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sterling vermin
2016-10-18, 09:52 AM
The Magus is a class that blends magical and martial styles and is meant to allow 5e players to play anything from arcane archers to spellswords to wardens to seekers and more. Each Magus gets to choose an Eldritch Society that determines the type of magic they can cast and a martial expression of their fighting abilities. In this week’s update at the Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. we revised the first draft from September to include much of the feedback our readers provided including 9 original spells!

the Magus, Revised Draft. (https://sterlingvermin.com/2016/10/18/the-magus-revised-draft/)

2016-10-26, 05:08 PM
This looks really cool, I really like the idea of having separate archetypes to hit different caster types is really cool, you usually don't see a druid/ranger esque magus and I really like that idea

2016-10-27, 05:19 AM
This looks really good, well done.

Spell Sword: Unlike Eldritch Archer and Mystic Marauder(which also require a hit), this doesn't require an Enspell weapon, why is that? Also the disadvantage to saving throws seems very strong and rare, so should probably be limited to your spells, not just anyone's.

Battlemage: You've got a weapon and shield option, and a two-handed weapon option, so it seems like the Warcaster feat is borderline mandatory if you want to cast a spell as opposed to using slots for Eldritch Armament. Warcaster also grants adv on the Con saves for concentration, and allows the Magus to use melee cantrips (eg. Green-Flame Blade) on OA's. Battlemage would be pointless. I think Battlemage should grant the Warcaster feat, or the exact benefits of the feat if you want to leave feats out of it. I don't know anyone not using feats, but I'm sure they exist.

Amethyst Mark: 30ft seems a bit much. Something that pushes you 30ft feels like it should be doing damage, the force required to push you that far would hurt imo. 15ft seems more appropriate, especially given how often you can do it.

Arcane Aegis: This feels excessive to me. Whether its the Casting Mod + 1/2 lvl per long rest, or the proposed Casting Mod per short rest, thats a +1AC to allies to start with, then a 30ft teleport and attack with a reaction on top(which then ends, but you can re-up it with a bonus action). Maybe one or the other? Teleport adjacent to the ally(or enemy who hit them) if within 30ft, or attack if the enemy is within reach. Or perhaps you can attack the enemy if they are within 30ft with your melee weapon(4th ed had something like that from memory, basically opening a small brief portal to stab through). Or maybe switch places with the ally if within 30ft as a reaction, and you are now the target of that attack.

Occult Savant: Lacks a little compared to the options in the other society's. At level 7 its two lvl 2 spells chosen from the society's. Maybe add Potent Spellcasting(add Int modifier to the damage of any Arcane Order cantrip).

Nature's Mask: Polymorph doesn't seem right, both as a 4th level spell 1/short rest, or that its self only yet still changes your mental stats. Wildshape 1/short would work, and considered a druid of half your Magus level when working out what forms you can take.

Font of Life: This seems OP. At lvl 14, your level 1 spell slot heals 14+1d12 to all allies in a 30ft radius. Thats about the average equivalent of Mass Cure Wounds(5th level spell), without the limit of how many allies, as a 1st level slot. I see its once per short rest, and slots are more limited. Maybe it wouldn't be an issue, would need to see it in play.

The Primordial Seal: Flavor wouldn't fit the games I play in, I'd have to change it to just Elementalist or something.

Primordial Enspell: Comparing it to the other Society's equivalent, this gives you a variety of damage options instead of one, but it fits the flavor. The others have a temporary thing like prone or restrained, and the longest it lasts is one round. Primordial Enspell not only removes resistance, but immunity as well. Most creatures won't have either, so they are vulnerable. I guess this could get OP depending on party makeup. The biggest issue is it lasts for 1 minute instead of one round like the others.

Flame-Tail Arrow: Components should probably read V, M(Weapon), instead of V, S

Give Life: A much needed heal type cantrip, love it :)

Really good work, a pleasure to read through. Can't wait to see the final product.