View Full Version : Original System Aiming a Weapon

2016-10-24, 05:16 PM
Hey everyone! It's been awhile since Ive posted, but I would love some thoughts from the playground about a game I am making, or more specifically about Aiming and what governs it. I am working on a game with 5 ability scores instead of the common dnd-style 6. I want to make aiming a weapon (melee or ranged) be governed by the Intellect Ability, and wonder your thoughts on that?

2016-10-24, 05:29 PM
Hmm, it is eye-to-hand coordination. What other ability scores does your system have?

2016-10-24, 05:46 PM
Might, Agility, Vitality, Intellect, Spirit.

Ive been doing a lot of thinking and realize that one doesnt have to be smart to be a good fighter (it helps of course). So I think perhaps I will just give the option to use Mit, Agl, or Int. Maybe not even restrict it, but recognize that there are moments when any of them could be used.

2016-10-24, 06:09 PM
Sniping is as much about weaponising math as hand-eye coordination. So I can se why intellect could work over dexterity, at least for the kind of shots requiring a parabolic arc. Maybe not for every shot though...