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2007-07-13, 01:28 AM
I like the idea of magic swords, but particularly ones with a use that isn't just an enhancement to your combat ability (like Frodo's orc proximity alert in Sting). I'd like this to be a thread for us to come up with magic sword ideas that are just plain useful rather than POWERFUL and appropriate for most characters, regardless of level.


This long sword is surrounded by a perpetual glowing aura, providing as much light as a torch. Furthermore anything the sword touches will acquire a similar glow for 18 seconds, whether the object comes in contact with the sword by being struck violently or just by brushing it. Only the area actually touches the blade will start emit light. This can be useful in fighting invisible foes since getting a blow in will then cause then cause their position to be temporarily marked by a glowing spot of light in the air.


These twin short swords can be combined into a single sword, or magically duplicated back into two at will as a standard again. If seperated and carried by different people the two blades will function as ordinary masterwork weapons.

Compass Point

The bearer of this iron long sword can will it to tug and try to point to the direction of true north.

Safety Blade

As a free action the bearer of this long sword can magically dull the edge or sharpen it again. When dull the blade becomes a bludgoning weapon that deals 1d2 nonlethal damage.

Sea Sword

This useful long sword can purify salt water. When left in a quantity of salt water equaling two gallons or less it will draw all the salt, becoming crusted in crystals leaving the water pure and fresh. Contaminants other than salt are not removed. This process takes 1 hour per gallon. When crusted in salt the blade takes a -3 penalty to accuracy and damage. Cleaning the blade can be accomplished by scraping the salt off with a rock for twenty minutes, a knife or other sword for five minutes, or some other similar method. The blade must be fully cleaned before it can purify more water. Naturally, the sea sword is rust-proof.

Signal Sword

This long sword can at will flash brightly for half a second in any primary color of the bearer chooses. The flash of light isn't bright enough to negatively effect anyone but can be observed from afar. The sword can flash at a rapid pace in order to convey codes.

Spell Senser

This blade turns purple for one second after dealing any amount of lethal damage to a person or creature under the effects of a spell. What kind of spell it is, harmful or beneficial, temporary or permanent, does not matter. Magical abilities or attributes inherent to the creature or added by a template do not set off the sword.

Blade of Ownership

This blade will twist and turn in the hands of anyone who is not its legitimate owner or has not been given permission by its true owner to use the blade. This magical movement causes a -5 penalty to your attack roll and requires a DC 15 strength check every ten minutes in order to not drop the sword.

Sabotage Sword

This long sword readily attracts lightning during thunderstorms. If wielded outdoors during a storm that already has lightning it gives the bearer a 1/6 chance of being struck. Roll 1d6 for each minute they are outdoors. If they get a one they suffer 5d6 lighning damage. There is no chance of attracting lighting when it is not stormy out, during rainstorms that lack lightning. indoors, or when the blade is sheathed.

2007-07-13, 04:32 AM
These are very cool, the kind of magic items I prefer over your +4AC or +5Damage types. Keep them coming!

2007-07-13, 06:17 AM
it'd be simple to have weapons that added to umimportant skills, +10 on profession (chef) or craft(cooking) for a really good butchers knife, +5 to knowlege(nobility) checks with a rune encrusted sword of heraldry.

alternately you could fashion the bards ultimate tool, a lute with spikes on.

2007-07-13, 06:57 AM
Here are a few more:

Atlas Sword

This thick broadsword has a map of the world carved over the length of the blade. A tiny gold spot marks the current location of the sword and moves as the sword is moved. Due to space constraints and the fact that the whole world is fit on the sword it doesn't narrow your position down further than a 100-mile approximate area.


This blade has a number of dull colored pits that fuction as a binary clock. The pits change from dull brushed metal into brightly polished steel in order to accurately portray the time. The blade stays set on the time zone of the place where it was forged and doesn't alter as you travel.

Forge Sword

This blade can repair itself. If sundered the broken pieces can be fitted back together like a jigsaw puzzle. If left alone for 24 hours the blade will heal and be like new. The blade cannot regenerate pieces that are missing.

Spell Identifier

This sword vibrates in a manner imperciptible to all but the wielder, that does not interfere with combat, whenever a single specific spell is cast successfully or unsuccessfully upon the wielder. Which spell it responds to can be retuned by any arcane caster capable of using that spell by meditating with the sword for an hour.

Sustenance Sword

If struck into fertile soil this sword can grow a small wooden branch from the point of it's pommel. On command this branch can produce up to three apples per day. Pulling the sword out causes the branch and any unplucked apples to disintigrate, and the branch cannot be regrown until the next day.

Zeta Kai
2007-07-13, 07:31 AM
Tent Blade

This greatsword can transform into a simple canvas tent (& back again) whenever the jewel in the pommel is twisted 180 degrees. The transformation takes 3 rounds. The tent is 10'x10', & is capable of sheltering up to 1 Large creature, 2 Medium creatures, 4 Small creatures, 8 Tiny creatures, 16 Diminutive creatures, or 32 Fine creatures in relative comfort. The tent is rust-proof, lightning-proof, & resistant to sub-gale winds.

2007-07-14, 08:14 AM
The Sabotage Sword is a great idea. Something an evil druid would pass out, then cast call lightning.

Zeta Kai
2007-07-14, 01:39 PM
Blade of Leaping

This elven short sword gives a +30 enhancement bonus to all Jump checks, allowing for tremendous leaps & stunning dive attacks.

2007-07-15, 10:52 AM
Barby weapon: These special one handed weapons have enchanted hilts. When anyone other than its owner trys to wield it, many big barbs suddenly sprout from the hilt and twist themselves around the hand. The barbs shred the hand and weapon effectively embeds itself into the hand. The hand is then unusable and the victim suffers from continuous pain. Removing the barbed weapon effectively severs the hand. The barbs disappear when the weapon's owner touches it.

Alternately, such weapons can be enchanted to be unusable to certain races/classes/gender/etc.

EDIT: OK. Reflex DC 20 to drop the weapon before it gets the hand.

2007-07-15, 10:58 AM
Barby weapon should allow a reflex save to drop it before the barbs sink in...

2007-07-15, 12:36 PM
Sander's Purse Cutter

Sander's Purse Cutter is a well carved, and well shaped dagger that appears to ordinary by another standards. Three times per day, when the wielder wills it, it can store up to 10 lbs of non-living material when stabbed into a container (i.e., purse or sack). The 10 lbs are stored in an extra-dimensional space. Otherwise, it has a +1 magic bonus.

This weapon is inherently Evil. Any Neutral and Evil person may wield it without penalty, but any Good person suffers a -1 to attack and damage, and cannot make use of its power.

2007-07-16, 12:46 AM
I like the bag of holding sword. The Barby Sword is a nice malicious security measure. Remove Curse should probably make the spikes retract and allow the hand to be saved.

Sword of Self Destruction

After being forged this blade will bond with the first person whose skin comes in contact with the blade. That person can at any point will the blade to crumble into hundreds of miniscule and blunt pieces. They must be within 100 yards of the sword in order to cause this destruction.

Heirloom Sword

This blade seeks to be possesed by anyone its deceased former legitimate owner wanted to inherit the blade. 1d4 times each week after the owner's death the target will receive a dream, per the spell, informing them of the sword's current location, existance, and their right to it. If the recipient truly wishes to stop receiving these dreams the sword will cease broadcasting and consider its current or next owner as its new true owner. The sword does not send dreams when owned.

Sphere Sword

As a standard action the wielder of this sword can will it to transform into or back from a small light metal ball that is harmless as a weapon and ideal for tossing. Catching the ball and changing it back into a sword takes a full action.

Score Blade

After killing any named sentient creature this sword has their name branded upon their blade in miniscule red letters the color of blood. Both sides of the blade will fill up and once full all the previous messages will shrink slightly. There is no limit to how many names it can hold but most humans will be unable to read individual names without magnification after 1000 kills.

The Sword in the Stein

Once per day if the tip of this sword is stuck into a pint or smaller quantity of water it may transmute the fluid into a delicious brown lager.

Hamurai Sword

This katana was enchanted to make harvesting bacon easier. After killing a medium sized or smaller creature with this blade any unharvested bacon on their body will pop off and stack next to them, perfectly cooked, warm, and ready to eat. If this is a plate nearby the strips of bacon will land there, otherwise it will land on the cleanest object or spot of ground by the body. While designed for use on pigs if misappropriated it can affect humans and other unideal creatures equally with gruesome results. Killing creatures without potential bacon on their body will not produce any.

Fly Foil

When flicked outwards this foil can create a long string and hook from the tip ideal for fishing. The owner can will the string to shorten and reel in any catch, or to dissapear with the hook entirely. Spearing a worm or other bait on the tip of the sword will cause it to be on the hook when the line is cast.

Painted Blade

This sword starts as a apparently ordinary lifesized portrait of a infantry warrior charging into battle with the blade in their hands. Anyone can touch the portrait and pluck out the sword, turning a mere painted image into a real blade and leaving the warrior without a blade in the painting. The sword can be placed back in at any time.

Musical Blade

This weapon is non-magical but skillfully crafted. By blowing into a hole on the hilt and playing the holes bored into the hollow blade this sword can be played the same as a high quality flute (though a little care is required to ensure the blade doesn't slip in their hands and slice open a finger, simple as long as nobody else tries touch the sword)


This runed blade will remember a single promise its wielder makes while wielding the blade. If they ever break this vow the blade will instantly shatter the next time they hold it. If the promise can be fulfilled and ended they may make a new vow. If the promise is ongoing and endless then the blade cannot have a new promise set upon it.

Burial Blade

A corpse that touches this blade will clutch it with both over their breast in a traditional funeral pose. A person killed while holding the blade will instantly strike this pose, or it can be laid on an already dead body. While held the corpse is immune to magical effects that would animate the corpse as any undead creature. A DC 15 strength check it required to pull the sword from the grasp of a corpse holding it, and the person taking the blade must then make a DC 15 fortitude save or become supernaturally poisoned, taking 1 con damage every minute until the blade is destroyed, more than 10 miles away, or returned to the corpse.

Hunter's Blade

Once per day this blade allows the wielder to magically strike dead a small animal from up to 30 feet away. There is no saving throw. The only creatures that can be targeted are small non-magical birds and rodents weighing less than five pounds.

Note that when introducing any of these ideas into a campaign it's possible to combine multiple magical attributes into one sword to make it more useful. For instance combining the compass point and the hunter's blade is a logical pairing. Or mix and match two entirely different attributes. It all depends how powerful you want their sword to be.

