View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other jumble mini flail

2016-11-01, 10:54 AM
the jumble mini-flail is a mish-mash of many types of metal attached to a tiny handle (about 3 inches)
it causes 1d2 lethal & 1d2 non-lethal (yes you read that right) for every 2 hours scavenging a war ground/ battleground or paying 25-50 gp you can up the damage 1 die type(up to 1d12 for either) criticle is x2 but after you up the damage to the max you can up the crititle up one type up to x 4
this weapon can't be enchanted by the way, the reason is that you must either do the search again or pay the same fee just to maintain the damage you inflict or it goes down a die/criticle down to the base stats.
if you include silver or other unusual materials into this weapon it gains a 25% chance of cutting through a creatures resitiance that has a vulnability to the material you include in this weapon!
what do you think, is it balanced?

2016-11-14, 12:19 PM