View Full Version : Request for audio of short sentences

2016-10-18, 08:47 AM
Hi everybody,

I am going to run an adventure about a city that is besieged by a goblin army. To set the mood, I want to play a short audio track at the beginning of a goblin assault.

The track should contain a few spoken/shouted sentences. I would speak/shout these myself, but I am a non-native speaker who plays with a bunch of Americans online. I am afraid that my accent-riddled pronunciation would seriously kill the mood, so hope for some help from you guys.:smallsmile:

I would be greatful for a recording of a warning shout. Something like "The goblins are coming! Sound the alarm!" or maybe "It's... it's the goblins! Sound the alarm!".

A panicky shout would also be nice. Something like "To the walls! Pelor help us all! Everyone to the walls!"

Finally, I would appreciate a recorded question like "What was that?" or "Did you hear that?". The track starts with street noise of the city and a distant sounding of a goblin war horn. So the players should hear a passerby wondering about that distant sound.