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2016-09-28, 04:25 PM
So, not sure if anyone still plays Saga Edition, but I was looking for a little (lot) bit of character build help. The situation is as follows:

A buddy of mine is taking on the role of GM; he is running Saga Edition because he is running the "Dawn of Defiance" adventure series. Because of the nature of the setting, he's being very restrictive on rules for what my character concept is: an unknowingly Force -Sensitive smuggler who (because of meta-gaming on GM's part) will become a Jedi.

The dilemma is in the way the GM will allow us to build characters: we can only use the Core Rulebook and up to ONE "cheat feat" from an outside source (supplement splat book). This, in of itself, is fine with me, as I have played before and understand the rules. But, what also makes it hard is the "role" he wants me to fill vs. My character concept: he would like me to be a "party leader" , so he needs me to be a capable "face guy" of the group, an expert gambler (to compete in a module -based sabaac tourney story point), and have to (even if I have them) use Force Powers at an absolute minimum or get hunted down by the Emperor's death squads.

I understand the build system and what my role needs to be, but I am having a hard time reconciling everything. I am not a typical Min-Maxer, and often discourage my players from doing do in my own games, so the idea if Powergaming is foreign to me, but the GM implies that it will be necessary in this game, especially with the rest if the party, three veteten "trolls" looking for highest DPS at all costs.

My 1st level concept is to be a human scoundrel with the Force Sensitive feat haven't decided other one yet) and the Fool's Luck talent. I also would like to possibly wield a lightsaber and blaster at the same time at certain moments of the game later (as he has told me specific information about the story to make sure I keep the party "on track").

Any help /suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks one and all!

2016-09-28, 05:19 PM
I'm away from my books and my own personal compendium at the moment, but later on you're going to want to use Dexterity for Lightsabers. It's been so long I forget if that needs a Feat or a Talent, but I'm sure you've thought of that already.

As for pseudo Min-Maxing, try to consider your character in parts. You've got the Uses Blasters Part, the Gambling Man Part, and the Party Face Part all lining up well with Scoundrel. You'll be able to get into Secretly Jedi Part in time, so you don't have to worry too much about that right now. I'd say let one of your Veterans take on the Ace Pilot Part, to free up some of your build.

If you're partial to it, the Master Mechanic Part would work well with this character, I think. If you take Tech Specialist as your "Cheat Feat" then you'll have a unique contribution to the team in custom weapons and gadgets and an IC reason to be part of the crew in the first place.

If you're anxious about the Party Face Part, check out the Intrigue Book for some useful Feats and concepts.

2016-09-28, 05:54 PM
Maybe I should specify in that the test of the party are veteran Power gamers, but all three are new to Star Wars in general. They plan on building a tech specialist based droid sniper demolitionist, a soldier with the big guns, and a elite Trooper with burst wrapons. They don't want to fill the roles of piloting and RPing, just damage, damage, and more damage, which is why the task of role player fell to me. As I DM'D the last game we ran.

2016-09-28, 05:57 PM
Thank you for the ideas so far

2016-09-28, 06:07 PM
Then in that case I'd think about specializing with a Skill Focus Feat of some sort. Maybe you really are the Ace Pilot, or maybe you are the most Charming Pilot out there. With some subtle Force Powers coming down the pipe, I'd say up your Party Face Abilities. Especially if you'll be cleaning up everyone else's mess.

2016-09-28, 06:08 PM
Great! Thanks again

2016-09-28, 06:50 PM
Should I bother upping my Force abilities before becoming a Jedi? The GM will allow it, but is strictly regulating it. It fits my concept to do it, bur it ties up parts of the build

2016-09-29, 06:26 PM
I'd say talk with your GM about what works for the story. If you mean actually having Force Powers and abilities before taking a level in Jedi, that's a fair possibility. You could never take a level of Jedi and still be the Force User. When I personally build characters for SW:SAGA I pick out 4 or 5 cool connections between Prestige Classes and Base Classes and some Feats and work backwards until I'm down to Square 1 with a roadmap ahead of me. Then I build them up, story-wise until they're the appropriate level for the game and jump in there. I try to work abilities and feats into my background stories to help sculpt the personality. Maybe that will work for you.

2016-09-29, 06:54 PM
Yeah, several conversations with the GM have shown that he is receptive (and on board with) my character using the Force for the entire game. My original character concept operates around the idea that my character is using the Force to facilitate his role as a smuggler; that I (as a player) am mechanically making Use the Force checks and actively choosing to use Force powers OOC, but that I will role play IC that I don't even know I'm Force Sensitive (he believes he's just lucky and good enough at what he knows).

All of that was easy enough to build towards, planning on taking scoundrel, Jedi, and then Jedi Knight. 1st level build scoundrel 1 with Force Sensitive and Force Training feats and Fool's Luck talent. I just wasn't sure if that was the most efficient way to go.

I guess my real dilemma was how to incorporate the game parameters the GM wants from me. I'm looking at the crunch factor for it all; stuff like "if I dip a level in Class A I can get these feats and talent for free and if I take this feat it will allow me to get these abilities easier). Stuff like that. I guess the real question I'm asking is "what sort of build do you recommend to facilitate all that I want to do?" I'm not uses to multiclassing more than 2 base and a prestige, but this system as to reward a many classed character (the NPCs alone have four or five base classes in many instances, not including prestige). I'm just trying to get the most out ofy because it's so staggered, but the ideas of "what stacks" and "what's worth it seem foreign to me.

2016-09-29, 07:11 PM
Because the adventure we will be playing is a series of former RPGA modules and because the GM is new, be wants us to have the entire road map for our characters turned in before starting. As I am typically DM of the 3.5 D&D games we normally play, I expressed that this goes against my personal style of play, which is to level up my character based I upon in-game decisions and actions rather than just powerbuild into my concept. Hence why I am overwhelmed; I need to have my character mapped out before we begin, but am worried about taking options or building specifically because I don't know what is required.

2016-09-30, 12:17 AM
Found a great thread on this Forum that detailed how to build what I was looking for. Luckily, I had the 1st level build right on the money. Based on your advice and what I saw on the other thread, the only real question cones down to WHEN/IF I can go Jedi. That'll determine how many abilities I get.

Your idea about looking at the build in 'parts ' really helped; it was easier to see the full version of the abilities as they pertain to the different aspects of the character and vest to utilize them.

2016-09-30, 02:05 PM
I'm glad things are working out for you then. The last piece of advice I can really offer is something you likely already know: Talk to your GM about items and what level you think you'll be should you ever come into ownership of a lightsaber. Sometimes you'll be having to decide between a Lightsaber ability or something else and if you know you won't actually get the item for another few levels, that's going to help your planning phase.

Also, take a few hours to really do a full character progression. It seems to me that too many people forget that building a character with all this math, motive, and moving parts takes time. It's not possible to do it quickly and expertly.

2016-09-30, 09:20 PM
Well said. Thank you for all your help. Minty!