2007-07-16, 01:39 AM
The Hamurai Sword is a very bad but funny pun. Now, can it cut tofu?

Water Soluble Sword (http://talesfromthevault.com/thunderstruck/comic260.html)
A water soluble sword is a gnome crafted practice sword, which deals 1d6 nonlethal damage when used by either a small or medium creature. The sword never criticals. By placing an 1 oz. vial of ink in the hilt, all strikes are marked with the ink. The sword will mark the next 20 strikes before running out of ink. The last strike comes out under pressure as the sword empties itself for cleaning, resulting in a good deal of mess.
Masterwork medium short sword/small longsword, price 350 gp, 2 lb.
1 oz. vial of ink costs 8 gp for black, 16 for colored.

2007-07-16, 02:39 PM
Scholar's Blade

When a scholar's blade successfully damages an opponent, information about the creature (or race, in the case of a humanoid opponent) is magically etced into the surface of the blade. Details such as special attacks, special qualities, immunities, weaknesses, and whether the creature has spell resistance are included. However, since this information is listed in terms of the campaign world and not in gaming terms, no number values for any of this information will ever be present. Tilting the blade and moving it closer so the text can be read is a full-round action (the information is fairly detailed). A scholar's blade only retains the information of the last opponent it successfully damaged, and the information fades away after 24 hours.

Moderate divination; CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, identify or legend lore; Price +1 bonus.

2007-07-16, 03:31 PM

This weapon is enchanted with an effect which displays the current time on a digital interface at the base of the blade. At the base of the hilt are speakers, AM/FM controls and volume settings. When using the Radio effects in battle, there is a 99% chance that it will cause a -4 morale penalty to attack rolls and save for all those who can hear it within 50ft (no save). There is a 1% chance that it will grant the benefits of Inspire Greatness to all allies within 50ft.


Canteen Blade

Pop the base of the hilt open and find an extra-dimensional space that can carry up to 8 fluid ounces.

"For the adventurer on-the-go."


This magical enchantment allows the blade to dispense shaving cream at will, and sharpens the blade so that it may be applied to facial hair.

"...Only REAL men shave with their Greatswords."

2007-07-17, 08:12 PM
Yes, the Hamurai Sword does work on tofu, transforming it into a few strips of facon (however it is unable to flavor the tofu, unflavored tofu will just become unflavoured bacon shaped strips).

One For All

This weapon can be used to summon up to ten additional swords at a time. To summon a new blade when ten are already created the wielder must choose to dismiss one. The wielder of the One For All can dismiss any of the summoned blades at any time from any distance. The summoned blades are identical to the One For All, except they cannot be used to summon blades themselves. There is no time limit to how long the summoned blades exist or how far they can be taken from the actual blade.

Mercy Blade

This sword will not reduce any creature below -1 HP and instantly stabilizes any creature it brings to that number. It cannot be used to stabilize someone injured previously.


This blade is as strong as steel but appears to be made of perfectly clear glass. The image viewed through the blade can be magnified at will any amount up to 10x.

Sword of Legal Advocacy

This sentient talking blade is lawfully aligned, has an intelligence and wisdom of 15, and 5 Ranks in Profession (Lawyer). Different blades may have an isolated speciality in law, or only be trained to practice law in a certain country. Like an actual lawyer those 5 ranks are not universal.

Bond Blade

Touching this sword allows the bearer to telekinetically tie and untie simple knots with a proficiency equal to one rank of Use Rope and a Dex of 10. Ropes must be within one foot to be manipulated. Only one rope can be affected at a time and requires complete concentration, allowing no other actions.

Copy Blade

This longsword can be touched to any non-magical non-special material weapon worth 1000 gp or less and instantaneously turn into an identical weapon. This includes weapons that may be entirely different, such as a wooden club or similar weapons like a different style of sword. The change lasts as long as desired, even if the wielder puts down the blade or leaves it in storage for years but once turned back into its true form the copy blade has to be touching a weapon to change again. Changing the blade back or forth requires a full action.

Biography Blade

This blade upon command will narrate its first user's entire biography as it observed in a well written speech, voiced in a rich baritone. Insignificant or mundane moments are not mentioned, and summarization is used as appropriate to keep the running time reasonable. Only actions performed while carrying the blade are remembered so moments can be kept private simply by putting the blade aside. The owner can tell the blade additional information, such as their backstory before acquiring the blade, but it will not record lies and will leave out anything it determines is unimportant. The blade never forgets its owners story, and will not record the actions of anyone else. The wielder can tell the sword to pause, fast forward, rewind, or skip to any part but not ask questions or speak with the blade. The blade is not sentient and the biography is identical each time. The blade does lie, and can only be fooled by illusions if its bearer was as well.

Patience Blade

The sword can transform its wielder, their possessions, and itself into stone per Stone To Flesh. The wielder becomes an unliving unconscious statue. The wielder can choose a trigger to bring them back to life, though it must be something happening close enough to the blade to be observed. Any event can be the trigger, including after a set period of time, the arrival of a creature, or a specific password. It can be as general or specific as desired. Casting Stone to Flesh on someone using a patience blade will bring them back prematurely.

Bangle Blade

This sword can turn into a small brass bracelet and back at will. Transforming it either way and wielding/wearing it requires a standard action. The brass bracelet can be any size suitable for a small or medium creature.

Sword of Skepticism

Despite being unsentient this blade has +5 modifier to sense motive rolls. Any time it hears a lie directed towards to the bearer it will snort loudly and derisively. It is incapable of producing any other sounds.

Blade of Commerce

At will this sword's legitimate owner may transform it into 2000 gp, contained in a cheap linen drawstring sack. The transformation is irreversible and permanently destroys the sword.

Captain's Sword

This sword is useful for marking your position, surrounded by a bright illusory glow that can be seen from afar that is only visible to those the wielder chooses. There is no limit to how many allies can see the glow but the wearer must consciously let them, preventing unexpected allies from viewing it until the owner is aware of their presence. Invisible or hidden allies that are expected can still see it. The glow does not give off real light, and though it can be seen in non-magical darkness it does not illuminate anything beyond the sword.

Scribe Sword

Touching the point of this blade to any parchment or paper allows the wielder to write or draw in their own handwriting. The sword does not use ink but instead slightly burns the paper to brand their message or image.

2007-07-18, 05:35 AM
I love the Patience blade. It completely explains the ancient heroes exploding out of stone statues. The best kind of prevention. Strap on the magic sword, grab a patience blade and go statue until the ancient evil reawakens.

2007-07-18, 11:02 AM
Yeah, the patience blade is pretty useful for any sort of long term guardian. Heck, the trigger can be "any indication of an intruder" so just the sound of footsteps down the hall will bring you back. The arrivals might never know you were a statue.

There are other uses too. Being attacked by wild animals? Just curl up into a ball turn to stone and set it to bring you back when they leave. Freezing to death on a mountain top? Just give up on the next few months and have it revive you in Spring. Dying of an illness or injury? Turn to stone and have your allies lug you to the nearest healer. Need to hide? Jump into a lake, turn to stone at the bottom, and come back in an hour.

It's really quite useful.


Anonymity Blade

Drawing this blade summons an umremovable grinning checker pattern porcelain mask over your face that completely blocks the features of your face except for your eye color. Sheathing the blade banishes the mask. If the blade leaves your possession but is not sheathed the mask will vanish after three minutes. The mask has a hardness 15. If broken the pieces will vanish. Drawing the sword again will create a new mask.

2007-07-18, 11:24 AM
I kind of adore this thread. These items are so much more interesting than a +5 longsword. I will be returning here often, I feel, and hopefully I'll have something more useful to offer then.

Thexare Blademoon
2007-07-18, 11:55 AM
Lightweight backup weapon:

Melting Sword

This ordinary rapier can be sheathed in a small container of water, the blade dissolving until it is drawn again. While sheathed in this manner, the blade is effectively weightless, though the water is not. The hilt is very simple and not much different in appearance from a cork, so when it is sheathed in this manner, you get a +4 to Sleight of Hand checks to conceal it. Additionally, anyone searching you for weapons (for example, you've been captured) must make a DC 14 Appraise check to notice that it is not an ordinary bottle of water, and then a DC 17 check to find out exactly what it is. Storing the blade in water does not have any adverse effects on the water, and it is still safe to drink even if the blade is still partially submerged. However, if all of the water is emptied from the container without the blade fully drawn, a Minor Creation spell (Sor/Wiz 4) must be cast while the hilt is in contact with water for the blade to fully reform.

Two seperate appraise checks because some places would take anything remotely suspicious, while others would only take items that are known to be weapons. Note that for this purpose, you'd really want a clay or wooden container for your water, because glass can be used as an improvised weapon. Not that I know any of that from experience, mind you. :smallwink:

The Gentleman's Blade

This is a well-balanced cane (Version A: 1d3 Bludgeoning, 18-20/x2 critical, Rapier proficiency needed, Version B: 1d4 Bludgeoning, 19-20/x2 critical, Longsword proficiency needed) that, when the command word is spoken turns into an ornate +1 Keen Rapier (A) or +1 Defending Longsword (B). This blade is almost always found in the hands of nobles who want extra protection from robbers that doesn't look like a weapon.

While bludgeoning weapons generally don't have extended critical ranges, I felt that it was fitting here.

2007-07-18, 11:59 AM
The Blades of V*

These 6 daggers are imbuned with the 1812 overture. They will play the first few bars of the song everytime a dagger is thrown. If thrown in succession, then the song will continue to play. Upon the final dagger being thrown, small pyrotechnics appear from the blade.
The French Cursing Sword*
This sword will, upon dealing damage, spout an insult that makes no sense what-so-ever, at the direction of the target. If The target is of British Royalty, the quote will always be "Your Mother was a hamster, and your Father smelled of Elderberries!"
*A Cookie to who knows where I got this.

2007-07-18, 12:06 PM
wheres my cookie(love that movie)

2007-07-18, 12:23 PM
http://www1.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/2220938/2/istockphoto_2220938_stack_of_chocolate_chip_cookie s.jpg
There. Cookies for all! Take one and pass the stack.

Sniper's Sword

The Sniper's Sword is a longsword that can tell the distance between the tip of the blade and the closest obstruction that the tip of the blade is pointing at. If used for 3 continuous rounds, and your next action is a ranged attack on the target, then you may gain an extra +1 to Hit and to Damage.
Price: 750 GP, Minor Divination.

2007-07-18, 02:02 PM
I kinda want the blades of V. It doesn't do anything except be awesome.


Retreat Blade

If knocked unconscious in combat while wielding this sword the bearer is teleported, via Dimension Door, to the safest location within 500 ft. This ability can only work once per day.

