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2016-10-03, 12:13 PM
I've played all kinds of d20 games, d6 games, d10 games, and I've even played a game that focused on only ever using a d4 die.

13th Age, being a simplified d20 system, only interested me when I took a deeper look at its open game content on this here interwebs. I was thoroughly impressed.

I joined a 13th Age game, which is basically the World's Largest Dungeon, which exists in all planes and has two cities that are in different places depending on the plane you're traveling. It's super heavy roleplay, and also super crunchy. The combination is excellent in practice so far.

My character died the first session, because I was stupid and forgot to use our barbarian as a distraction while I stuck to his shadow. Now I need to craft a character (preferred to be a spellcaster of some sort) who can survive the whole bestiary A to Z instead of lower-level to higher-level. Just until he can unite with the group, anyway; every character is on their own right now and is solving puzzles and fighting monsters to re-unite (like, long term campaign goal).

What type of character do you think could face down anything in the bestiary? I want to build it myself (I love playing around with the system, I just don't have time before the session this week), but I need good ideas.

2016-10-03, 01:18 PM
Always good to see another 13th Age fan!

Some mix of fighter, paladin and cleric can be outrageously tanky, especially when you consider how many defensive talents and options are available to any of these classes. Personally, I like Fighter/Paladin, but a Fighter Cleric can really exploit their abundant recoveries to the fullest. In terms of race, dwarf and forgeborn are both tough-as-nails, although aasimar get honorable mention for being too pretty to hurt.

2016-10-05, 07:48 AM
So I have been exclusively running 13A for the past two years, on average three times a month. Couple of observations (these assume you also have 13 True Ways, the expansion.)

Cleric is strong when multiclassed with anything. Quick action spells (bless, heal, Cure Wounds, and others) basically double your actions per turn for most classes. Also if you take Domain of strength you basically gain a per battle "smite" and weapon profs. The Protection/community and Strength Invocations are both also immensely powerful.

Mix that with Necromancer (at will MD attack that doesn't need line of sight), as well as access to some wizard spells through the dead wizard talent, or the wizard (lots of utility and defensive spells) and you've got a powerhouse caster.

Druid Terrain Caster is also actually very good, if you focus on picking up the per battle variety spells.

There are a lot of good martial mixes too, both paladin and fighter as Gkthallar mentioned, and also monk and commander (with the right talents) are very solid.

For races, I agree with what G said there also. High elf's half blood teleport can make a good GTFO card, halfing is SURPRISINGLY tanky - best tank I've seen was a Halfling fighter that dumped its dex. Lastly if you play a class with flexible attacks then half-elf is also very good.

In general I've always felt that the sorcerer, bard, and barbarian were a little underwhelming, and I haven't seen one in play, but I'm not a fan of the chaos mage or occultist.

2016-10-08, 03:16 PM
Oh wow! I was thinking of making a multiclass of necromancer and wizard for the extra spells of higher level and having minions, so that I'd not have to worry as much about having lots of HP for myself.

Does tanking really work in this situation? I mean, I don't have the bestiary (the DM does), but I'm pretty sure that if I run into a monster in the A's or B's section of the bestiary while I'm level 1 or 2 that is level 5 or 6, it won't matter how tanky I am compared to a level 1 monster.

I was hoping more to let a minion soak damage while I sit back and think of ways to win strategically... All while jabbing pain at the things that I fight until they go away or get killed. If I can actually legitimately tank and fight stuff, I'd love to try fighter/paladin or paladin/cleric or some such!