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This first post will be out of character info about the campaign, a link to the dm's copy of the events each week (or another thread should he decide to use the roll20 in-game forum.).

So to start this is a run-through of the Shattered Star Pathfinder AP. I'm Zombi and I'm playing as Elias Hyde, a mesmerist with no lack of flair for the dramatic.Dabbler in the mystical arts, Master of the occult, Slayer of gods, Connoisseur of the finer things in life, Wooer of Queens, The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Hero, Champion, Double Super Duper Hero, Champion of the 19 Isles of the Wind, King of Northern Southton, Consort of the Court of the Flies, Winner of the World Lemon Eater Championships, Queen of the Planet of the Winged Dogbats, Flyer in the Legion of Winged Great Old Ones, HERO, Scholar, Author, Salesman, Conman, Trickster, King of Tyaan Xya

Elias Hyde (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=989145)
(Rakshasa-Spawn) Tiefling Mesmerist 1
STR 10, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 14, WIS 6, CHA 17
Feats: Fiendish Heritage,

Relevant Skills - Bluff +8, Diplomacy +7 (+9 with locket for hypnosis), Disguise +9, Knowledges Arcana and Local Only so far +8/+6, Linguistics +6, Perception -2, Perform: Spiritualism/BS +7, Sense Motive +0, Sleight of Hand +7, Spellcraft +6

Elias is thin and rather underweight for someone so tall. He seems fairly normal til you get closer and notice the tigrine tail and weird patches of black fur easily confused for makeup around his eyes at a distance and the weird slightly fuzzy angular ears, and the piercing greenish-yellow eyes. Actually Elias really looks pretty unusual he has a lot of very visible signs of his heritage.

Alandra (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=989275) - Aasimar Cleric of Sarenrae 1
Bellamy - Halfling Unchained Rogue 1
Ruby and Sapphire - Half-Elf Unchained Summoner and Her Azata Eidolon 1
Raxion The Great - Half-Orc Fighter (armor master) 1

At this point on the rest of this will be mostly written from an in character perspective. Assume that most everything will be largely lies. I also will post a quick bullet points each post with truthful records of events. OOC will be in parentheses and italics

I was born 40 years ago in Far-off Tian Xia (or Tyaan Xya which is how I wrote it in my best selling book Meeting My Ancestors: A Treatise on the Nature of Life Beyond Life [Signed of Course]). In my youth I studied the mystical shamanic arts under Sensei (Sensae) Dan. Anyone else claiming to be from Tyaan Xya who looks fully human is totally lying or of weak blood, anyone actually from there has weird patches of fur and black hair around their eyes and ears which are vaguely angular like me. Trust Me. It was decided that someone needed to bring the great true magical knowledge to the ignorant peasants of Avistan who still believe in divine and arcane magic as the strongest resource rather than the true power inside each of us all. I've been wandering the Inner Sea sharing philosophy and putting on demonstrations. But now an opportunity has arisen for an even more glorious demonstration of the power of real magic.

I was one of the hundreds of tieflings that are abandoned early enough in life to not actually know their real age. I don't know my parents, don't quite get the attachment people have to family, Friends are where its at but after making a few people rather upset in Korvosa, I've had to move my game elsewhere. In terms of my youthful years, I did indeed study under Sensei Dan but he was just a rather skilled human of mixed heritage who taught me a few tricks about how people can and do see the world, by manipulating people in just the right way you can get whatever you want and need but always exercise caution to ensure you watch your own view of the world or you may find yourself being conned in response. I've made a living in several cities in Varisia though often not for more than a few years before moving on. I need to find a new line of work because pulling the same con has started to stop working, trying to gather enough people either genuinely likely to follow the hand I want them to because they think they are supposed, or who those I can fool into not noticing the trick has become harder and harder. At this point I'm dialing my act in having become so practiced at certain portions that even if someone were paying close attention to what they aren't supposed to they might not catch me but I want to do or be something more, I want more out of life than haggling for a room to have a show to earn the money to rent the room all week to put on more shows so I can eat and sleep and maybe get a bath for once.

Elias hails from Korsova but has travelled Varisia quite extensively. He is also an (Self)acclaimed author of the influential book: Meeting My Ancestors, A Treatise of Life beyond Life and has recently been trying to decide what to write next to follow up on the immense success of selling like 2 copies of MMA:AToLbL of the 5 copies in existence. After a demonstration went poorly due to scarzani showing up to break it up and Elias being forced to exit out the second floor window only to be caught by what is clearly an angel (Ruby's Eidolon Sapphire). Ruby shared what knowledge she had of a job opportunity though I also received an invitation to visit the pathfinder society lodge.

