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2016-10-09, 03:30 PM
So, it obviously isn't finished, but I'd like to at least post it here for ideas and critique. This is my first attempt at making a corruption, and I want to know if it's over/underpowered. I want at least two more manifestations somewhere in there as well, but I'm not sure what they should be.

I have a strange feeling that this needs a lot of work, but the basic idea is there at the very least.

Vice Shackled
The forces of sin and hedonism weigh heavily on your soul. Unfortunately you are not able to suppress your urges, and they begin to overcome you in mind and body.

This corruption infects those who indulge too much in carousing, as well as those who hoard their wealth and desire more.
Each time the party enters a settlement, a will save (DC 15 plus manifestation level) must be made or 100 gold pieces per manifestation level is mysteriously lost from the player's possessions. Only coins, gems, and art may be lost in this way. If no such pool of wealth exists, negative levels are gained at a ratio of one negative level per 100 GP not payed. The number of negative levels accrued is never enough to kill the corrupted player, and persists until the debt is payed in full (not lessening by one for each 100 GP payed, the entire dept must be payed for the levels to come back). This never results in actual level loss, but the dept does add up with each month that goes by. If this save is failed, then the corruption stage increases.
Corruption Stage 1: Your alignment shifts one step towards evil as you engage in foul amounts of debauchery with little regard for those around you.
Corruption Stage 2: Each month the amount you must pay doubles, if dept has already been accrued, this amount increases in a similar fashion. In addition, the character's alignment shifts one more step towards evil
Corruption Stage 3: Your alignment immediately shifts to chaotic evil regardless of previous alignment, and you take any possessions you have and attempt to steal as much as possible from the party. Your character becomes an NPC under the DM's control and retreats to go indulge in perversity.

Vice Grip
Your hands develop a strange strength when clinging to objects you want
Gift: You gain a +2 to CMB when making Steal and Grapple checks, at manifestation level 3rd, these improve to +4
Stain: Dropping an item requires a full round action. If you are using thrown weapons of any sort (be they traditional thrown weapons or grenade-like weapons) you must take a full round action to use them as well. A full attack with thrown weapons leaves you flat-footed for one round in your intense hesitation to relinquish the weapons.

Miser's Eyes
Your eyes take on a golden sheen or some other metallic color, with the exception of the veins, with remain a stark red coursing through the otherwise smooth eyes.
Gift: You gain a +2 racial bonus on perception checks to notice secret doors, appraise checks, and on linguistics checks to create forgeries. At manifestation level 3rd, these bonuses increase to +4
Stain: The odd color of your eyes persists even through magical disguise, meaning that if your eyes are visible, a knowledge (religion) check (DC 20 minus your manifestation level) will allow someone to know of your corruption. In addition, you take a -2 on saves versus compulsion effects, and effects that specifically target your soul.

Glutton's Gullet
Your gut becomes extended while the rest of you becomes either morbidly obese or terrifyingly thin.
Prerequisites: Manifestation Level 3rd
Gift: You gain a +4 bonus on saves against poison and diseases that are transmitted via food or drink, as well as . At manifestation level 6, you gain immunity to such things.
Stain: your ravenous appetite means you must eat three times as much as normal, and any potions you drink last half as long. If the potions are instantaneous in nature, any numeric effect they create is halved.

Fearsome Palate
Your tongue gains strange attributes, perhaps corpse-like in coloration or forked like a snake's. Your breath is also indicative of your odd eating habits.
prerequisites: Glutton's Gullet
Gift: While in a grapple, the target you are grappling must make a fortitude save each round or be sickened for that round. Once you reach manifestation level 8, they become nauseated instead
Stain: You become hideously proud of your diet, and you are treated with intense disgust, subtract 2 from your Charisma score.

Lumbering Lethargy
Your heart has been overcome with pleasure so much that your entire body aches from the strain of your carousing
Prerequisites: Manifestation Level 6th
Gift: You gain immunity to fatigue and related effects of any sort, as well as DR/silver equal to half of your manifestation level. At manifestation level 9 you gain immunity to magical sleep and nonlethal damage.
Stain: You must sleep for twice as long as usual, and any time an attack negates your damage reduction you become staggered for one round per manifestation level.

