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2007-07-10, 08:16 PM
Stonewarrior is a dwarven based (but not limited too) class that allows the warrior to become much closer to, gain some powers over, and become more like the earth that they love so much.

BAB: Full
HD: d12
Ref. Save: Poor
Fort. Save: Good
Will Save: Poor

Armor and Weapon Pro.
All light, Medium, and Heavy Armors plus Shields (except Tower)
All Picks, Hammers, and Maces (including exotic ones, but not double)
Slam Damage
1.Earth's Protection +1 d6
2.Earth Sense (Races of Stone)
3.Stone Spikes
5.Earth's Protection +2
6.Stone Meld I d8
8.DR 2/adamantine
9.Stone Shield
10.Earth's Protection +3
11. d10
12.Stone Meld II
14.DR 4/adamantine
15.Earth's Protection +4
16.Raise/Lower Earth d12
18.Stone Meld III
20.Earth's Protection +5, DR 8/adamantine

>Earth's Protection: Natural Armor bonus do to the development of a stone-like body(as he/she levels up the character takes on a more and more rock-like appearance).
>Slam: Natural Weapon do to the character's increasingly stone-like body.
>Bonus Feat: Earth Sense.
>Stone Spikes: Shoots spikes out of the ground(or ceiling/walls if they are made of stone) Standard Action deals 1d8+Wisdom Mod., Range 100 feet+10/2 class levels,ranged attack
>Stone Meld I: Character can sink into natural stone and earth. They can hear everything normally and see as though they were submerged into water. They can not move. Usable for 5 minutes/level/day.
>Damage Reduction: Do to Stone-like body but vunerable to adamantine.
>Stone Shield: Creates a stone wall that blocks attacks providing a cover bonus to AC equal to 1/3 your level. Each wall only blocks one attack. You can block as many attacks per round as u have attacks per round. This counts as an attack of opportunity (regardless of how many times you use it). Usable 1/level/day.
>Stone Meld II: See Stone Meld I except; they can now move at half-speed and see with crystal clearness. They can now use Stone Meld I on worked stone.
>Raise/Lower Earth:Once per day, they can alter the height of an area 5ft/ level by as much as 5ft/ 2 levels. Targets on affected area can make Reflex Save DC (10+1/2 haracter level+Wis Mod) to get off the area. Targets smashed into ceilings take 2d6/10ft and targets lowered much make a DC:25 climb to get out. Ground returns to normal at a rate of 5ft/ 5 minutes.
>Stone Meld III: See Stone Meld II except; Once per day they can transport themselves between two rocks (must be as large as character) as per teleport spell. They can take people with them into stone now and they move at his same speed so long as the are all holding hands. 1 additional person/2 levels. Unwilling subjects must be successfully grappled first and start to suffocate (see DMG for rules on suffocation).

Thanks for your time and tell me what you think. This is my first class and first post so please worry more about content than spelling and such.

2007-07-12, 09:56 PM
You need to put more effort into formatting this before people can really take the time to evaluate it. Take a look some of the other Classes presented here and you'll see what I mean.