Paladin's Burden

This blade will not harm any good alignment sentient being under any circumstances, turning intangible and passing through their body to avoid striking them.

Grey Paladin
2007-07-18, 03:11 PM
I just wanted to say that I think you are utterly awesome and that I'll be using many of these enchantments in my low magic campaign.

2007-07-18, 03:28 PM
Thanks! One thing that might be kinda neat is apply several of these templates to a sword and leave it to the players to figure out all of its powers. Many of these give off no indication of their ability until someone tries it.

"Huh! Bacon!"

2007-07-18, 04:47 PM
The Sword of the Swiss Knights

This sword appears to a standard short sword. The hilt is a rough, red leather and the pommel is a large red stone with a white cross set into it. At will, the sword will slide into the hilt. Upon close inspection, small slots rest around the hilt. As a move-equivalent action, from these slots a variety of tools can be folded out. These tools function as a Masterwork Thieves tools, in addition to that contains the following: A pair of scissors, tweasers, a tooth pick, and a small mirror. The pommel can be twisted: if twisted 180 degrees, the sword will light up and cast a yellow glow in a 20' diameter. If the sword is in the hilt, it will cast a cone of light 10' wide at 30' diameter max. If twisted a full 360 degree, the pommel comes out as a masterwork dagger.


The multiblade appears as an ordinary greatsword that seems pieced together from smaller blades. It seems rather flimsy, however when used, is always solid. When the command word is spoken, the sword can be broken apart into: a holy greatsword, a keen bastard sword, a vicious bastard sword, a thundering bastard sword, a longsword of speed, a throwing shortsword of seeking, and a baseball bat with a bunch of nails hammered into it of wounding. Each weapon can be removed independently. When combined together, the weapon weighs as a normal greatsword.

If the wielder is at less than 1/10 hit points, a special attack can be made. Activating this is a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. The round following the activation, all weapons break apart from the sword and circle overhead the target and each weapon makes an attack at the wielder's full base attack bonus. During this round, the wielder cannot make any additional attacks or actions. The attacks can be spread across multiple targets, who cannot be no more than 10' from the initial target, but must be declared before the attacks are made. The wielder does not gain any benefits from any additional feats, such as cleave. This can only be used 1/week.

(I know that's a little powerful, but it was such an awesome idea I had to gank it :D)

Hungry, Hungry Sword

This sword appears quite unusual: its curved blade gives it an exotic feel, and the hilt is made of ivory. The pommel is carved to look like a hippopotamus. When struck against a creature, a loud chomp can be heard and it appears as though a bite was taken out of the creature. A light chewing can be heard from the blade. This only happens when the sword is swung at a living creature. Undead creatures or constructs are immune to this effect. The sword will "eat" up to 30 hp worth of attacks, after that will refuse to attack. If it does not "eat" for at least a day, a grumbling can be heard, providing a -2 modifier on hide and move silently checks. The grumbling gets loud each day it does not eat, increasing the modifier by -2 until -10. After that, the next time the sword is drawn, it will try to attack the wielder (Will save versus DC 15 stops it from trying to eat the wielder).

There is a 5% chance that the sword will be able to "eat" an additional 10 hp worth of damage.

2007-07-18, 06:12 PM
Sting Dagger: This dagger's blade is made of a liquid injury poison that is magically frozen. It poisons the target on a successful hit (save and effects are identical to the poison used). The wielder can at will cause the blade to melt, destroying the dagger. If this is done on a successful hit, the victim is poisoned and gets no save for both poison effects. The dagger functions as an ordinary dagger except for these.

Empty Hilt: This sword hilt does not have a blade attached to it. However, when the wielder clenches his fist and acts as if he's drawing a sword from his fist the blade appears with the appropriate unsheathing sound. When drawn, it acts as a +3 longsword. The wielder can sheath it back into his fist as a full round action.

Sniper Sword: This ordinary looking enchanted longsword is actually a ranged weapon. It can shoot part of its blade like a huge crossbow bolt. Once fired, the sword becomes an ordinary short sword. As a special assasination weapon, it has an effective range of 600 ft, grants +4 to hit and deals 4d8 damage. The sword can be used in melee with no penalty.

2007-07-18, 06:31 PM
Ultima Weapon

The Ultima Weapon appears as an ordinary greatsword that seems pieced together from smaller blades. It seems rather flimsy, however when used, is always solid. When the command word is spoken, the sword can be broken apart into: a holy greatsword, a keen bastard sword, a vicious bastard sword, a thundering bastard sword, a longsword of speed, a throwing shortsword of seeking, and a baseball bat with a bunch of nails hammered into it of wounding. Each weapon can be removed independently. When combined together, the weapon weighs as a normal greatsword.

If the wielder is at less than 1/10 hit points, a special attack can be made. Activating this is a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. The round following the activation, all weapons break apart from the sword and circle overhead the target and each weapon makes an attack at the wielder's full base attack bonus. During this round, the wielder cannot make any additional attacks or actions. The attacks can be spread across multiple targets, who cannot be no more than 10' from the initial target, but must be declared before the attacks are made. The wielder does not gain any benefits from any additional feats, such as cleave. This can only be used 1/week.

(I know that's a little powerful, but it was such an awesome idea I had to gank it :D)

With the aproved sign of Cloud :smallamused:

Zeta Kai
2007-07-18, 06:52 PM
GPS (Global Positioning Sword)
This ordinary-looking shortsword can, when asked, tell the wielder the time of day, the day of the year, the wielder’s current elevation (either above or below ground), or the wielder’s current latitude & longitude; these abilities are usable unlimited times per day. Three times per day, the sword can tell the wielder the direction & distance to the nearest settlement inhabited by an intelligent race. Once per day, the sword can transmit a 25-word message (as per the Message spell) to any living person of the wielder’s choice, provided that they are both on the same plane.

This ordinary-looking shortsword can record, store & play back up to 250 hours worth of audio information; this audio can be broken up into distinct “songs” or “clips” & played back at will, in any order. The sword comes with a set of headphones that plug into the pommel.

And, of course, the obvious...

iSword Nano
This ordinary-looking dagger can record, store & play back up to 50 hours worth of audio information; this audio can be broken up into distinct “songs” or “clips” & played back at will, in any order. The dagger comes with a set of headphones that plug into the pommel.

Special thanks to my wife for the idea of the iSword (& the Nano).

2007-07-18, 08:07 PM
Merchants Sword

The hilt of this sword contains several slots into which coins of various denominations may be placed, often copper, silver, and gold pieces. Money inserted into it is stored in an extra-dimensional space. These can only be removed by the swords rightful owner. Some marks appear on the blade as well, telling how much money has been placed in the blade. If the sword is stolen or used to store stolen money, it will refuse to operate and begin screaming "thief! thief!" until police arrive. If destroyed, it spills out all the coins it contained.

Fly killer sword

This sword is enchanted so that if used to kill flies, bees or any other tiny flying insect it will work with 100% accuracy, cleanly bisecting the insect in half right in midair. The user may also use it against flying insect swarms not normally target able by slashing damage. No mark or mention of its nature against insects is displayed anywhere on the blade, good for showing off at bars.

Mage's page Blade

In addition to being light and extremely clean, this blade can be written on providing the space of four pages. Only magical ink can be written on the blade, all blood and dirt slides off easily. It can either be used to write pages of a spellbook, a scroll, or even random notes.

Machiavellian Saber

This ornate sword can be transformed into an ornate looking cane and back again. Doing so with either a flash of light, a puff of smoke, a dramatic chord or a combination of all three.

Sword of the Feather

If the wielder of this sword ever falls from a high place, they are immediately granted Feather Fall until they land safely.

Compensative Sword

If this sword is ever used to combat another sword or compared with another, it will automatically enlarge itself until slightly larger than the other sword. If compared to another Compensative sword, they both change to the same size so as not to make it 'too obvious'.

Professor Sword

An intelligent item. This sword has ranks in Knowledge (swords) + 20. It will gladly chatter on an on about various types of swords, the ways to use swords, various schools of though on how to properly wield and care for swords, how to make swords, the various magical enchantments one can imbue swords with, and risky scenarios that could lead to damaging swords. And may even occasionally mention famous swords, artifact swords, or experimental theories regarding swords. It seems to have no worries about itself getting damaged but will happily mention ways to repair it and suggestions on enhancing it to better help the user, it is not jealous of other swords getting attention, instead examining and objectively speaking about their advantages, disadvantages, history or makeup. Once per day, it can identify another sword per the spell.

Fact-of-the-day Sword

Every day at sunrise, this sword has one random fact etched onto its blade. This can be taken from any area of knowledge.

Parrot Blade

At a command, this sword turns into a metallic parrot. It can perch on your shoulder or fly towards another person of your choice. In parrot form, it can only crudely mimic spoken words and cannot learn, though it always knows who its owner is. It can't attack in bird form and if attacked it will always transform into a sword. Its owner can lend it to another person, in which case it will fly to them and let them wield it, although it will never act against its true owner. If it is separated from its owner for more than 24 hours it accepts its new wielder as its owner.

Honey Sword

Although made of steel, this sword is magically covered in honey. By spending 30 minutes licking it off the blade, its wielder can eat enough honey to make one meal for a human. The honey vanishes if one tries to collect it in jars, but can still cause sticky messes on clothing. If bees and flies collect on the sword, their stinging damage can be added to the weapon although a swarm of insects may appear as well.

Switch-blade Sword

By pressing a button on the hilt, the swords blade magically flips out to full length. Holding the button down while pressing the blade against a solid surface returns it to the hilt.


Once per day, the user can cast the spell Knock by tapping the tip of the sword lightly against the lock in question... or they can do the really flashy version where a beam of light shoots out of the swords tip... their choice.

Regenerating Sword

If destroyed or sundered, this blade will regenerate and transform into another sword. Possibly with different enchantments or abilities depending on the level of its wielder. It can only do so twelve times and the number of remaining 'regenerations' it can perform are always marked somewhere on the blade somehow. It can be shown through a number of gems, some marks on its hilt, an ornate number made into a symbol... etc. If broken too many times in quick succession it may be destroyed permanently.

2007-07-18, 08:21 PM

And, of course, the obvious...

iSword Nano
Special thanks to my wife for the idea of the iSword (& the Nano).

Are their "Greater" versions that can "can" bardic music effects and/or Suggestion spells for later use?

2007-07-18, 08:37 PM
Silent Sword
The silent sword can be used to mute anything it's touched to for one round, either horse hooves, or a chatty halfling. A will save is allowed for unwilling targets.

