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Guinea Anubis
2007-07-11, 12:17 PM
I was thinking about making a "trap" for my PCs that is based on a wand.

I was going to have this wand in a small room (40X40) that is filled full of paper(books/scrolls) and wood(bookshelfs, chairs, ext). The wand will be a wand or fireball and the triger word for the wand will be "it".

The Idea is that they find this wand and it trying to figure out what it does will say thw word "it" and set the room on fire.

So they question is will this "trap" work they way I want it to?

2007-07-11, 12:32 PM
Not using RAW. Wands are an item that requires the spell be on the spell list of the individual who wields it.

1) Nothing is wielding the wand.
2) It is unlikely that the targets of the traps are wizards/sorcerers/whateverelsehasfireballonitsspelllists.

You are better off making a trap and using the trap rules.

2007-07-11, 12:32 PM
Short answer? If you are the Dm and you say so, then yep it works. cool trick BTW. I would make the word slightly less prevelant than It and have it go off every time. Also, glue on the wand so that whoever picks it up is stuck with it. This would make a hilarious scenario in which said player can't use a specific word.

As for crunch wise? No.

IIRC a wand is spell trigger, which is slighty more complicated than just muttering a word accidently, and thus requires intent as well. Which is why rogues get UMD.

2007-07-11, 12:32 PM
Technically, you're making a command word item, not a spell trigger item (which is what a wand is).

But there's no real problem doing this, particularly with you being the DM, Although you may be annoyed that a simple identify spell will reveal command words.

If you want to put a price on this command word variant of wand, go with spell level * caster level * 900.

2007-07-11, 12:35 PM
Instead of it being a wand, make it actually a trap or cursed item. It can look exactly like a normal wand.