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2016-11-07, 12:22 AM

I am working with my DM on a weapon idea. Mikos is an 11 lvl light cleric of Helm that has acquired a few chunks of serpent wood trees from the elemental plane of fire. (Banished to the city of Brass, returned on my first roll of Divine Intervention.) I am the party’s only melee front liner so I am looking for crafters to turn them into a club or rod. I would like to theme the club off of Frost Brand or Staff of Fire. Below is what I have so far. I think it fits the story but would like some opinions on balance and other ideas. Cost will be high, but hopefully I can grow into it with incremental crafting. What does the playground think? Any recommendations? DM doesn’t like self-charging items, prefers a set 50 gp per charge. How do other DMs handle item charging?

Thank you.

PS – important note that may affect balance – generally only 2-4 encounters per day, always deadly. DM roles like a champ…. We do not.

Watchman’s Decalescent Cudgel
1) Grants wielder fire resistance
2) On a Melee hit + d6 cold damage (absorbs energy)
3) Extinguishes fires, normal and magical - burns with 30-feet illumination when doing so
4) On melee hit or extinguished fire, stores 1 charge, up to a maximum of four per day
5) Can cast spells using said charges as per below.
6) If at 4 charges - 5% chance on hit or 25% chance on a crit of exploding per fireball, destroying the rod.

Spells (Cast at 1 charge per spell level, wielder DC)
a. Aganazzar's Scorcher (2 - 4 charges, per spell)
b. Hellish rebuke (1 - 4 charges, per spell)
c. Scorching Ray (2 - 4 charges, per spell)
d. Flame Strike (4 charges, per spell)

2016-11-07, 09:25 PM
As someone who never really saw magic items beyond a wand of lightning bolt...I love this idea. It's dangerous, it could kill you in the process, and dear God having to pay for charges seems like an unnecessary tax, but this looks like a fun and thematic weapon. Kudos.