Zeta Kai
2007-07-18, 11:47 PM
Are their "Greater" versions that can "can" bardic music effects and/or Suggestion spells for later use?

Sure, but they cost more. A lot more. Only the mighty wizard Stievejaubz makes them.

2007-07-18, 11:48 PM
Haha. Compensative Sword.


Quick Change Sword

This blade can store a single set of clothing in extradimensional space. Drawing the blade sends your current clothing there and garbs you in whatever you stored. Sheathing the blade switches your clothing back. You may retrieve the stored garment in order to put a different outfit in the sword.

2007-07-19, 12:05 AM
There was a Sword of V mentioned. By that do you mean the letter "V"? or the number five?
Also, there are two swords put up in the thread, one that copies itself to lend out to friends which can make those copies vanish at any time, and another that can instantly turn into a lot of gold. Those two enchantments put together would be a pretty fun way to mess with people.

*Sigh* Looks like someone did Sora's Keyblade and Cloud's swords. Looks like I have to bring out:

A sword can be crafted with a gun handle instead of a regular grip. This gun can hold up to six bullets and is reloaded completely with a full round action. A standard action can be taken to only insert one bullet. Reloading at all provokes an attack of opportunity due to lowering your guard. You can fire the gun at the beginning of the round as a free action to make a bullet shoot out and hit the base of the blade, making it vibrate in a way that make attacks more damaging. Any successful attack with the sword in a round which you fired it deals an extra three points of damage (more or less damage for balance?). This sword is designed to have its weakest point at the base of the blade. If it is sundered, the blade will break off there and the broken sword can then be used as a standard pistol.
Though gunblades have no enchantments, they are always of masterwork quality because of the complications in its design. A badly crafted gunblade will not fire correctly, providing only a +1 damage bonus and also a -1 on attack rolls. Also, it will not break it the right place if it is sundered and can not be used as a pistol if sundering occurs. Finally, every time you fire a poorly-crafted gunblade, rol a d20. If you get a 1, the blade shatters with the bullets impact and sends shards of metal flying in a ten-foot radius, dealing 1d3 damage to all in the way.

Anti-depressant Sword
This is an intelligent blade used to be given out to those warriors who feel very depressed. It will constantly try to make conversation with its wielder about anything positive it can think of. These swords' personalities are always very peppy and happy-go-lucky. They will always complain about killing and violence in and after combat and if the wielder of the sword tries to harm himself in any way with it, the blade will shrink away so as to never be within an inch of its wielder's skin. The sword also has the ability to use dimension door at will, but it will never use it directly for the wielder. If the user tries to throw it away, it will instantly appear back in its scabbard. If he tries to throw both scabbard and sword away, both will teleport back onto his belt. The sword can only be removed from its wielder by the person who gave it to him and will stay silent and inactive until it is given to a new wielder. Finally, the sword has detect thoughts, usable at will on its user, and will tell anyone if he is lying at all.
Suprisingly, this method of treatment was deemed a complete failure and the issuing of these swords was banned.

EDIT: I really like that quick change sword. It'd be nice to be able to walk around in something other than your armor all day.

2007-07-19, 12:51 AM
With the sword of quick change I was imaging more like a Clark Kent to Superman kind of costume change, but I totally overlooked it's very useful ability to keep armor off until you need it. That's pretty powerful, you could do all kinds of stealthy stuff and then instantly have armor when you enter combat.

I like the anti-depressant sword. It's a semi-cursed weapon.


Sword of Egress

Once per day this sword can create a door in a wall no thicker than two feet. Simply slash the wall with the sword while willing this power and a wooden door of ordinary size will appear. The wall suffers no damage from this attack. The door has a brass doorknob but no locks. After one hour the door will dissappear. Any creatures or objects in the archway will be pushed to either side of the wall. If the door is destroyed it will simply vanish and turn back into undamaged wall.

Tasting Blade

This sword has a small metallic mouth halfway up the blade that will gladly gobble down small bites of food or sips of liquid. Poisonous materials will cause the blade to cough and shiver for a brief period of time. The strength of its reaction is proportionate to the poison's potency, though it cannot indicate what the poison specifically does.

Sword of Speaking

This blade is created knowing two preset languages. At will it will translate anything the owner says in one of the languages into the other, and translate what it hears in the other language back for the owner. Translations are spoken aloud and audible to everyone nearby. A bilingual person can also use the blade just to avoid having to repeat themselves when talking to people with different languages.

Warmonger's Waffler

This immense bastard sword has a waffle grid pattern on one side of the blade. The blade can be folded in half and self-heats to create delicious fluffy waffles with the appropriate ingredients. It can also straighten hair.

2007-07-19, 01:36 AM
Are their "Greater" versions that can "can" bardic music effects and/or Suggestion spells for later use?

Easy, a spell-storing iSword.

2007-07-19, 01:57 AM
Yeah, but Bardic music effects are spells per se... there SHOULD be an item to store them though... although it might have to be intelligent...

Regarding the Keyblade... I think the 'flashy' version is more of a Mage Lock and/or Permanencied Dimensional Lock if you are talking about how he locks the worlds.

2007-07-19, 02:11 AM
The keyblade both locks and unlocks. In the first game, the objective was to seal all the worlds off. The second game had you opening the paths between worlds again.

2007-07-19, 02:22 AM
Ah, not nearly as familiar with the second game.

2007-07-19, 04:23 AM
There was a Sword of V mentioned. By that do you mean the letter "V"? or the number five?

It was a reference to V, from V for Vendetta. He had that strange facination to the 1812 Overture, he used fireworks, and He threw Daggers, So why not combine the three?

2007-07-19, 05:20 AM
The Sword of AXE (Or Lynx, if your from the British Commonwealth) and the Flowery Sword
This Longsword can, 5/day, Emit a small spray of De-odorant. The aromatic qualities of the de-odorant offer a +1 circumstance bonus to charisma when dealing with mebers of the opposite sex.

The Sword of AXE is only usable by male holders (Or Sex Changed Females.)
The Flowery Sword is only usable by Female holders (Or Sex changed males.)
Price: 150 GP, Pretidigitation
Aesop's Shortsword
This is an intelligent blade. If proped up against a wall, rock, log, or other object, within 10 ft of a campfire, it will retell one of Aesop's many fables. If combat is going on, the blade will remain silent. The blade can also be silenced if placed in its sheath.
Price: 200 GP, Message, Ghost Sound

The Zodiac Sword
This Longsword's blade has been inscribed with 12 Zodiac Symbols on it. When picked up, the Holder's Zodiac Symbol glows, with enough light for 5ft. By pointing the sword at somebody, the blade will also light up the Zodiac symbol corresponding to the pointed person. If the signs are compatable, then both signs light up green. If Incompatable, both will glow red. Because of this, its often used as a way to test wether your compatable with the barmaid three tables down.

Stress Sword
The handle of this sword is squishy, and conforms to the pressure placed on it. Squeezing the handle will give you a +1 Circumstance bonus to dealing with people that annoy you.

2007-07-20, 02:00 AM
Sword of Sweeping

On command this blade will shapeshift to or from the form of an animated metal handled broom with silver bristles. The transformation requires a standard action. The broom can be instructed to sweep any floor, go where directed, wait while standing upright, or follow the owner. If given a dust pan the dust pan will also be animated and assist the broom in its task. When in sword form the blade cannot move on its own volition and cannot animate a dustpan.

Blade of Kept Resolutions

This spell allows the wielder to cast geas, per the spell, upon themselves at will. There is no saving throw, nor can the blade be used to cancel the spell. The caster level for this magic effect is 12.

The Comeback

If the wielder of this sword is slain in battle it will shatter in half and summon a celestial hippogriff intent on killing your killer. The hippogriff is relentless and will pursue only the person that made the killing attack, attacking others only if they get in the way of its assault. If your killer hides or escapes the hippogriff will search for them to the best of its ability. The hippogriff vanishes once its quarry is dead, if killed, or if unsuccessful after three days. If repaired after breaking The Comeback will not summon a creature again. Many owners of a Comeback advertise their possession of it to discourage potential enemies.

2007-07-20, 07:49 PM
Pogo Sword

This otherwise unremarkable longsword has an elongated hilt and crossguard. When the sword's point is tapped on the ground twice in quick succession, it will immediately stand up perpendicular to the floor. In this state, it is approximately as solid as a four-legged chair, so while it will not tip over without a significant amount of force applied, it is also not sufficiently anchored for tasks such as blocking doors. Simply grasping the hilt with one hand and lifting it off the ground allows it to be used as a normal sword again.

As a move-equivalent action that provokes attacks of opportunity, the wielder can make a DC 10 jump check to hop onto the grounded sword, placing his feet on the crossguard and clutching the hilt with both hands in an uncomfortable-looking hunched posture. Once the sword has been mounted in this way, the wielder is able to direct the sword to carry him in a series of jumps, with the sword always landing harmlessly and flawlessly point-down on any roughly horizontal surface (less than 20 degree incline). Dismounting the sword requires another move-equivalent action that provokes attacks of opportunity, but does not require a skill check.

While riding the sword, the wielder uses a +35 bonus to jump checks in place of his normal bonus, can make long jumps and high jumps as though he had a 20 foot running start, and is considered one size larger than the sword's size category for purposes of determining maximum height for jumps. Only a creature of the sword's size category or smaller can ride a Pogo Sword.

Moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, jump and levitate; Price +3 bonus.

2007-07-20, 08:05 PM
God...so many awesome swords...an army of kinda-useful magic sword wileding warriors...Hooray! New villain!

2007-07-20, 10:19 PM
Well, this might be a bit to "highly useful" or "combat oriented" for this thread but here is an old idea of mine:

Mole (+1 enchantment equivalent?, Set cost?)
Primarily found on large non-piercing melee weapons and occasionally on projectiles, most (all in the case of a projectile) of this weapon passes through worked and unworked earth and stone (including UNworked metal) like it wasn't there (cf brilliant energy). This allows the use of big weapons without penalty in narrow tunnels. There are two styles of this. One leaves the grip area as the unenchanted portion. The other has a rock shaped protrusion for the pommel or as a feature on the non-attacking. This makes for the occasional bruised knuckles when a strike goes a little too far into a wall, but allows dropping the weapon on bare rock or dirt to appear unarmed (just a rock laying there...). For projectiles this turns cover into concealment in many cases, and even blind fire through a castle wall can be pretty demoralizing (or even effective with flame arrows). In any case, back-up weapons are a must in case of earth elementals, and stone and clay golems.

