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2016-10-04, 12:56 PM
Post your funny D&D stories, it doesn't have to be D&D,
It can be anything tabletop RPG.
Here's a story,

I was playing a regular swordcoast campaign and our DM made us fight a giant warship owned by pirates. We had to siege it while it was being attacked by a kraken. We got into the ship using a fly spell, and proceeded to the captains quarters, when we got there there was a huge amount of gold and jewels. In the center was a singular kobold with a crown and a staff. Our rogue stabbed him in the chest for the money and stuff, the kraken had ripped the ship in half and was now eating the crewman. The rogue picked up the staff and threw it at the kraken. The kobold reappeared suddenly by the staff and was thrown right onto a tentacle, the rogue looked in disbelief and the kraken threw the kobold body at the rogue and brought the rogue to -9 and bleeding. We decided not to save him and take the gold and teleport to shore. The rogue left the game. He deserved it, that kobold was neutral good while the rogue was chaotic good.

2016-10-04, 01:32 PM
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2016-10-12, 12:38 AM

I was running a game where my players were going through a dungeon and suddenly came to a room where there were 6 coffins. One of the PCs opened a coffin, and behold, six death knights emerged from the coffins. Little did the PCs know, these death knights were illusions (I wasn't going to make a group of level 1 characters have to fight 6 death knights at once, too mean). Their jaws dropped open, and they screamed and ran for their lives. Hahahahaha
I guess they'll never know if those death knights were real or not. :smalltongue: