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2016-11-16, 03:41 PM
Hey guys,

So I was considering taking up Hathran for it's fun spontaneous casting ability, but my DM has ruled that the Acorn of Far Travel is a bit too cheesy, since it definitely sounds like it indicates that you are in a forested area for purposes of spells, rather than actually in a different location. If I can find another way to replicate me being in Rashemin while not inside it, he would let my Place Magic work outside of it's typical range.
I have been searching and searching, but can't find an item/feat/spell that does something similar. We have matter-obliterating objects, interdimensional travel, and dragon-controlling orbs. Surely, there is some item, spell, or feat that can allow me to be in one place for the purposes of casting a spell, while actually being in another. How about it guys: Can we find a way to make this work?
We are epic level 30, and Dragon Magazines/web enhancements outside of Dragon Compendium, and pdf releases like Cityscape, are off limits. I want to have Planar Shepherd/Druid in my build, and money is typical for a level 30 starting gold character. We also are not doing custom magic items.

2016-11-18, 02:16 PM
You don't travel by such mundane means as "walking." No, no. You stand in the middle of a horizontal gate that moves about. The ground upon which you're standing lies in Rashemin. The gate is only about an inch off the ground. But it moves about and you seem to glide. Or even fly, as you stand on a gate that's in the air where you are, but an inch off Rashemini soil (or rather, a lovely floor space in your mansion in Rashemin).

Alternatively, an Epic version of astral projection that makes you count as being where your physical body lies for purposes of casting spells through your astral body.