The even rarer version of the above, phases through wood instead of earth. Popular amoung druids, rangers, elves, gnomes, and others who often fight in dense underbrush.

2007-07-21, 02:45 AM
Sword of Swordcraft
Once per day, the wielder can strike the sword into a metal object and the sword will absorb metal from it to create an near-exact double of itself from the material absorbed. This double is real in every way but is non-magical. It is created using the metal absorbed. Damage delt as a result of the process is like that done by a rust attack.

If an item is immune to rust attacks this ability cannot be used on it. This ability can also be used on metal-rich earth such as an iron mine, or a wall of iron.

By spinning this sword around and around, the wielder can create an upward force as if they were subject to a Levitate spell under their control. They may spin their whole body around in a circle or merely spin it over their head but it must be spinning for the effect to work. They cannot use it as a normal attack at the time or the effect immediately ends, though they may take any other action that does not involve using the occupied hand. Objects that hit the spinning sword take damage as though attacked.

Sword of Best Offense
Once per day this sword can leave its wielders hand and after duplicating into several other swords forms a barrier of spinning swords identical to a Blade Barrier cast by a 15th level spellcaster. This can form either the wall or the ring surrounding the wielder as per the spell. Once activated, the sword is used in the barrier for 15 minutes and cannot be recalled until the spell ends. At which time it returns to the spot it was activated at and drops to the ground.

Sword of Weapon's Balefull Polymorph
Any non-magical weapon struck by this blade is polymorphed into an inferior weapon. Swords turn into crude daggers, spears into small sticks, bows into toy bows, etc. They lose all bonuses from masterwork quality until restored by Remove Curse or a similar ability.

Dancing and Singing Sword
When this sword is alone with its owner, it sprouts arms and legs and begins singing and dancing for its master. It always gets a natural 20 on all perform checks and is skilled in all areas of Perform, it can sing merrily to cheer up its master, sing well-known tales of all types, or sing lullabies to help its master get sleep, it always takes requests and may stop if its master desires silence. It can conjure up any sounds imaginable from brass bands, angelic chorus, to the sounds of far-off forests or planes to accompany its act... perhaps even conjuring a hat and cane if need be.

However, it only sings for its rightful master and will never perform when there is a chance another intelligent creature may overhear. Unintelligent creatures cannot hear the song and can't recall anything about it if asked or later awakened. It can anachronistically detect the presence of anything able to hear it and will immediately revert to a normal mundane sword mere seconds before the creature can get into range to see or hear it. This includes all scrying or divination spells, even Wish cannot allow someone other than the swords owner to hear or see the swords performance. Though, the sword is incredibly skilled at detecting the very moment that it may be seen or heard. It may begin a pantomime routine if its master can see it but no one else can. Performing wild acts in perfect silence right behind the back of a skilled rogue, only to slip back to its original spot nanoseconds before they turn their head.

The only exception to this is for familiars. A wizard with the sword must have his familiar within 5 feet of him for the sword to not register the empathic link as an attempt at scrying, allowing it to perform for both the wizard and familiar.

The Dancing and Singing sword otherwise looks like a perfectly ordinary non-masterwork sword. It emits no magical aura and no means of identification registers it as anything other than an ordinary short sword worth 10gp. If sold, stolen, or given away, it treats its new owner as its master and its former owner cannot hear its music unless he somehow gets bets it back by trade or theft.

2007-07-21, 07:49 AM
Arrow of the Minotaur
This arrow is fashioned from the horn of a minotaur, and when fired from a bow will seek out the nearest exit to the maze or maze-like environment the wielder currently inhabits and stick in the ground at that location, and will stay there until retrieved by the wielder. The arrow evades any creatures or objects in its path and cannot be used to attack. A silk-like thread extends from the back of the arrow to one of the fingers used to draw the bow and only disappears when the arrow is retrieved. The thread cannot be used for any other purpose other than to find the arrow. If there is no exit the arrow can pass through it will drop to the ground a feet feet from its wielder when fired. The arrow can be used to automatically escape the labyrinth of the maze spell, in which case the arrow will stick in the ground at the position the wielder was when the spell was cast.

Not really a sword, but can be rewritten to be one, e.g. one that drags the wielder to the nearest exit.

2007-07-21, 08:14 AM
Nah, better to keep it as an arrow, and it fits the feel of the thread certainly.

Storm Bringer
2007-07-21, 10:14 AM
Hearalds helper:
This weapon grants it's user a +10 bonus on Knowledge(nobility), and allows the user to make Knowledge(nobility) checks even if he has no ranks in that skill. the user does not need to be holding the weapon to gain this benafit, though the sword must be on his person. Often cast on daggers used by court officals.

Conmans companion:
this weapon grants +10 bonus on Bluff checks while held or worn. At least one bardic collage is known to use raipers enchanted with this as prizes for contests.

Scholars Crib:
Useually a dagger, but sometimes other weapons. This grants a 5+ bonus on a single Knowledge skill, determined when the weapon is made.

Druids eye:
a large, clear stone is set into this weapon. Anyone looking into the stone recieves a accurate statment of the natural wether patterns within a 10-mile area for the next 24hours. On command, it can give a statment on the wether within 1 mile of a named location on the same plane of exsistance. Note that magical and other unnatual weather changes, such as those caused by a Control wether spell, are not predicted.

when held, this sword will tell the user the direction to a named location on the same plane of exsistance. Note this is always 'as the crow flies', and that this rotue is not always the quickest, easyist or safest. This sword can only lead to locations on the plane of exsistance, and can only lead to a porperly named phyical structure, not the location of a given person (e.g. the sword can point the way to 'Castle Ravenholme', but not to 'place my beloved is being kept'

Linguist's tongue:
this sword has a hilt shaped like a mouth. 3 times a day, it can grant the user the ability to speak any tounge as the Comprehend languages spell.
(would it be too much to make this an At will ability?)

Scibe's delight:
A very large clear semi-precious stone is set into this weapon. any text viewed though the stone will be translated into the readers native script and tongue. if the script was encoded in the orginal, this ability does not allow the reader to read the encoded text, though it may allow him to attempt to decode it.

Zeta Kai
2007-07-21, 01:28 PM

The Juxtaposition Sword is a +2 longsword has the power to switch places with its wielder at will, as a standard action; the sword has been balanced to allow it to be thrown, with 30' range increment

The Blade of Bitter Vengeance

This black-bladed +3 bastard sword is possessed by a demonic force, & wants only to kill; it will not affect PC's or other party members; Dancing, Intelligent, & Cursed (cannot be disposed of without a wish, a curse removal, or a powerful blessing); the blade often chants “All for the Appeasement of the Ever-Hungry Blood God!” while rampaging; the blade goes on rampages semi-randomly (5% chance per current time increment)

The Sword of Fear

This sentient +5 longsword inflicts fear spells with successful strikes; it is extremely agoraphobic, & wants only to remain in its scabbard; the owner must succeed a Will save to draw the sword (DC17)

The Soul Sword

This sentient +4 keen dancing scimitar must take 1d6 lives before being sheathed; it will attack PCs &/or other party members if no other living beings are available, undead & constructs do not count against this number

The Sword of Spite

This glowing golden +1 longsword will kill anyone/anything that touches the blade (death effect, no saving throw); this is told to the PC's via a scrawled note & an example NPC dying before their eyes; a major artifact

The Bane of Zyrves

A +5 zyrve bane weapon, humorous as nobody has never will never heard of or encountered zyrves, & one must wonder why somebody would create such an odd thing

The Sword of the Colossus

This strangely-shaped +2 holy bastard sword is actually discovered to be a key that fits a strangely-shaped lock in a lever-filled chamber inside a colossal iron statue, allowing a person to operate the statue like a robot

The Ugly Stick

This crudely-wrought wooden +2 short sword inflicts -2 Charisma damage with each successful hit

The Number Sword

This is an inscrutably intelligent magical sword; if the wielder attempts to remove the sword from the scabbard, it paralyzes the wielder, & asks “Who are your enemies?”; if the enemies are in sight it says “Give me a number.”; afterward the wielder feels a sensation of motion, a thunderclap occurs, & the sword strikes faster that the eye can see, killing any enemy within 40’ whose level is less than (or equal to) the number given; otherwise it deals damage equal to 10× the number given; it also deals damage equal to 5× the number given to the user; the sword does nothing if given a number higher than 10 or lower than 0; the sword always round down fractions

2007-07-22, 02:37 PM

This blade will readily enter any stone material and become stuck there. It can be given a single order specifying the people that will be able to pull it free. Either a specific name can be given or some condition like "an amazing fighter", "whoever best fit to rule the land", "someone who has eaten a sandwich recently". After the sword has been pulled free by its destined owner it cannot be reinserted into a stone for one month.

Impatience Blade

This blade allows the wielder to take one way leaps into the future. The wielder can choose to vanish and then reappear in the same spot after exactly either 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 1 century, or 1 millenia. If a solid object has been moved into the place they occupied they will be displaced to the nearest open space, taking 1 hp of damage for each foot displaced after the first 1000 feet.


This blade can be snapped in half over the bearer's knee to have the following effects:
*Stabilize the injuries of up to 1000 wounded people in -HP of the bearer's choice within 1 mile.
*Cast a geas upon the bearer and one willing target to maintain peace and never wage war against each other again. To remove this geas from either two Wishes must first be used , one on each person.
*Mentally project orders from both parties to everyone within 1 mile announcing their truce.
*Create a beautiful rainbow arching over the landscape, even at night. The rainbow lasts two hours.

2007-07-22, 05:51 PM
Mole Whiskers

The possessor of a Mole Whiskers broadsword gains Tremorsense with a range of 40', and an alarm function, warning the bearer of the weapon of approaching creatures. When drawn, the range of the Tremorsense increases to 60', but loses it's alarm function.

2007-07-23, 12:25 AM
I'm not sure how handy or dandy it is, but this IS a magic sword a previous DM has given to the party:

Sword of Healing
A completely unremarkable-looking shortsword, but it radiates a faint aura of Conjuration when checked. It does 1d6 damage like any normal shortsword, but also channels 1d8 positive energy into whatever is struck. Which means, of course, that attempting to kill any living creature with it is kind of an exercise in futility (though undead are still fair game). :smallwink: It also means that, while it's theoretically possible to use this sword to heal your party, they really won't love you for it.

In the original incarnation, it was a Stick of Healing -- 1d2 dmg, 1d4 heal. Our party didn't have a cleric, so after every fight, the Stickbearer would sigh, and begin bludgeoning us back to health. :smallbiggrin:

2007-07-23, 04:54 AM
Remember when doctors used to say "this won't hurt a bit". With those weapons "This will hurt quite a lot".

