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2016-10-24, 12:27 PM
Hello everyone i was thinking of making a homebrew class but i dotn know where to start and what you guys like martial or sorcery what are the teamplates i can use is there a site it can help me with etc

2016-10-24, 01:52 PM
Start smaller, making a full blown class with at least two archetypes is time consuming and requires a lot of minute details. Start by making an archetype for an existing class.

The simplest class to make archetypes for, in my opinion, is the Fighter.

The fighter has very simple parts to work around (Action Surge, Extra Attack I and II, Indomitable, ETC) and the power spikes are very clearly defined for those classes.

The template for a Fighter archetype is usually as follows,

3rd Level:
The 3rd level of a fighter archetype must be unique, interesting, and moderately powerful. The Battle-Master and Eldritch Knight each get their defining features at level 3. That being maneuvers and spell casting. The Champion gets improved crit chance, but it was specifically designed to be simplistic and is a bad model for home brewing. Be careful not to front load the class too much though, as the Fighter is already a tasty 2 level dip.

7th Level:
The 7th level ability of a Fighter is usually reserved for ribbon abilities, (unless you specifically and intentionally under tune the 3rd level ability). This is the level where you give the class interesting characteristics outside of combat, or something that helps further differentiate it flavor wise from base fighters and other archetypes.

10th Level:
The 10th level of Fighter is similar to the 3rd level in that it usually carves out more of the combat role of the class and is at least moderately powerful. In the case of the EK you get teleportation, the BM gets improved dice. You can choose to piggy back it off of existing abilities in the archetype, but you don't have to.

15th Level:
The 15th level is a piggy back level generally. You want to use this level to augment an existing ability in a way that makes it more versatile, or more powerful. This encourages players to use those abilities more, thus making them play fundamentally differently from a vanilla fighter.

The 18th Level:
This is the capstone, the most powerful ability the Fighter will receive from his archetype. You want this ability to embody the class mechanically and flavor wise entirely. It needs to feel like an ability that you couldn't tack on to any other archetype or class.

My advice is to start with a fighter archetype, always be weary of extra attack as adding anything to base damage will be multiplied by 4 in a pure fighter.

2016-10-24, 03:03 PM
thanks fo rthe tip i got plenty fighter archetype to work on :)