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2016-10-26, 01:37 AM
Hey I recently read up on Kryx's Rework of the monk and like it but felt he went a little to far into the mystical bender side of things. I also lamented the loss of the open hand monk as a less mystical feeling option. So I made my own revision borrowing some ideas from his (ki blast as a base feature, Extra Attack 2, and his elemental tradition cap stones as cap stone options for my new four element monk) and adding some of my own (improved crit, stunning crits, new secondary features at 11th level for Open hand and Shadow monks, and a complete redesigned Way of the four elements based off of the totem barbarian). Well please let me know what you think.

My Monk

And if you want to see Kyrx's his can be found here

2016-10-27, 12:14 PM
Item's I'd suggest changing:

The formatting definitely needs some work. I see lots of "o f" and many other OCR related issues. Also things like bullets for martial arts, ki save DC, "ASI" instead of "Ability Score Improvement"
It's also difficult to determine what you have changed as there is no changelog or differentiating color to identify the changes.
You have not included a Ki Attack Modifier nest to Ki Save DC which would be needed for Ki Blast.
Many will consider Ki Blast to be mystical so if you want a more basic monk that probably shouldn't be included in the core class.
Flurry of blows still costing ki makes monk DPR too low based on my numbers.
Monk is still a one dimensional class that should use every ki available on stunning strike. It's a very boring playstyle and incredibly strong.
Improved crit should not be on anything but champion. That's never a been a monk's flavor. A monk is all about punches in bunches.
Extra attack should definitely happen at 11 - that is when the martial classes have their damage jump up. I ran all of my adjustments through DPR and verified that each level is competitive - 13th means level 11 and 12 fall behind where a monk should be.

2016-10-27, 08:20 PM
Thanks kryx I will look into that stuff and definitely make a change log and work on formatting this was my first time using homebrewery so it was a learning process. How does one change font color and stuff on there?