Sword of the Servant

This sword spends most of its time in human form as a short man man in a tuxedo with all stats at 10, 10 HP, and 10 Ranks of Profession (Butler). The man will obey any order but has no combat ability beyond that of a level 1 commoner with no weapons proficiencies. The butler does not need to eat, sleep, breathe, and doesn't age or gain xp. On command he will transform into a longsword and back. If injured when entering sword form he will be injured when becoming humanoid again.

Surf Striker

This blade can summon a small sailing boat capable of carrying two people or an equivalent amount of goods. In the summoning process the sword is transformed into the tiller. If you banish the ship the sword is set free. Banishing or summoning the ship takes three full rounds.

Zeta Kai
2007-07-23, 05:26 AM
The Desperation

This innocuous +1 shortsword will grant its wielder an unlimited number of wishes. However, before each wish can be granted, the wielder must use the sword to slay someone close to them. This stipulation can include the following:
1) Blood Relatives (parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling, aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew)
2) Personal Friends (people that you "know quite well" & have been on friendly terms with for 3 or more years)
3) Party Members, Allies, Cohorts, or Hirelings that have been with you for at least 1 year
4) Spouses, Fiances, or Girlfriends/Boyfriends that you have had for at least 1 year

2007-07-23, 07:39 AM
Note none of these actually have to be applied to a sword, but are called that anyway.

Also- all of these weapons typically speak in the voice of the owner, though they may be set to any voice in a language the owner may speak if the owner gets that person to speak a sample (One minute of varied speech) in that language.

Sword of the Geographer

This weapon enchantment, worth a +1 enhancement bonus, was designed so that Surveyors of territory, Cartographers, building engineers, and other such scholarly types would never be without their tools or a means to defend themselves. When asked, (Preferably politely), the sword will open up, essentially becoming one of these tools-

Sextant- (Splits down the center with the appropriate tools forming within)

A length of ribbon marked in inches and 1 and 5 feet increments, extending up to 200 feet. This ribbon is as strong as a silk rope, and may be used as such in emergencies.

Spyglass- (Just look in the hilt end!)

A "Drafting Compass" for drawing circles, (mostly in the ground- any simple geometric figures will be drawn with correct proportions without fail using the tip of the blade, not just circles)

If placed in a body of water or on the point of another weapon, hung lengthwise with string, or even just tossed straight up into the air to let land on the ground it will automatically twist to point true north.

In addition, you may point the sword at any object and ask it to give you the relative angle of two lines, the estimated distance between you and said object, perform simple mathematics (Anything a non-scientific calculator may do, though it can also solve for "X" and convert decimals and may be taught more complex processes, or asked to remember values such as how much Dinars equal a Lira) or estimate the speed at which something is travelling, or even just to remember something about a specific subject.

If asked "Where am I?", it will respond to the best of it's knowledge.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the sword may be opened up like a scroll case to reveal a 100-mile map of the surrounding area, complete with landmarks, roads, buildings, and other such information- but only that the owner has seen, or has been previously read from other maps. (Though the sword knows to update itself if a read map was outdated.)
This ability does not work indoors, and records nothing more detailed than street information in this manner. The map also glows faintly at night or in dark places, but only enough to read just the map.

The sword never "forgets" information, though if destroyed and reforged through mundane means it may lose some information, and it may be asked to delete and replace old information.

Overland Flight 1/Day (1 hour duration)

Sword of the Wayfarer

A related enchantment to the Geographer's sword, the sword of the Wayfarer contains a handful of enchantments (totalling a value of a +1 enhancement), and are often combined with the Sword of the Geographer to create the "Sword of the Wandering Scholar".

The wielder of the sword does not suffer from fatigue from regular travel, although armor fatigue and fatigue from extreme weather or terrain and such still apply.

The owner gains a +2 bonus to resist all mundane diseases.

The sword gives a +2 bonus to all checks to find food and shelter in the wild.

If placed into water, it will render up to 1 gallon drinkable a minute.

It may also simply create water, but only enough to support the wielder.

The sword recognizes without fail, and will attempt to stop the carrier from stepping onto, dangerous terrain and will function as an immovable rod for 1 round if the owner tries to. This applies to things such as bridges that are about to give out, roads with speeding traffic, quicksand, cliffs, weak ice on lakes, and other notable overworld hazards, though it will not do so for traps or creatures (it will not stop the wielder from wandering within reach of an Assassin Vine or similiar.)

In addition, the weapon knows how to apologize profusely and beg for it's owners life in all languages, and will do so if it feels it's appropriate. (Or if requested by it's owner.) The Sword allows the user to make a diplomacy check once per day using the owner's Charisma and Diplomacy in any language, with an additional +2 bonus, once per day, however this ability may only be used to beg, plead, and otherwise grovel at people's feet for mercy.

The ability to make a bardic knowledge check with a bard level equal to your current character level, or just a +2 bonus if your bard level IS your character level.

If pointed at something and asked, will identify the geographical origin of said item or creature.

Rope Trick 1/Day (Duration- 12 hours)

Spelunker's Sword

Functions much like the previous swords in many aspects, but is more powerful for an adventurer and carries a +1 overall bonus. Notable uses are-

Functions as a light source equal to a regular Lantern (or some other Light spell).

When asked, points straight up, true north, or which route to take to a destination previously visited.

May produce and purify enough air for 6 people to breathe incase of a cave-in.

May turn into a self-stabilizing metal ladder up to 50 feet tall.

Automatically detects and functions as an immovable rod if the wearer is about to set foot on something dangerous, be it a trap, into an ambush, or somewhere that will cause a cave in. (though the sword only detects possible immediate bodily harm.)

May produce a local map of any interior the sword or wielder has been in, complete with back-light (only enough to read the map) in dark conditions.

May identify any material the weapon is touched to, listing "ingredients" in order of greatest to least (within reason).

Passwall, split as wanted, up to Character level feet/day.

Weapon of the Cosmic Descryer

This powerful weapon carries a +2 bonus, and does one of a few things-

Produces a map of the Great Wheel and any known (by the sword or owner) persistent interdimensional gateways between places.

Produces a Very vague map of the current plane, including known landmarks, cities, and of course gateways. This weapon either shows the entire plane, or the current piece (For example, an overall map of which layer of the abyss you're on.), though it can be asked for other planar maps if desired. Basically the map equivalent of a very detailed globe.

Automatically makes the owner a "Native" of that plane, including the ability to safely exist and travel on that plane, (For example, providing a swim speed and water breathing if visiting the plane of water, or giving fire resistance on the plane of Fire), and making the wielder immune to banishing, including frin spells such as Dictum and Blasphemy.

this effect also includes the ability to speak, read, and write the plane's "Native" language, but only while actually on that plane.

The wielder may not be summoned, plane shifted, Gated, or otherwise unwillingly transported between Planes. This includes being moved somewhere temporarily via a spell such as "Summon", and refusing to return to where you once were.

The wielder may also never be kept on a plane against his will, but only in the sense the wielder may always "escape" from where he is- he is still prevented from going places he couldn't normally.

If pointed at something and asked, will identify and state the home plane of said entity or object.

Plane shift 1/day

The World-blade/staff/dagger/nunchucks/etc

Really just a fancy title for any weapon enchanted with all four of those abilities. :smallbiggrin: These effects are meant to be synergistic, and work well with eachother. (with the Map becoming the ancient equivalent of Google Maps)

However, having every enchantment on as a set improves two functions, synergy withstanding. Namely-

Increases Passwall (up to 2x ECL feet/Day)
Allows the user to cast Magnificent Mansion at will.

In addition, all skill bonuses provided by the weapon are increased to +4.

Of course, this is probably overpowered, but it's still cool, Yes?

Zeta Kai
2007-07-23, 10:33 AM
UPS (Univeral Parcel Sword)

Once per day, this sword can be used to cast greater teleport on up to 500 pounds of inanimate solid matter. However, once the package has been delivered, someone must be there to sign an invoice for the package within 1 minute of delivery; otherwise the package will disappear into an extradimensional space & will remain there for 24 hours, after which the delivery attempt will be made again. A unsigned package will not limit the sword's ability to ship that day, but the wielder will be immediately notified that the package was not properly received.

2007-07-23, 03:18 PM

These tiny poppy seed sized metal pellets usually arrive in cloth bags of 100 count. If placed in water the pellets will quickly expand and form into the shape of a longsword. They will stop growing if placed in a container that restricts their growth in any way (its actually safe to swallow them). Placing them in a larger container will allow them to continue growing.

2007-07-23, 10:20 PM
Drunkards Dagger

Three times a day by speaking a command word, this dagger can be used to fill a container with 12 ounces of water, ale, or wine per the users choice. This effect can also be used without a container, either holding the daggers blade above their mouth to drink directly or pouring it out in some other way.

Interestingly, a person may use the daggers ability in battle, stabbing an opponent with the blade and commanding it to create ale. If the dagger is buried in to the hilt, the victim of the attack will then suffer as if they had drunk ten 12 ounce glasses of the ale in less then an hour. Often resulting in immediate unconsciousness or alcohol poisoning.

Scribes Dagger

The hilt of this dagger can be removed to reveal a pointed tip which secrets coal-black or blood-red ink when run against a surface upon the users preference. The blade can be used to write notes or letters. Another command word causes the blade to spill out large quantities of the desired ink color causing messy puddles.

Merchant's Dagger

This ornate dagger begins to buzz and shake like an angry bee if someone attempts to remove some of the merchants wares from the shop. If used in combat, it deals nonlethal damage but releases a painful stinging poison that stuns the target and slows them down.

2007-07-24, 12:39 AM
... Of the Food Critic
This enchantment, when applied to any bladed weapon and then touched to any food, will tell the bearer (In a stuffy, somewhat overweight-sounding voice) will give the bearer a detailed description of the dish, and wether or not eating such food would go against that person's current codes of conduct or would make the person sick or poisoned. (IE If the person's Vegetarion, Kosher, Allergic to something, if it's roast of zombie with a nice wine sauce of DEATH...)

... of the Gambler

This dagger, while appearing to most to be a regular +1 Dagger of Returning to all observers, (to help avoid suspicion...) is the perfect accessory for certain types of gambling. Specifically, games of knife tossing, balloon shaving, rope sawing, and that one game where you see who can stab the most number of times between their outstretched fingers on a table in one minute without cutting themselves.

In short, the knife gives a +2 circumstance bonus to any skill check made with it while gambling, and only while gambling for actual coin.

