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2016-10-18, 04:18 AM
This is my first attempt at homebrewing, and I will say right off the bat this might be very under/over-powered. Any and all criticisms/suggestions will be very appreciated (especially for the 14th level ability).

You have made a deal with a very interesting character indeed. Perhaps you were traveling and adventuring yourself, or maybe they just rolled through your town and you met them face to face. No matter the circumstances, you talked and made a deal with this wanderer. They promised you power, on the condition that you used those powers for trickery and you traveled, always looking for more mischievous fun. This god, The Traveler, god of shapeshifters and changelings, the Giver of Gifts, is your patron, and by pledging yourself to him, you have accepted this life of wandering, doing what you want freely as you go.


1st: Color Spray, Dissonant Whispers
2nd: Alter Self, Phantasmal Force
3rd: Blink, Water Walk
4th: Greater Invisibility, Phantasmal Killer
5th: Animate Objects, Mislead


At first level, you begin to find that the ins and outs of tricking people are easier to pick up for you. You gain proficiency in both the Deception and Persuasion skills. You also impose disadvantage on people attempting to inspect you while under the effects of disguise self.


At 6th level, your trickster self finds fun ways to disadvantage your enemies. You may choose a target within 120 ft that you can see and inflict them with one of the following annoyances:


The target finds it suddenly harder to move their legs, and walking becomes a chore. Their movement speed is dropped by 10ft for a duration of 1 hour. This does not affect flying creatures.


The grip of the target's weapon seems to have gotten slippery or became unraveled. That means that anyone using that weapon gets a -1 to all attack rolls for a duration of 10 minutes.


When the fight lets lose, dust is bound to fly. Your target must make a Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC whenever they attempt to cast a spell with a verbal component for the next 1 minute. On a fail, they cough and sneeze, unable to speak the words of the spell.


An undone clasp on armor or a rogue piece of cloth on robes can lead to some opportunities. For the next 1 minute or until they take an action to fix the problem (they must be out of combat to fix it), they have -2 to their AC.

You may use this feature a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier before taking a long rest. A creature can only be afflicted to 1 underhanded trick at a time.


You realize that different forms can reap very interesting results, and you have accommodated for such forms. At 10th level, you may now cast alter self without using a spell slot. Along with this, you Natural Weapons form can look quite terrifying. When in this form, you can add your proficiency to your Intimidation skill, or half your proficiency if you already are proficient in Intimidation. Attack and damage rolls with your natural weapons can now use Charisma instead of Strength.


People should remember to be careful what they wish for, because you have found a way to channel the mischievous, inventive energy of your patron and can understand it. At 14th level, you can now look at magic items and immediately know their properties. This knowledge also gives you The Traveler's affinity for making magic items. You can spend 1 week (at least 8 hours of nonstop focus) and 1000 gp to enchant an item. You can either give an item a +1 and small buff, or give the item a similar or larger enchantment and an equal curse to the item (at the DM's discretion). The curse cannot be removed by remove spell and once attuned, the object cannot be attuned to anyone else. The object will travel with the attuned to any plane, and any attempts to get rid of the item without destroying it will result in the item turning back up with the attuned.

2016-10-18, 10:35 AM
This is probably one of the truest Trickster class archetypes I've ever seen. It doesn't look too particularly imbalanced, either! In fact, I might suggest that instead of Underhanded Tricks being long rest, make it CHA Mod per long rest.

2016-10-18, 11:09 AM
Thank you for taking a look! I agree, Underhanded Tricks could use more usage. There just aren't a lot of trickster options in the main D&D materials, so I was somewhat flying blind.