(So basically me and ruby's player were bored in the days/week leading up to the session so we did some background rping which is where part of the above comes from. One thing I thought was funny was that we have an exchange where her eidolon catches me and then the two decide to save me from myself and run off down a side street (as a follower of sarenrae believing that a even a wayward cat like me can be redeemed.) and then asking me where to stay. I respond with about a paragraph of text and then the first line he posts in his response is that his eidolon sets me down. So I then had in my head this glorious image of Elias Diving headlong out a window and just landling sidelong in the arms of an angel woman who double-takes looks at her companion and then they both run away still holding me as I just relax and go along for the ride. I just imagine me lounging being carried before finally after having a short conversation the angel motions for me to stand up on my own power.

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Session 1 (November 6, 2016)

The Chronicled Travels of Elias Hyde: A Nonfictional Tale of the Adventures of a Great Hero (Subscript) and a few of the sights and sounds of Magnimar and regions nearby recommended personally by Sir Elias Hyde for visit and patronage.*

This work and likenesses therein are nonfictional. All events happened exactly as they are written within except those moments where Sir Elias Hyde and any compatriots, or allies of Sir Elias Hyde** appear to have performed unscrupulous, immoral, or illegal acts these moments within the story have been exaggerated for effect. Some names of groups have been reversed to allow for use of their names without the fools realizing at such times a line has been added below to denote a reversed word.

Hello my name is Lias-Eeay Ide-Hay, Head Professor of Occult Studies at the Alabaster Academy. It is my utmost honor to present this work of Sir Elias Hyde. Truly he is the one of the greatest scholars, minds, heroes, mystics of our time. I can fully attest that I am in 100% support and wholly advocate buying this book. I first met Sir Elias Hyde when he saved me from the Bowel-Devourers of Faymagin. It is only due to his timely intervention that my life was saved. Never was there a better more solid and trustworthy person on this cruel sinful land. If you can do one thing right in your life it would be buying this book at the suggest Market Retail Price of a mere 25 gold pieces. A better deal there never was as each copy is hand signed by the author himself. Trust me this book is one of the most valuable investments we can make. (Forgery and Bluff roll for this forward were 19 and 24 respectively)

It was as I was dangling from the jaws of the largest Dragon-God-Demon I'd ever fought that I reflected on where I had started. I think it all began when those men with clubs came bursting in on my demonstration. Deciding that it would be crass to use my far superior skills to confound or confuse such simple violent fools I chose to exit the building in as efficient and quick a manner as possible. I found the window a suitable way out and was clear of the situation before the simpletons could even think of coming down through the front or following my example. Unfortunately my arrival cause quite a stir and a young angelic being passing by tripped as I landed near her. Due to my quick reflexes I was able to myself roll to my feet quite gracefully and catch her at the same time. I then met her mistress, a young half-elf known as Ruby and the summoner of this Sapphire.

It was through them that I heard for the second time about a job from a rather esteemed source. The Pathfinder Society. Ah yes I've heard the whispers. They quest for lore and those who stand in their way find themselves sacrificed for knowledge but I was offered such a tempting contract that I simply could not refuse. I was soon acquainted with a Miss Sheila Heidmarch and after proving my immense talents by solving a puzzle of a most difficult nature, releasing the secrets within that happened to be a rather nasty group of monsters known as gremlins, (the particular subspecies quite common in Tyan Xyaa where I hail from where we call this variant Puglickers.) I slew half of them with a single shot from my trusty crossbow, Martin, and prevented that half from unleashing untold destruction upon Ms. Heidmarch's resplendint domicile. Unfortunately my compatriots were not a quick on their feet and one of the puglickers unleashed a furious shriek shattering a nearby vaase and our resident Ruffian (a so-called) Raxion the Great's sword.

At this point we had received a mission of great import, to regain contact with an ally of Ms. Heidmarch. We also hit upon the idea of trying to help discover what happened involving some recent disappearances throughout Magnimar. We set off at once visiting the local constabulery to see if they knew anything about the paths ahead. They were not familiar with the seedier seam of the city but were able to point me towards a victim of the disappearances who I was able to extract knowledge from using my great talents to shield him from the truth of what he had truly seen. We visited a most gracious peddler named Zograthy a small practitioner of the divinitary arts who unlike so many that share his calling of "fortunetaling" actually possessed some spark of the true sight. I decided to provide a copy of my bestselling text on the powers within "Meeting My Ancestors: A Treatise on the Nature of Life Beyond Life" [Signed of Course] in hopes that should he read it and learn a bit more of the knack, though by his clear addiction to mental addlers and other such mind-altering substances and his seeming agedness it may be throwing gold into a cursed well with a spirit in hopes of appeasing it and gaining a boon.

