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2007-07-13, 03:42 AM
I just got access to the Tome of Battle (finally!) and I love it. I'm planning a character right now, a Crusader, and I'm trying to figure out how to get a reasonable set of maneuvers. This character would be the first time anyone in my group sees a Martial Adept, and I don't want to frighten anyone by being super-unstoppable or anything like that. Right now I'm thinking a build which is focused mostly on the White Raven school, but with some Devoted Spirit for healing. I'd probably be a combination between front-line fighter, tactical support, and healing in the group, although there would probably be a cleric or druid as well.

I planned out a possible progression for maneuvers, but this is my first time using a Martial Adept and I figured I'd get some advice from pros. So, any feedback on whether this is plausible, horrible, or anything else would be great.

(Level: Maneuver chosen)
1: Crusader's Strike [Devo 1]
1: Vanguard Strike [Devo 1]
1: Douse the Flames [White 1]
1: Leading the Attack [White 1]
1: Stone Bones [Stone 1]
1: Martial Spirit (stance) [Devo 1]
2: Bolstering Voice (stance) [White 1]
3: Tactical Strike [White 2]
5: White Raven Tactics [White 3]
6 (feat): Revitalizing Strike [Devo 3]
7: Covering Strike [White 4]
8: Tactics of the Wolf (stance) [White 3]
9: Flanking Maneuver [White 5]
11: Rallying Strike [Devo 6]
13: Swarming Assault [White 7]
14: Aura of Triumph (stance) [Devo 6]
15 (feat): Swarm Tactics [White 8]
15: White Raven Hammer [White 8]
17: War Master's Charge [White 9]
19: Strike of Righteous Vitality [Devo 9]

Obviously, I'm taking Martial Study and Martial Stance at 6th and 15th levels.

Any suggestions?

2007-07-13, 04:03 AM
You look good to go.

Have fun with your paladin/marshal. It'll be an interesting experience. that I can assure you.

2007-07-13, 04:07 AM
Extra Granted Manuever seems to be "the" feat to get for a Crusader. Extra options are always nice to have.

Stone Power is the other feat I'd recommend.

Regardless, it's hard to go wrong with a Crusader. This one looks good.

2007-07-13, 04:18 AM
You don't seem to be swapping up at even levels above 2nd. You can do this, and it really is necessary. So, for example, at 6th you can save yourself a feat and swap Vanguard Strike for Revitalising Strike. Put the feat into getting a maneuver you can't otherwise access. Also, Strike of Righteous Vitality is much less situational than War Master's Charge. While both are very good, I'd take Vitality first, so that if you lose initiative or are granted your 9th level maneuver after the first round you can still use it.

2007-07-13, 07:43 AM
Yeah, swapping manuvers is key. Higher level manuvers > lower level manuvers, so keeping lower level manuvers makes no sense when you could have highe level manuvers. When you switch all the manuvers out, you probably won't have any manuvers below 3'rd level or so at 20'th.

2007-07-13, 01:21 PM
Another note on swapping maneuvers:
Say you were going for Iron Heart surge, which has a prereq of 1 Iron Heart maneuver. Even if you only have one Iron Heart maneuver known, say Steely Strike, you CAN swap it out for Iron Heart Surge.

You just have to meet the prereqs before and after the maneuver swap, not during it.

Additionally, theres no reason not to go for the capstone Stone Dragon maneuver, it has no listed prereqs.

2007-07-13, 01:33 PM
Y'know, while mountain tombstone strike is good, I think a pair of +1 greater wounding, keen kukris (one of speed), time stands still and raging mongoose/Girallon windmill flesh rip (using swordsage double boost) would be funny. Slashslashslashslashslash... You take 40 con damage. Have a nice day. Oh, and 40d6+30xstr+20. In something like wolf pack tactics stance.