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Evolutionary (Unchained Rogue)
-Whether by their will or chance, an evolutionary learns to gradually transform themselves into something more. She is adept in creating changes in herself, growing ever more suited to her environment and becoming akin to something belonging elsewhere in the Great Beyond.

-Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An evolutionary is proficient with all simple weapons and with light armor, but not with shields.
-This replaces the unchained rogue's proficiencies.
-Path of Evolution: At 1st level, an evolutionary selects an eidolon subtype that possesses bipedal as a base form option (or whatever form is most fitting for their race.) An evolutionary is treated as an eidolon of that subtype for the purpose of determining what evolutions the evolutionary qualifies for (see Evolution). In addition, an evolutionary gains the base evolutions for an eidolon of their chosen type, though not for their base form. For the purpose of spells, an evolutionary is treated both as a creature of their normal type and as a native outsider for the purpose of determining what spells effect them. An evolutionary that selects the aberration subtype does not gain an alternate list of skills.
-This ability replaces trapfinding and danger sense.
-Evolution: Starting at first level, an evolutionary gains an evolution pool, beginning with 1 point and gaining point at each odd-numbered level gained thereafter. Points in this pool can be spent on a wide verity of evolutions. Whenever the evolutionary gains a level, the number of points in her pool may increase and she can spend these points to change her abilities. These choices are not set; the evolutionary can change them whenever she gains a level. An evolutionary uses her class level as her effective unchained summoner level for the purpose of determining which evolutions she qualifies for. An evolutionary is treated as qualifying for the extra evolution feat in spite of not possessing the eidolon class feature, applying the gained point to themselves instead. An evolutionary may treat abilities they possess as feats or alternative racial traits as evolutions for the purpose of qualifying for certain evolutions. An evolutionary is limited in the maximum number of attacks they are allowed to possess, possessing the same maximum as an eidolon of the same level.
-This ability replaces Sneak Attack.
Precise Blows (Ex): Although an evolutionary lacks sneak attacks, an evolutionary may still qualify for Rogue Talents that require it. Whenever an evolutionary would have been able to do sneak attack damage to a foe, meaning whenever she attacks a creature within 30 feet of herself denied a Dexterity bonus to AC (regardless of whether they possess one or not) or when she flanks her target, she is capable of applying one rogue talent she possesses that is normally applied to a sneak attack. If she possesses the debilitating injury class feature, she may also apply it to these attacks. The effects of the rogue talent and debilitating injury are negated if the target is immune to precision damage, and has a chance to be negated if the creature has a chance of ignoring sneak attack damage.
-This ability alters Rogue Talents and Debilitating Injury.
-Evolutionary Talent: At 4th, and every 4 levels thereafter, an evolutionary gains the abilities normally granted to eidolons of their chosen subtype at their respective levels.
-This ability replaces the rogue talents normally gained at 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 20th level.
-Mutagenesis (Su): At 20th level, an evolutionary can chose to reallocate their evolutions exceedingly more frequently. Once per day, an evolutionary may spend an hour in uninterrupted focus to alter their form. At the end of this period, they may reallocate their evolution pool however they desire.
-This ability replaces Master Strike.

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mnahnor = ? buddy

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mnahnor = ? buddy

I took an older archetype I made specifically for a race, which I called mnahnor, and made it into this. That was just one line I didn't change the name of. I fixed it.

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