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The Ship's dog
2016-10-18, 12:07 AM
So I have recently introduced my friend into 4e and I was talking about magical items and weapons. He asked me
"Is there a spell or something that, you know, can combine magical items?"
I told him that I didn't think so but it got me thinking, what if there was? So I came up with this ritual:

Combine Magic Item

Level: 7 (Must be trained in Arcana)

School: Creation

With delicate control and understanding of the two objects you are presented with; you are able to re-arrange their physical forms to intertwine but keep all enchantments that may be present from melding together.

Time: 30 minutes plus 30 minutes for each level of enchantment that each item possesses

Duration: Permanent

Component cost: 200 gp + half of the cost to make the level of enchantment that each item possesses

Market price: 300 gp

Key skill: Arcana (No check)


You place a maximum of two items before you and sit in meditation whilst the forms of both items glow with light and meld together in a liquid-like form in the air. You must stay in one place whilst the ritual is performed and the items, or you must not be touched.

If you are interrupted during the ritual or the items are touched, then the items will be destroyed and explode; dealing 2d8+ combined level of enchantments that each item possesses damage to every creature in a blast 4 squares around the items. If the enchantment allows you to perform a spell with the item afterwards, that spell is used, except it's range is now a blast 4 squares around the item.

You cannot combine weapons or implements that must be held to be used (orbs, staves, wands etc.), with armour or shields. You can combine implements that do not need to be held to be used (Holy symbols, Ki focuses etc.) with armour or shields; the enchantment rating of the implement effect roles associated with blocking. One handed implements (Holy symbols, Orbs, Ki focuses etc.) can be combined with bracers or gloves and will effect attack roles made if using something in that hand (only one implement per bracer or glove).

The combined items cannot be the same e.g. You cannot combine an implement with an implement or armour with armour etc.

You can now use these combined items in the exact same way as you could before, except they are now only one item. For powers that have long range, add the damage and enchant bonus to attack role from the weapon the implement is combined with as well as the implement's bonuses.

If you have combined your implement with armour, the enchantment bonuses on the armour do not effect attack roles when using the implement to use a power.

All feats, traits and abilities that effect either item combined still apply.

If either item that has been combined has a power or spell, then it channels through the combined item. If the item with a spell has been combined with armour, then the user must touch the place where the shape of the implement is present (middle of breast if armour, back of hand if gloves or bracers, front of shield if shield) to activate the spell, otherwise you can merely will the spell to be used as if the items were not combined.

Tell me what you think and ask me if I'm not clear or I don't address something please!