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2016-10-25, 10:51 PM
Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone's brewed or has seen a brew archetypes or features for arcane spellcasters that offer an enhanced familiar. What I have in mind is something like the Pathfinder Witch's familiar or the Arcane Heirophant's familiar, where the pet itself becomes central to the theme of the class/archetype. Has anyone seen/made anything like that?

Gr7mm Bobb
2016-10-26, 08:35 AM
Sterlin Vermin has done a couple of things like that for Druid (plant creature), that can be found in their complete divine material on their site. And they have a wizard of 3 souls where they have several familiars in their complete arcanist handbook on thier site.

And i think either draco_knight or ghost dragon has a "summoner" styled class on the site for middle finger of vecna.

The dark arts player companion has reanimist wizard that uses souls of the dead to summon ectoplasmic projections of them.

2016-10-26, 09:35 AM
*Shameless self-promotion warning*

I have a spell (Find Exotic Familiar, page 42) and an arcane tradition (Witch, page 46) in here (https://www.dropbox.com/s/s3crmpfdbc5u5x5/Fey%20Creatures%20Complete.pdf?dl=0) that could also be of interest.

And I have created a buttload of CR 0 creatures that would be suitable as familiars. Some are in my sig, others (including penguin and shimmerling) available on request.