...of the Whittler
This enhancement is the perfect thing for making small, mundane wooden statues, and if applied to a larger, harder weapon, can be used to whittle anything it cuts- including entire trees, large boulders, dragons, etc.

2007-07-24, 02:18 AM
The Desperation

This innocuous +1 shortsword will grant its wielder an unlimited number of wishes. However, before each wish can be granted, the wielder must use the sword to slay someone close to them. This stipulation can include the following:
1) Blood Relatives (parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling, aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew)
2) Personal Friends (people that you "know quite well" & have been on friendly terms with for 3 or more years)
3) Party Members, Allies, Cohorts, or Hirelings that have been with you for at least 1 year
4) Spouses, Fiances, or Girlfriends/Boyfriends that you have had for at least 1 year

1 Find large number of commoners
2 Pay them 37 GP each to follow you for 370 days.
3 ...
4 Profit/Wish farming!

A cheaper but slightly more depraved version:
1 Find large number of male/female commoners
2 Hold a mass wedding. Marry everyone.
3 Leave for a year. Have a honeymoon if you'd like first.
4 Profit

2007-07-24, 03:09 AM
Blade of Baking

When this sword is pointed towards a set of ingrediants, these items will then rise up and in a flash of light will form a delicious baked good.
There is a 5% chance that instead a feral Cat-Muffin is made, and the Cat-Muffin will then strike the wielder of the blade.

Blade of Vegetarians.
Pointing this at a meat product will instantly convert it into a variety of freash vegetables. Pointing the sword at vegetables will produce an effect similar to the Blade of Baking, but instead of baked goods, salad is formed.
This sword can be used to transform dead bodies into vegetables as well. The target must first be stripped naked for this to work, and the amount of vegetables produced weighs the same as the target creature. Creatures with a poorly defined body, such as Abberations or Constructs, are immune to this.
Undead may be affected by the Blade of Vegetarians, but will instead produce a selection of rotting vegetables.

Zeta Kai
2007-07-24, 06:46 AM
roast of zombie with a nice wine sauce of DEATH...

Hahaha... I like that. I'll have to use that for my surly NPC chef.

1 Find large number of commoners
2 Pay them 37 GP each to follow you for 370 days.
3 ...
4 Profit/Wish farming!

A cheaper but slightly more depraved version:
1 Find large number of male/female commoners
2 Hold a mass wedding. Marry everyone.
3 Leave for a year. Have a honeymoon if you'd like first.
4 Profit

Your DM must be very tolerant of mass murder. I know what I would say if one of my players tried this stunt in order to get wishes. It goes a little like, "Rock fall; everyone dies."

2007-07-24, 07:19 AM
Anonymous Sword of Raiding: A favourite of bandits everywhere, this +1 short or long sword, when drawn, turns the wielder's skin a shade of green and masks his features entirely. This effect is an Illusion, and thus can be penetrated by True Seeing or similar. Secondly, upon seeing a target suitable for raiding, those with the weapons drawn within 100 feet of one another simultaneously enter a barbarian rage as a barbarian half their level, lasting for five rounds, with the usual penalties afterwards. Actual barbarians wielding this weapon gain +2 rounds of duration to the rage or a +1 enhancement bonus to the stats increased by the rage, their choice upon activation. This effect is usable once per day.

B&hammer: This Large +2 Thundering Warhammer can be wielded only by those who have a legitimate claim to authority, such as a career as a watch captain or judge, or place as an elected community leader. When it strikes an enemy who has, in the eyes of the wielder, committed heinous crime, the enemy struck must make a will save (DC Based on wielder's HD and Cha) or be Banished. The Banishing effect teleports the enemy to a location approximately 100 miles away in a random direction. The location will be mostly safe - nobody Banned by the hammer will find themself suspended over lava, in the midst of a group of Ghouls or in an intolerable climate. This only affects a target once, regardless of the result of their save - they must then commit another offense for it to work a second time, though returning from banishment is generally grounds for a repeat of the punishment. The exception to this rule is that if the enemy is restrained or otherwise unable to resist the effect, they are automatically Banned, even if they have already resisted the effect. Banning a dying character stabilises them automatically, making Trial by Combat followed by Banning a useful plot device.

2007-07-24, 11:03 AM
The Bookmark Blade

Intended for use by scholars, wizards, and suchlike, this blade is usually found as a dagger-shaped strip of silk, with a red tassel attached to the "pommel". A weak preservation spell is attached to the clothform Blade, providing any book it is placed in with some protection against dampness, normal fire, and the natural decay of paper and leather.

When held in such a manner that the "blade" protrudes from one side of one's fist and the tassel from the other side, this item changes into a full-sized +1 dagger (with a cute red tassel). It remains a dagger until such time as it is no longer in contact with flesh, reverting to cloth one round later. (Therefore it won't turn back to cloth if you stab someone and it sticks in the wound, and you could even use it as a thrown weapon) Sadly, though intended for the defense of scholarly sorts, the criminal element has taken a liking to these as well. As long as the blade is in clothform, it cannot be detected by any spells seeking metal, weapons, or Transmutation magic (Detect Magic cast on the clothform Blade reveals Abjuration magic -- the protective spells overlay and disguise the transformative one). The blade can be sewn into one's clothing, or even (as in one famous instance) used as a hair-bow, until the assassin is close enough to her intended target.

2007-07-24, 02:59 PM
Your DM must be very tolerant of mass murder. I know what I would say if one of my players tried this stunt in order to get wishes. It goes a little like, "Rock fall; everyone dies."

You might consider giving the sword an ego score (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/intelligentItems.htm) and letting it grant the wishes as it sees fit to prevent such abuses of the rules. You might even give the sword a backstory of having a noble djinn trapped inside until it can itself weilded and kill three loved ones or close friends. Naturally, the djinn will likely offer wishes to the person who owns it to tempt them into murder. Unlimited wishes is just too great a temptation.

2007-07-25, 04:00 AM
"Bangle Blade

This sword can turn into a small brass bracelet and back at will. Transforming it either way and wielding/wearing it requires a standard action. The brass bracelet can be any size suitable for a small or medium creature."

How much gold would this cost to a character?


This crude club splits open at the wide end to reveal two crumpets and an array of toppings, only two crumpets will appear at a time and only 10 can appear in a 24 hour period.

2007-07-25, 09:24 AM
Hmm, I don't know how much it would cost. I'm not very good at determining prices. Any experts out there to give their opinion as to the gp cost of some of our fine creations?


Rapier of Breaking and Entering

This thin sword houses a number of useful features for thieves:
*The first two inches of the blade are animated, capable of moving in a wormlike fashion and becoming thinner or thicker. Sticking the blade into a lock can be used for open lock skills checks instead of masterwork thieve's tools and provide a +2 bonus.
*The hilt unspools a thin silken rope of incredible strength measuring up to 500 feet in length. At its user's will it will reel in or extend, capable of lifting or lowering up to 350 pounds at two feet per second. Any knot the end is tied to will come undone at the owner's will. The rope can be used with a grappling hook but doesn't include its own and must be tied to one.
*The blade creates a brief magical silence to mask the sound of any glass the blade breaks, allowing stealthy shattering of windows.
*The blade has a cross shaped guard. Each side of the guard is hollow, and perfectly sized to hold a standard milkbone doggie treat, allowing two to be stored at a time. Any doggie treat left in the guard for at least 1 hour will be enchanted for an hour after being removed. The enchantment causes the milkbone to be extremely appealing to dogs, forcing them to make a DC 20 will save to avoid losing all interest in attacking or barking and becoming absolutely famished and desirous of the treat. Eating an enchanted milkbone knocks the dog out for 24 hours.
*The pommel contains a gemstone that on command will give off a candle's worth of light.
*The hilt has a hollow compartment linked to extradimensional space, allowing it to be used as a bag of holding.

2007-07-26, 12:44 AM
That one rocks.

Top hat of bardy knowledge

This tophat is so full of knowledge from the previous owners that at will it adds some of this information to the wearers mind, this confers a 2+ bonus to knowledge on rare knowledge and a 4+ for common. It also features a small extradimensional space that comes with a map of eateries in the area, it changes information depending on the town nearest the adventurers.

2007-07-26, 03:19 AM
The Sword of Extreme Necessity

This blade will at its owner's desperate urging swing about to point in the direction of the nearest restroom. It can also magically create up to five squares of toliet paper per day.

Bouillon Blade

If this blade is boiled in water for half an hour it will transform the liquid into a pleasing chicken broth. The hilt is designed to look like a silver chicken head.

Sword of the Simple Life

This blade is designed to be a useful tool for a farmer with several useful enchantments:
*On command it can shapeshift between being a sword, ploughshare, spade, shovel, rake, or hoe.
*Chopping at a loose pile of hay will cause it to instantly reshape into a tightly packed cube.
*Stabbing a bag of plantable seeds with the sword will cause the seeds to scatter over an area 500ft x 500ft and burrow into the ground.
*If stuck into the ground it produces a supersonic noise inaudible to humans that torments moles, mice, and other rodents. Naturally occuring, non-magically summoned rodents will leave the area 500ft around the sword if it is left in there for twenty-four hours. If the sword is removed rodents are unlikely to return for at least 24 hours.
*Once per day the sword can cast Hold Person on any young male that has had intimate contact with a daughter of the sword's owner. If the owner has no daughter this effect is unusuable.

Evil DM Mark3
2007-07-26, 05:15 AM

Tacticaly acute really distingushed inteligant sword.

This sword can look like almost anything (see below) and has a very powerful abilitie. The sword is inteligent Int14 Wis14 Cha14, but has neither Ego nor a way of comunicating with it's owner, causing few to realise it is sentient (although it's quirky teleport power makes many suspect). It allways has the same alignment as its owner (bypassing DR acordingly) and the same rough personality, although without many of the caviats or limitations of the owner. For example if the owner desires knowladge about magical creatures then so does the sword, but the sword will not have a fine tuned sence of when to run away.

As a free action once per day it's owner can activate a teleport power. The sword emits a whooshing sound and a bright bule light whilst teleporting. It can take it's owner to any location on any plane. It takes several rounds to disapear and reapear, during which the owner can make no actions and is helpless. During the first round the owner gains a 20% miss chance due to partail disaperance, then 40%, 60% and 80%. At the end of that round they have vanished. At the same time the reverse occurs at the arival location, meaning the owner can see two places at once. The owner can take up to 4 passingers that experiance the same results.

