View Full Version : Storm King's Thunder Miniatures

2016-09-30, 06:07 PM
Hello! I recently opened some Icons of the Realms boxes. I'm pretty happy with what I got but...

I'm looking for anyone who:

A) - Is within about 3 hours driving distance of Washington DC/Virginia USA.
B) - Has the "Harshnag" Frost Giant miniature.
C) - Would like to trade their "Harshnag" for a "Countess Sansuri" Cloud Giant miniature.


I do not work for Hasbro or Wizards of the Coast it is not my intention to advertise a product on their behalf. I just want Harshnag and it'd be great if I could get him through a trade locally.
If someone does find me and would like to trade I have two normal Cloud Giants from the set I'm willing to 1:1 for any other Giant from the set.