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2007-07-11, 06:02 PM
Iron Hand of Justice
The Right hand of Law
The Tale of the Iron Hand of Justice
This gauntlet was created by the Plane of Mechanus to be the perfect tool of justice. It was then blessed by a now forgotten god of Justice. The Gauntlet was then sent to the Material plane, where it has been used by many in following the ways of Justice.
One story tells of the man Tenbrius. Tenbrius was a Warrior who practiced the ways of the mind, and used the Gauntlet in many great wars. Tenbrius eventually had created an empire of Justice, and led them on a crusade against the forces of chaos. On this crusade, Tenbrius was captured and tortured, to a point when he almost forsook Justice. He was rescued however, by a force of Inevitables. They requested the Iron Hand for saving his life, and he refused. His life had not been saved, as he was to become one with the artifact.
He slowly faded away, and became one with it, and as the Inevitables reached for it, Tenbrius’s second in command, now mad with power, snatched it away. And thus the inevitable chase of the item began.

Studying the Iron Hand of Justice
The Iron Hand of Justice Appears to be a Gauntlet, made out of Iron. When held by a Warforged, it becomes an enhanced battlefist, while when it is held by an inevitable, it becomes a replaceable hand. When held by any other creature, it is a gauntlet of the exact size needed to be worn proficiently.
Studying the Iron Hand with detect magic displays only an intense aura of Law.

Researching the Iron Hand of Justice
Many have heard of this magical artifact, as it makes no attempt to hide itself. Any character with Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Arcana), or Knowledge (Religion) Would be able to learn about this item.
{table=”head”]DC|Knowledge Available
10|The Iron Hand was created to bring Justice to the Material Plane.
20|It was Created on Mechanus, and blessed by a long forgotten god.
25|The weapon is coveted by Inevitables, who see themselves as the true form of Law and Justice.
30+|The Iron Hand has relatively recently been enhanced by the death of a great king know of Tenbrious. This granted it Psionic Abilities.[/table]

Powers of the Iron Hand of Justice
The Iron hand of Justice powers are all intertwined with Law, as well as a hint of psionic power.[/i]

Using the Iron Hand of Justice
The Iron Hand of Justice merely must be wielded for its effect. Upon wielding, you learn of all but its most powerful abilities. To learn of the Gestalt feature, you must slay a psionic creature with the chaos subtype with the Iron Hand.
The Iron Hand accepts any wielder, but can only be used proficiently by those who serve law.
Constant Powers
At all times, the Gauntlet acts as a +1 Axiomatic Metalline* Psychic Transmuting* Gauntlet.
In addition, if the Gestalt power has been unlocked, you gain the Class abilities and Manifesting of a Psychic Warrior (but not the Hit Points, Base attack bonus, saves or Skill Points)

* see Magic Item Compendium

Activated Powers
First and foremost, the gauntlet may make a Smite Chaos attempt, as if the Wielder was a Paladin of the Wielder’s Level. You may use this ability as many times/day as a paladin of your level could smite.
In addition, you gain these Spell Like abilities, as a 28th level caster:
Align Weapon (Law)
Detect Chaos
Magic Circle Against Chaos (DC 22, Harmless)
Protection from Chaos (DC 20, Harmless)
Dispel Chaos
Order's Wraith (DC 23)
Dictum (DC 26)

Any Chaotic creature gains 2 Negative levels when wielding the Iron Hand, while any Neutral creature gains 1 Negative Levels when Wielding the Iron Hand.
The Iron Hand is coveted by the Inevitables. They will do almost anything to take the Iron Hand from the wielder, as long as it is a lawful course of action.

Destroying the Iron Hand of Justice

A creature with the chaotic subtype using the Iron Hand to bring himself to Justice has a chance of disabling it for 1d10 years.
A creature who successfully commits over 100 crimes while using the Iron Hand causes it to crumble, Destroying it.

Zeta Kai
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Not bad. Pretty good in fact. Nice fluff, not too broken, consistent use of theme. If I weren't usually playing a scoundrel, this would be the glove for me. Batman's dream come true.

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Thanks. Sorry for the long response time, vacations and all that.