The sword has a tendency to take the owner to where they "ought" to be, rather than where they want to go. If the owner is using the power to go to a location that does not tie in with thier overal goals and desires 20% of the time it will take them to a similar or nearby location that better fits what they "should" be doing. For example a lore hungry Drow wizard returning to report to his Marton mother might find himslef in the library of a rival drow house next to some very inviting books on deamonoligy, rather than the Matron Mother's private chamber as instructed. The sword will never place it's owner in an imediately life threatening situation however, nor will the owner ever end up .

When actiated blindly or without a desired destination it allways goes somewhere the person "ought" to be but does not change planes.

When it arrives the sword will mimic the aperance of nearby swords although a DC 18 apraise check will reveal mistakes. This is inteded to help it's owner blend in.

After changing owners the sword takes a while to get used to teh new owner. For a month it's alignment and the locations it "ought" to go are as for the old owner.

More powerful versions of this sword can translate for the owner or even travel in time. those who have been sent "where they ought to be" can usualy see the downside of that...

2007-07-26, 11:21 PM
Barnacle Blade

This blade will at its owner's command become stuck or unstuck to their hand. The magic charm of bonding is so strong that the owner's hand will become removed or its skin ripped off before the blade seperates from the skin it is attached to (obviously if some force that strong was taking the blade they would want to will it unstuck).

2007-07-27, 01:05 AM
Sword of Shifting

This sword can shift into any kind of sword or dagger known to the user(including the scabbard) on command. Raiper, longsword, greatsword ect.

this was the first or second magic weapon my first character got 13 years ago. it was +2. He still uses it to this day. changing it into a sword cane came in handy afew times.

2007-07-27, 01:57 AM
This wooden short sword deals nonlethal damage; if used on a creature who has just failed an Intelligence- or Wisdom-based skill check, an Intelligence or Wisdom check, or a Will save against an illusion or charm effect, the DC of which was no more than their level, it allows the target a second roll on that check with a bonus equal to the nonlethal damage dealt.

2007-07-27, 03:38 AM
Spying Sword

Some more unsavory mages have developed an enchantment which, when worked into a sword or similar magic weapon or armor, allows them to spy almost constantly on anyone who possesses that item.

Spying items are almost always different in appearance and generally look like any other magic item, though they do give off a faint aura which is generally either divination or transmutation. Generally, the item has at least one other magic effect worked in to help mask this aura.

On each spying item is a point which either looks like an ornate eye, a gem, or any other number of circular spots. This sensor takes in all sound and sights and transmits it to a small glass disk that functions like a one-way window from which the user can hear and see all that happens around the spying item. The disk can also be used to pinpoint the direction and distance Spying item is from the disk.

Both the spying item and the disk must be within 100 miles of each other and on the same plane for it to work. It is also blocked by any field or effect that normally blocks scrying effects, but resumes once that effect ceases.

2007-07-27, 07:50 AM
(Nice topic...some good ideas here! Here are mine...)

Pest Slayer
This great sword's blade is etched with pictures of scared rats, bugs and other similar vermin. Though it might look comical to use such a large weapon to kill this kind of creatures, it is very efficient at it.

It has a +1 attack bonus for every size your opponent is smaller than medium - against a Tiny Rat, for example it has a +2 bonus.
It also deals full - rather than half - damage to swarms, despite being a slashing weapon.

Sword of Desperation
This sword can be of any size or form. It looks quite plain, even a bit worn and battered, but when it's wielder is in danger the weapon shows it's true power, which varies depending on how desperate the situation is.

Wielder's HP are at 1/2 of his maximum or below: +1 bonus to all saves and attacks

Wielder's HP are at 1/4 of his maximum or below: +2 bonus to all saves and attacks

Wielder's HP are at 1/8 of his maximum or below: +4 bonus to all saves and attacks

These bonuses don't stack, obviously - you always use the best one.
Also, to reflect the "fight till the end"attitude of the blade, the bonuses apply only if the wielder is an intelligent creature which stands his ground and fights rather than just fleeing.
For example, assume the the wielder was heavily wounded and started retreating: if an enemy spellcaster threw a spell at him, the retreating PC wouldn't get the save bonus against it.

Sword of the Legionary
This is a short sword of compact design.
If the wielder uses a shield(bucklers don't count)in his other hand, he gains a +1 bonus to his attack and AC.

Sword of the Challenger
When the wielder of this sword - which can be of any shape or form - engages in single gombat alone against an opponent more powerful than himself, the weapon grants him great skill and resilience.

It's effect depends on how many hit dice the enemy has more than him:
for every hit die, the wielder gains +4(up to a max of +40) temporary hit points which last until the monster is defeated, while for every two hice he also gains a +1 attack and damage bonuses(up to a max of +5).

However, this sword also has a drawback: when used against enemies which have half the wielder's hit dice or less, the weapon has a -2 attack(not damage)penalty. There's no challenge in fighting things so much weaker than yourself!

Example: A level 8 human fighter(8 HD) who wields this sword and challenges an hill giant(12 HD)to single combat would have +16 temporary hit points and +2 to attack and damage.

Sword of Silence
This masterwork short sword would probably be favored by rogues and other similar characters. It muffles and reduces noise and sounds in the vicinity, acting like a very minor Silence spell.

As long as the owner holds the hilt in his hand, it has the following effects:
a)+4 bonus to Move Silently.
b)If the owner speaks or or produces any form of noise or sound, the DC to notice it is improved by 4.
c)Sound Resistance 5.
d)The owner has -4 penalty to his Listen checks: the sword doesn't discriminate between noises made by the wielder and those made by others, and thus reduces the intensity of both.

2007-07-27, 08:00 AM
This wooden short sword deals nonlethal damage; if used on a creature who has just failed an Intelligence- or Wisdom-based skill check, an Intelligence or Wisdom check, or a Will save against an illusion or charm effect, the DC of which was no more than their level, it allows the target a second roll on that check with a bonus equal to the nonlethal damage dealt.

I am giving this weapon to characters in my campaign next year. There is absolutely no doubt in this matter.


The sharp, sharp sword of sharpening
The considerable sharpness of this sword gives it the keen enchantment. When left unsheathed for eight hours with up to five nonmagical weapons or fifty nonmagical projectiles with sharp, metal piercing or slashing edges, those edges become similarly sharp and also gain the keen property. Without the magic to sustain this property, the enhancement wears off an hour after the first successful blow is struck with that weapon, or in eight hours, whichever is sooner.

The sword of pie
This vaguely intelligent sword has a secret weakness in the form of pie. Whenever it comes within 60ft of a pie (or 120ft if it is freshly baked and still warm), the sword tugs its owner in the direction of it, exerting roughly the force of a Mage hand spell. If it is plunged into or otherwise used to cut a pie, it gives a satisfied sigh and gains a further +1 enhancement bonus in addition to what it already has for an hour thereafter.

Zeta Kai
2007-08-09, 11:56 AM
Because there aren't enough Kingdom of Loathing references, & I didn't want this thread to die:

Flaming Cardboard Sword (http://kol.coldfront.net/thekolwiki/index.php/Flaming_cardboard_sword)
This is a sword made of flaming cardboard. How it manages to not burn itself up is beyond you. It's capable of delivering a powerful papercut, then cauterizing the wound it left. And then the wound would be all "Welcome back, cauter!" And then you'd be all "Groan."

+3 flaming longsword, +1d6 fire damage

Ridiculously Over-Elaborate Ninja Weapon (http://kol.coldfront.net/thekolwiki/index.php/Ridiculously_overelaborate_ninja_weapon)
Well, it's definitely a weapon of some sort. It consists of four long blades, three wooden poles, six steel chains, and an assortment of spikes. You have absolutely no idea how to use it, but it looks totally badass.

+1 exotic weapon, 18-20/x2 critical, 1-3 fumble chance

2007-08-09, 11:23 PM
Pacifist Sword
This intelligent sword is non-violent, but is good at parrying. If you don't attack with it gives you a shield bonus to AC. You need to win an ego check to use it offensively.

Offensive Shield
This is an intelligent +2 keen spiked shield. It doesn't like being used defensively and you don't get a shield bonus to AC without winning an ego check. It goes great with the Pacifist Sword.

Slightly Unlucky Sword
When you attack with this sword on Friday the 13th in October during a full-moon night, you have a 1% chance of getting a -1 luck penalty on your attack roll. Casting Remove Curse while this sword is within 5 feet of your target causes it to lose its incredibly weak curse.

Ring-Wearing Dagger
This punching dagger has a space for a ring in its handle. If a magic ring is put in the space, and the dagger is stabbed completely into a user, the user is treated as wearing the ring, even if he already has a ring on each hand. Because the dagger must be sunk in completely, it always deals 4 damage to the user (but never criticals). This damage can't be healed while the dagger is still in the user. If the dagger is used as a weapon, the person being stabbed can't use the ring.

Magic Hilt
This hilt has a hole in it where it attaches to the sheathe. The sheathe looks about the size for a medium longsword. When the hilt is swung with both hands, it does 1d8 magic slashing to anyone standing within 5 feet of it if the user makes a successful touch attack.

2007-08-10, 01:51 AM
Give and Take

this pair of scimitars grant the owner the two weapon fighting feat while using these weapons.

Take is a +3 vicious scimitar
Give is a +4 vampiric scimitar ((don't know if the ability actually exists, but you get the idea))

once a day, take can cast harm on one opponent that has been hurt by harm that round

once a day, give can cast heal on the wielder of the blade

2007-08-10, 08:14 AM
Mole Sword
(actually can be any weapon, although 2-handed weapons are most common by FAR)
The blade of the most common version of this 2-handed sword moves through earth and stone (including worked stone and morter and UNworked metal ores) as if they weren't even there, leaving no trace. This is somewhat similar to an earth elementals Stone Swim ability and is useful for fighting in constricting tunnels (negating any bonus for such). A somewhat less common use is on ammunition, meant to be combined with a seperate spell or effect (goggles etc) to allow the weilder to see through walls, or (rarely) for massed blind fire. Note that this is completely ineffective against stone and clay golems, earth elementals, and similar foes (so carry a backup weapon... perhaps with an appropriate Bane ability).
A less common varient has everything but the pommel enchanted in the same way and the pommel made to look like a rock (perhaps with an illusion or minor shape-changing ability that allows it to match surrounding terrain). This can make for a few more bruised knuckles(GMs disrescression as a fumble instance), but also allows for hiding the weapon simply by dropping it in the right place (especially if the GM allows a perminant version of Undetectable Aura as an upgrade to magic items).

Termite Sword
As above, but goes through wood and plant matter (worked or unworked) instead of earth and stone. Negates sheild bonuses from wooden sheilds and armor bonus from padded armor. Useless against plant creatures of course... Much rarer variation.