View Full Version : Help me design an "End of the world" one shot FATE core session!

Kol Korran
2016-10-16, 12:03 AM
Hey folks! In about a week, I'll be running a one shot session for most of my regular table top group, with 1-2 other people, whom I know, but less than my group. The players asked for a sort of "end of the world" scenario, modern times. We've decided to try FATE core again. (We played a short campaign of it before, but weren't really in the FATE frame of mind I guess).

The session will take about 6-8 hours, and it needs to be mostly wrapped up till then. I'd prefer to make it special, different from previous game experiences, and though of maybe have them play... themselves? The focus of the game is survival in a world-turned-wrong all of a sudden, with emphasis on it being a fast paced chaotic frenzy! :smallbiggrin:

I'm not sure about what would be this "end of the world" though...
Some thoughts:
1. It all starts fairly innocent like:
The game starts as the party either meet up for our RPG sessions, or in an Escape Room (We wanted to try these for some time). And then... things go wrong.
2. End of the world? What kind of an end?
I'm not sure what should go wrong, but my main ideas are:
- The start of zombie apocalypse. (None of the players are really knowledgeable about the themes). But what would be the source?
- Something on the lines of The Last Halloween comic (https://www.last-halloween.com/posts/1). Basically- monsters, horrific monsters, start appearing in the world, massacring humanity.
- A bit similar, something happens in a fantasy- sci fi convention (We're having one just near the session's date), that makes all kind of such things become real...
3. The missing player:
One player will be missing due to personal reasons, but I thought to perhaps talk with him, and record messages from him "in game", as a sort of a remote quest giver... (Also showing that he's "more than he seems to be", which we all kinda suspect. :smalltongue:) Still need to talk with him though...

Some problems I foresee:
1. Play themselves?
Who should create the characters? Me? Themselves? Another party member? I'm worried about this leading to inappropriate jokes or disagreed conceptions about the aspects or stunts or such. Yet I'd like to try it out perhaps, as I think this can be great for a one shot.
2. "I need to get back! NOW!"
Some of the party members have families (Including children). In case of such a crisis, I assume they'll try and get to them, which can easily break up the group. How to keep them together? How NOT to seek their families?
One idea is that the missing player/ quest giver gives them some reassurance/ cause to stick together. "Look guys, I can only trust you on this.../ If you don't do this, they are doomed anyway..." Or such.
3. Average shmoes?
While most of us have some combat training (This being Israel, army service is mandatory), non of us are exactly superheroes/ super skilled professionals. Yes, as this game involves survival and horror, they need not be, but I'd like to give them some feeling of competence.
4. Fate stuff:
We're not.... quite in the Fate frame of mind, and this may be a tad problematic to execute, but I'll try making it work... I think...

So, any thoughts? Ideas? advice? Comments?
Please help me make this a cool one shot! Pretty please? :smallbiggrin: