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Magic Myrmidon
2016-10-10, 04:55 PM
Hi, everyone,

I'm planning on fast forwarding a few weeks in my current game, and I was planning on using Dramatic Interludes from Savage Worlds for the intervening time. The default rules are not really satisfactory, though. I'm really just looking for character-building opportunities, like day-to-day stuff that could reveal another aspect of a character's personality. Maybe stuff like "You're having dinner when a character brings up a sore subject without realizing it. What is the subject, and why is it uncomfortable for the character?" or "You see a party member wearing or using something that your character likes. What is it, and why does your character like it?"

Anyone have any more ideas? Or even better, a chart that already exists for random generation of such things?

2016-10-12, 12:11 AM
In my game, there are 2 traits that a player character can choose to have: Hard Worker, and Pathetic.

If a character is a Hard Worker, he/she can do side jobs in between missions, allowing them to earn a little extra money. The side jobs could be anything from dock working, delivering messages, cooking meals, sweeping floors, etc. It is also a way to gain some NPC contacts, which can be useful down the line.

The other is Pathetic. This allows a character to beg for money in the streets in between missions. Not quite as lucrative as being a Hard Worker, but at least you don't have to worry about work accidents. Being Pathetic also makes you less likely to be targeted in combat, since enemies will not really see you as much of a threat. Also, if you surrender and beg for your life, being Pathetic almost guarantees you will be shown mercy, unless your enemy is an evil bastard. Some people might think this Trait is lame, but I think it can be quite fun at times.

Another thing you might try is giving your players a certain number of Time Points in between adventures (on average maybe about 5). With each Time Point they can involve themselves in some kind of activity, be it carousing, doing odd jobs for some extra pay, researching stuff, practicing the roundhouse kick, etc. This allows you to measure the amount of time they have to do stuff in an abstract way.

As far as fleshing out a player character using Down Time, maybe have a funeral for a dead family member? The way a character handles the death of a loved one can tell a lot about a person.