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2007-07-11, 01:03 PM
I'm designing a d20 Modern game where the players are humans living in a world where the mutant rulers have deemed it illegal to be human.

Here's the thing. As fun as the mutations in the d20 Future book are, they aren't what I am looking for (though a good reference non-the-less). I'm looking for super human type stuff and without access to Mutants and Masterminds, I am forced to create my own rules.

What I have in mind...there are four main types of mutants: Boosters, Enchanters, Meta-Morphs, and Psions. It takes a whole round to activate the powers and an additional round per power level.

Booster powers are physically based, boosting either their Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution scores depending on the sub-type.
Enchanters are where most comic book based super humans would be listed under. More on them in the sub-types.
Meta-Morphs are half animal mutations. I can use the Moreau stats in the d20Modern book for most of these.
Psions are self-explanitory. MIND POWERS!

Booster sub-tupes: Brutes (STR), Runners (DEX), and Healers (CON)
Enchanter sub-types: Blasters, Manipulators, and Creators
Meta-Morphs: categorized through individual animals
Psion sub-types: Telepaths, Kinetics, and Empaths

All receive +2 to their main stat per power level
Brutes (STR)
Must shoose the Strong class
-1 DEX and INT per power level
+1 size category per two power levels
when powers are deactivated they seem to have slightly flabby skin and stretch marks, -1 to Disguise checks

Runners (DEX)
Must choose the Fast class
-1 WIS per power level
movement gains +10 feet per power level
racial ability adjustment of -1 CHA, always extremely skinny and eating due to sped up metabolism
must perform a Will Save DC 10 when around food to keep themselves from being compelled to eat

Healers (CON)
Must choose the Tough class
-1 STR and DEX per power level
+5 HP per power level (+4 from the power, +1 from the CON mod adjustment)
masochists, covered in scars, -1 Disguise

choose sound waves or a type of energy
blasts of sound and energy cause 1d6 damage at power level 1, raising one die level per power level
energy users glow slightly
sound users have the shakes
-1 CHA racial ability adjustment
-1 to Hide and Disguise checks racial modifier plus an additional -1 to Hide and Disguise per power level after first power level

Manipulators and Creators
Manipulate/Create Fine through Diminuative amounts of chosen element as a free action at power level 1
Manipulate/Create Tiny through Small amounts of chosen element as an action at power level 1
Manipulate/Create Medium through Huge amounts of chosen element as a full round action at power level 2
Mainpulate/Create Gargantuan through Colossal amounts of chosen element as two full round actions at power level 3
signs of their chosen element (ex: appearing ash covered for fire based), -2 to Hide and Disguise checks

adjustments determined by species of animal
-2 to Disguise

Psions (need a LOT of help here...found the MSRD with Psionic stuff, reading now)
All receive a racial ability adjustment of -1 to STR, DEX, and CON and cannot choose to be Strong, Fast, or Tough Heroes.
Concentration VS Will Save

Concentrate DC 5 for Fine-Tiny sized objects or creatures
Concentrate DC 10 for Small sized objects or creatures
Concentrate DC 15 for Medium sized objects or creatures
Concentrate DC 20 for Huge sized objects or creatures
Concentrate DC 25 for Gargantuan sized objects or creatures
Concentrate DC 30 for Colossal sized objects or creatures

Concentration VS Will Save