View Full Version : Pathfinder Has anyone created a general purpose grit-based martial?

Secret Wizard
2016-09-28, 11:56 PM
Thread topic! I like grit/panache but I hate Weapon Finesse. Has anyone homebrewed a more general flavor type of martial with grit?

2016-09-29, 03:08 PM
The Myrmidon Fighter from Path of War does exactly what you are looking for. A bunch of grit abilities with no pressure to be dex-based.

2016-09-30, 09:04 AM
The other thing that you might want to look into if you were homebrewing grit/panache material (and I'm unsure if there's official rules here) is allowing the various pools of martial power to mix. You have Ki (Monks/Ninjas), Panache (Swashbucklers) and Grit (Gunslingers) and allowing a character with more than one (in the case of a Ninja who takes up Panache, or a Gun-Fu Monk) to spend either point in order to power abilities isn't a terrible idea.