Stubborn Pride
Perfection is a trait possessed only by you, and everything else that walks, flies, swims, or squirms is just a tool that should obey you
Prerequisites: Vice Grip
Gift: You gain Iron Will as a bonus feat (Improved Iron Will if you already have it), and you gain a +4 to CMD to resist any disarm or overrun attempt
Stain: When you fail any saving throw you must make a concentration check (DC 20 plus your manifestation level) or immediately try to kill whoever subjected you to the saving throw with the most efficient means you possess. If this attempt fails (you miss their AC, fail to concentrate on a spell, etc .) you become dazed for 1d4 rounds with severe melancholia.
Special: With this manifestation, you must always take both the gift and the stain, regardless of alternate rules used.

Desperate measures
You've begun going through... alternate channels to find your very specific forms of enjoyment.
Prerequisites: Manifestation Level 3rd
Gift: By dealing with criminals, shadowy folk in dark alleys, and perhaps even fiends from other dimensions, you can procure things that you wouldn't get otherwise. You gain the Black Market Connections rogue talent from the APG.
Stain: Should you use this ability and fail the required diplomacy check, you gain a disease, curse, or other appropriate ailment of the GM's choice that may be removed or cured normally. This is due to attracting the attention of supernatural beings or and searching through foul hideaways to find what is desired.
Special: With this manifestation, you must always take both the gift and the stain, regardless of alternate rules used.

2016-10-09, 05:04 PM
Happy to see new corruptions taking shape. Let us begin with evaluating this creation.

Overall Flavor: I like what you were going for. A corruption for those given to indulging one's self.

Introduction; Short, simple, two the point. You have two sentences and they cover what this corruption is all about.

Catalyst: It could use being more specific (How much is too much?), but the point is clear; You indulge in vice too much, so you become corrupted.

Progression: While a mechanical penalty makes sense, why does the gold just go poof? I think I would have gone with the following;
Your desire to indulge your vices plagues you wherever you go. Each time you enter a settlement, you attempt a Will save (DC = 15 + manifestation level) or you must seek to immediately spend 100gp per manifestation level in goods and services to indulge your vices (alcohol, drugs, gambling, escorts, ect.) If you are unable to afford this amount, you attempt to steal things to indulge your vices instead, up to the total value that would have been spent. It is up to the GM if you are caught, and what repercussions come as a result. Usually, if caught these acts result in the very least requiring you to come up with the money to cover what was taken, but these vary from place to place and the severity of what was taken.
As far as corruption stages go, they look sound to me.

Removing Corruption: Utterly absent. I, however, have a suggestion;

Getting rid of the vice-shackled corruption typically requires abstaining from one's vices, isolation from things that would tempt you, and atoning (as per atonement) for the acts that led to the corruption.

It is basically adapted from the ghoul corruption and I feel fits.

Manifestations: Alright. Starting with the number game we are looking at 7 manifestations, compared to the 9 or 10 official ones have. Just 2 more added would cover things, but we need to delve into what we have here.

-Vice Grip: I get it! Both gift and stain look good, and are fitting.
-Miser's Eyes: I've never felt greed fits in with vice, but so it does. Mechanically speaking however I cannot complain about this one. It works.
-Glutton's Gullet: Alliterative, I like it. The gift looks good (though... food or drink, as well as ?). The stain, I truly cannot complain about.
-Fearsome Palate: We are building off another one here, good. This one, however, I have to recommend something;
Special: Upon receiving this manifestation, you must take both the gift and the stain, even with the useful corruption or vile corruption variants.
There are manifestations in which both sides of it go hand in hand. Do not be afraid of adding this special quality where fitting.
-Lumbering Lethargy: So, you have partied so much you cant be fatigued, but you need a great deal of sleep. You know, I think that works quite well, both in gift and stain.
-Stubborn Pride: I see you did use the special on one. Very good, though I personally wouldn't have used it here. That being said, both the gift and stain look good. I am a little iffy on the stain but I don't know how one would improve upon it.
-Desperate Measures: One that the special is very fitting for. I approve greatly of both sides of this corruption.