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2016-11-11, 04:44 PM
My group is starting a new 3.5 game soon, and I've decided I want to play a warlock. There's just one problem. The DM wants us to make custom weapons of legacy, and I can't find anything for warlocks. I've got the lore basically figured out. It's the weapon forged by the first ever warlock, and has become so famous that the invocation in Dragon Magic is based on it. I was thinking it gets half my Eldritch Blast to damage, but that's one ability down. 15 levels worth to go

2016-11-12, 02:42 PM
You could start with a Rod of Eldritch Something and have it eventually give you bonuses to UMD and then later extra damage on your Eldritch Blasts, plus scaling Spell Penetration.

You could also have it act as a slow Constitution recovery mechanism (so you can "safely" use your Hellfire Warlock powers), perhaps healing 1 point of Con damage every minute.

PS: Find out how Legacy Champion will interact with Hellfire Warlock in this game.

Gr7mm Bobb
2016-11-12, 07:06 PM
Or a even just have it as a ring/gauntlet/glove set that augments the eldritch blast. Gives it neat features like described above. That way it can augment your Eldritch blast and related invocations:

make iterative attacks
add you Cha to your damage or spell pen
+1 dmg per EB dice thrown
Gain the benefit of the Eldritch Claw Feat
Have a swappable invocation that is 2 grades less than your max
The ability to recreate others spells as invocations (like a mirror move from pokemon)

Starting to bottom barrel atm, but I feel that narrowing down what you want the legacy weapon to embody is a solid step forward. The Warlock is not a good blaster in 3.5, but with some quirks they can provide a bit of longevity that most caster could envy. Think of a theme or archtype and just run with it.

One famous warlock that i made a 3.5 version of was Gannondorf. His Axeheaded fullblade/greatword was the weapon of choice and it provided him with a bit of battlefield presence that was pretty neat.