At this time we decided to visit and nearby area where it was rumored that a certain country called Lidan had been capturing enslaving and spiriting away people to their country. It appeared not be the case as we found the location largely abandoned until I noticed an eltdrich prescense. One who possessed magic was afoot, I recognized the energy level rise behind me and whirled unleashing a mystical blast from each palm stunning my foes into unconciousness alas there was but one foe there and I had wasted my second shot but all the same we captured a member of a the SIPSA Consortioum who we later discovered had betrayed his own we picked over his supplies and turned him into the guard for a reward suitable for great HEROES such as ourselves.

(I was late and unable to make it til about sentence 3) The party met up at Sheila's mansion. We were given a puzzle to solve and the party figured out the solution without Elias' assistance. Upon opening it we discovered 2 Pugwampi Gremlins, nasty fey with just a splash of dr very little hp and a nasty aura to roll 2 times and take the worse on almost all d20 rolls, if we miss we break things and breaking their stuff is not a good way to be buddies with your boss. Luckily I rolled very well for initiative and between painful stare for 1d6(5)+1 and rolling a 19 and 22 to hit, and 8 damage on the d8 I dropped one right off the bat. Unfortunately the other one went next targeting Raxion's sword for a dc 10 will save shatter which he failed with an eight despite his rather stellar will save. This had the side effect of breaking few nearby objects but nothing too bad. Raxion then killed the little nasty with the slightly broke sword.

We met a low down peg on the guard totem pole or at least I assume since she got passed the resposiblity of speaking to a party of adventures consisting of a weird looking cat-demon man in a loud orange suit, a half-orc with Alex Armstrong from FMA's social skills, a half-elf and aasimar cleric who are at least respectable and a halfling with a black eye. She passed along the name of a man who had been kidnapped
Next we decided to check it out but the Amazing Zograthy was on the way.We stopped to see him as he is our contact to Sheila's contact and the guy wanted money, now my last show was kinda a bust so I was a little broke so I tried paying him in a copy of my signed book. Raxion took offense with his evil lies, but as my stellar +0 to sense motive told me Zograthy certainly believes his own hype and he did seem kinda magicy. He shared a dire portent with me and read some cards and crystal balls for a few other party members. The party had to kind of drag Raxion away as he had begun making threats as to either returning to pay Zograthy with gold for his ideas panning out or blood if he lead us into an ambush. The party then visited a sailor who had been kidnapped and I used hypnosis to retrieve his lost memories, Bellamy identified the creatures as Derro.

Finally we ended off the session by visiting an abandoned bar and finding out that the nidalese slavers don't exist and that instead it is just some guy with a pocketful of potions and a few spells up his sleeve. He and I had a short telepathic conversation about how both the black and open slave or bounty markets would like a piece of my tail. I may not be that big a deal but I tend to panhandle in the wrong parts of town. Because I knew he was there somewhere I caught him dropping invis and tried to nail him with the ole' hypnotic stare for -2 will save penalty followed by color spray. Unfortunately my spin and fling colored sand was not enough to catch him out and he got initiative next and color sprayed me back, at this point we find out what happens when you color spray someone who rolls a 4 and has no save bonus. He passes out for 3 rounds then is blind for 2 and then stunned for 1. I was out. Raxion and the rest of the party start fighting him and Rax, the level 1 fighter with +4 will save fails another one in the same session. The rest of the party whooped Plutivarch's butt hard though. He tried invising with another potion but ate a faceful of claws, daggers and scimitars. We gathered up his stuff passed around what we found and then dragged him to the guards and dumped him at the feet of our buddy the guard from before. We got paid for his bounty and went to go get some rest.

Session 2 (November 20th 2016)

Through a fair bit of research and such I discovered a few victims of the mysterious kidnappings. Using my great mental prowess I was able to find the information within the minds of the victims, identifying the creatures as a nasty group of creatures called derro, at this time, we returned to the lodge to research them in a bit more detail. It was at this time we discovered the mayor himself was offering a reward for the safe return of those kidnapped, and as a further incentive the father of one of the kidnapped civilians is willing to match the mayor's price.

At this time we witnessed a busking storyteller, He wasn't half bad and I'm always for supporting the arts. However I quickly caught on that they had an ally amongst the crowd lightening people's pockets. Knowing the pains of the little fellows I inserted some money into their belt pouch. I then realized that others had caught on and was forced to use my celebrity status to to prevent violence and encouraged them to avoid getting caught again but implied that I could always use contacts so stay in town if you can make an honest wage until then.

(On back cover)
* Sir Elias Hyde takes no responsibility for the personal safety, enjoyment or value of those who visit locations recommended by him.
** Compatriots and Allies is defined as anyone that Elias if asked says did not commit the crimes or horrible actions detailed in this book.

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