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2016-10-20, 05:27 PM
I literally just finished a six hour D&D session and it had one of the best moments I've experienced in a game. I just had to share it.

So the party consists of an Eladrin druid, a Gnome ranger, and a Dragonborn fighter. After clearing out the goblins from a series of caverns beneath an old farmhouse, the party discovered that the goblins were working for a larger, yet unknown group and were in possession of a map leading to an ancient tomb where a magical weapon was buried (this is why the goblins were in the area to begin with). So naturally they set out to find and plunder the tomb themselves.

They reached the tomb and to my great surprise, and with the aid of a halfling shop keep they coerced into coming along because he could read dwarven, the group managed to bypass both the riddle lock on the tomb door, and the tile puzzle in the first chamber. Had they failed either, they would have been dropped into a room below where a pair of ghouls were waiting. but they succeeded and moved on to the collapsed chamber where they immediately spotted the giant centipedes hiding on the ceiling.

A fight begins and it goes very poorly for the PCs very quickly. The gnome is poisoned and weakened by one centipede while another focuses on the fighter and the druid. With no one free to help her, the poor gnome backs away as quickly as she can each round, trying to keep enough distance between herself and the giant bug to use her bow. This causes her to back right into the tile puzzle room, where she promptly forgets the correct pattern of tiles that are safe to stand on and falls through the floor into the pit room.

Meanwhile, the druid and the fighter both drop. Zero hp, they are dying. Cut to the gnome, who lights her lantern and is suddenly face to face with a pair of hungry ghouls who leap and screech as they come for her. Moving as fast as her legs can carry her she manages to climb up the slide that leads to the front door of the tomb and get out before becoming ghoul food. As she emerges, she finds the halfling shop keep, who is not a big fan of the PCs given how they have treated him, and pretty much forces him to help her retrieve the druid and the fighter, who were both barely making their death saves to hang on.

The session ended with the gnome and the halfling dragging the druid and the fighter back to town. It was a great fight that had everyone on the edges of their seats, and it will go down as one of this groups fondest memories of narrow escapes.

2016-11-12, 12:29 AM
That was a very entertaining story.
But, might I ask how a Halfling and a gnome managed to drag an Eladrin and a Dragonborn to safety with two hungry ghouls and giant centipedes probably still wanting to eat them/kill them? Was this Halfling and this gnome World Champion Weight Lifters or something? I'm quite puzzled.