loaded a smoke missile into his stone bow and soldered the weapon. instead of looking down the sights of the weapon He put his trigger hand upon a small engraving of a target and arrow etched into the but of the stone bow. While concentrating upon the groove in mid air that would take his projectile from its current position through space to connect with the head of the assassin; He reached into the void between the hemispheres of his mind to call upon his magic. he spoke the sylvan words of power "Ah-dein-oh-sine Reh-ti-cual-em!" to draw out the magic and solidify the destiny of this next shot. In that moment, Cal had never felt more alive, the shot drove home between the eyes of the would be assassin spraying a cloud of noxious fumes into his face.

The scene then erupted into chaos as the the alarm as raised and generally panic filled the people and guards alike. Adrenaline coursing through calls veins from the use of deadly the magic left him standing still as a stature in the midst of the chaos expiring everything around him happen as if in slow motion. he became keenly aware that of all the people present, in that moment, there were only three others that remained remained calm and with there whits about them. Mercer Kingsly, who was shielding a woman and child from the erratic cross bow shots of the guard. The woman he had met early from the house Orlovsky, "what was her name again? Ari? how bizarre I normally remember things like that" he thought, who was calm and alert insuring that her family was safe. And, King of Brevoy himself, presently stepping aside as a poorly aimed shot from the assassins hand crossbow clattered useless upon the stone behind him.

The assassin then completely vanished into thin air leaving the chaotic scene behind. "now that is a trick I must learn" call thought as the pandemonium subsided and he soon found himself face to face with the very three people he had noticed during the assassination. The kind certainly had a gravity to him and his wife just as ferocious. After Mercer was commended for his heroic deeds Cal found himself shortly there after receiving a job offer from the half or himself to join him in carrying out a charter of the river lands to the south. Finding this to be Just the opportunity for adventure he was looking for he gladly accepted. In no less than a weeks time Cal has now found himself back in the wilderness with the feeling that his great adventure has still only just began.