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2016-11-01, 03:05 PM
Hey, so. I'm not a big fan of undertale anymore, but I like skeletons, so I figured I'd give this a go. I'm not sure if it's balanced or not, hoping I can get some criticism.

"''do you wanna have a bad time? cause if you take another step forward... you are REALLY not going to like what happens next.''"

-Sans the Skeleton, Judge

Physical Description
Fontbones can vary very differently in height, with the shortest of their race being 3 feet tall, and the tallest being 7 and a half feet tall. They have the appearance of humanoid skeletons, typically white bones, with their heads being any skull of any creature as long as the skull is human-head sized. They can occasionally have bone tails, however this is quite rare. Some of them possess white glowing eyes, while others have no eyes at all. However, unless their skull has suffered serious or permanent damage, when they are infuriated their eye sockets glow with a color, based on their highest ability score.

Eye Glow Colors
Strength = Red. Dexterity = Yellow. Constitution = Green. Intellect = Blue. Wisdom = Purple. Charm = Pink. If multiple scores are the highest (e.g. strength and dexterity both at 20), then the eye will rapidly change between colors when it glows.

Bones, Eyes, and everything Nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little minions. But Necromancer Tobias accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction -- Magic. Thus, the Fontbones were born! Using their ultra-super powers, they killed him and ended the powerpuff girls reference. The Fontbones were a very powerful race, but, due to how they were created, they had a hard time having wills of their own, with only very few of them having it, while the rest of their race's minds were wired to following orders. Therefore, they created a society revolving around law, order, and judgement.

Fontbones society revolves around one major thing: Order. The Judge Fontbones are the few Fontbones that have free will, though Officers can be granted it with powerful magic. Everything runs like clockwork, with the Officers doing as the Judges command, making sure that they are the perfect race. Some Fontbones don't listen to the Judges, and they are exiled, as Outcasts, being stripped of one or both of their glowing eyes. Fontbone society does not welcome most visitors, unless they are undead, themselves.

Fontbones Names
Fontbones Judges have a list of every possible name they were allowed, in a large magical book, which was written by the first Judges.

Both Genders: Any Font or Part of a Font,

Fontbones Traits
A race that is essentially magic skeletons, Fontbones are very powerful, have many immunities, but also have a weakness to bludgeoning.

Ability Score Increase. Only Fontbones Subraces give ability score increases.

Age. Fontbones have no real expiration date by age, they die when they are killed. They are considered mature by 12 years old.

Alignment. Fontbones Officers and Judges are always Lawful, with any other alignment. Outcast Fontbones can be any Chaotic alignment.

Size. Small to Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Skeletal Bodies. You have damage vulnerability to Bludgeoning, but are immune entirely to Poison damage, the poisoned condition, and resistant to Necrotic damage.

Bone Weapons. All of your attacks are considered magical for the purpose of hitting targets with immunity/resistance to non-magical attacks. At level 8, you can also create weapons out of bones of the dead, held together by magic, which have the same stats as a Club (1d4 bludgeoning).

Darkvision. You have 30 ft. of Darkvision.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, and can speak to any Undead with an Intellect score of 5 or higher, no matter their language(s).

Fontbones Subraces

Judge Fontbones
The leaders of Fontbone society, they are more intelligent, all of them possess free will, and are very deadly. They are typically shorter.

Ability Score Increase. Your Intellect score increases by 2.

Judge's Might. Choose either Judgement or Conviction.

Judgement: You have the ability to summon Judgement Blasters for 1d4 hours. You can do this once per long rest. They act as a companion, and listen to your orders, but take up your turn to do their actions.

Conviction: Whenever you hit a target, they must roll a DC 8 + your Intellect modifier Constitution check. If they fail, they take half of the damage you did over 1d4 turns, as poison. If a target is immune to poison, but they are the opposite alignment as you, this still affects them. (Note: This does not mean the damage per turn, meaning rolling low is actually beneficial here.)

Officer Fontbones
The regular Fontbones, very few have free will, but they are sturdy, powerful, and reliable. They are typically taller.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2.

Officer's Authority. Choose either Arrest or Restrained Force.

Arrest: You can summon blue glowing magical bars, around a target that is size Large or smaller, for 1d4 + 1 hours. If the target touches the bars, they are damaged for 2d6 + your Strength modifier damage. If they want to escape, they must take a DC 15 + your Strength modifier Dexterity check. If they succeed, the bars are 'opened', and disappear. You can use this once per long rest.

Restrained Force: You are able to lower your attack by as much damage as you want, after your attack roll. (e.g. if you roll 4 for damage, you can lower it to 1) Additionally, if a target is at 20% max health, you may roll a Strength check, against the target's Constitution check. If you succeed, the target is knocked unconscious. You can use this 1/2 your level times per day. (minimum 1) (Note: Lowering your attack does not decrease the amount of uses per day.)

Outcast Fontbones
A Fontbones that was either considered too dangerous, disobeyed a Judge's orders, or was exiled (either by choice or not) in some other way. They are the opposite of what Fontbone society wants. If a character was a Judge or Officer before they were this, then they lose their natural features given by that, in place of Outcast ones.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2.

Outcast's Will. Choose either Shortcut, or Telekinesis.

Shortcut: You can mark 1/2 your Wisdom modifier locations that you've visited (minimum 1). As a two-round action, you can teleport to that location, bringing up to two creatures with you. You cannot do this action if you are silenced, or cannot use magic in some way. If you are hit while channeling this, it is cancelled, but does not use up the mark you made.

Telekinesis: Starting at 1st level, you have weak telekinetic powers, and can levitate objects that are 15 lbs or lighter. At 5th level, this increases to 45 lbs. At 9th level, this increases to 75 lbs. At 14th level, this increases to 120 lbs. At 18th level, this increases to 160 lbs. And finally, at 20th level, this increases to 250 lbs.

Judgement Blasters have the appearance of hovering dragon skulls, summoned by a Judge Fontbones. They are classified as a Small undead, and their alignment is the same as their summoner.

Armor Class: 10

Hit Points: 1/2 Summoner's Max Health

Speed: fly 40 ft. (hover)
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

STR: Same as Summoner's.

DEX: Same as Summoner's.

CON: Same as Summoner's.

INT: Same as Summoner's.

WIS: Same as Summoner's.

CHA: Same as Summoner's.
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Damage Vulnerabilities: bludgeoning

Senses: the same as it's summoner

Languages: understands all languages it's summoner knows but can't speak

Challenge: 0 - 0 EXP
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Summoner's Influence:

The Judgement Blaster can only move where it's summoner can see, 10 ft. from an area the summoner can see, or 10 ft. away from the summoner where they can't see.

Blast. Ranged Weapon Attack. +3. Range 20/50, One target. Hit: 4 (1d8) Necrotic damage + (Int Modifier) fire damage.

The Judgement Blaster can cast this 3 times before it must either recharge for an hour, or be dispelled.