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2016-11-20, 02:36 AM
Hello All, I am currently starting and running RPG Games of various settings.

Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Super-Hero.. You name it, I have it..

Best of all, the various setting RPG Games are linked to each other through teleportation gates aka Rifts of Palladium..

I want to start a particular game based on the various types of traiorous lowlives found in Games everywhere.

These lowlives range from minor nobles to middle-class fence-sitters to lower-class snitches found on the streets.

One thing common about them is that they own no alliegance to any master, queen, empress, king or lord.

They will switch factions and alliegance at the slightest hint of trouble or reward. The only true loyalty which they have is to themselves.

Think of a goblin/jinn snitch who sells information to both angels/archons of heaven and demons/devils of hell..
or a a middle-class goods trader/peddler who sells magick knowledge, weapons and items to opposing kingdoms which are at war..
or a minor noble who owns only a few tracts of land and less than a hundred slaves who switch allegiances to bigger or much bigger kingdoms at a moment's notice..
or a mercenary fighter or wizard who switch sides and betray their former masters when captured or even if a battle turns against them..
or a healer who pretends to be good but is actually evil by healing soldiers between opposite kingdoms in wars..

What kind of stories do you have about the types of Traitorous Lowlifes who who no loyalties to anyone?..

2016-11-20, 04:05 PM
What kind of stories do you have about the types of Traitorous Lowlifes who who no loyalties to anyone?..

Try to make a quick score of something big - and then survive the resulting PvP.

One of the groups you've burned in the past survived, and is out for revenge.

One of your crew has been captured by the law. Rescue them... or shut them up for good.

2016-11-20, 04:08 PM
The formerly loyal person who got passed up for a promotion for some reason. The reason could be nepotism , favoritism, bribery, etc. Or it could be the person just wasn't as good but has a large ego and felt it was his promotion. So now he has become a traitor to get payback or simply to move on from a dead-end position.

2016-11-21, 12:14 AM
Said Lowlife never owed allegiance to anyone anyway. Take for example an Eberron changeling who took an identity only to find that it came with more ties than they expected. Being enterprising, they decided to turn both sides against the middle or something similar.

Ran a game based on this concept once where the PCs were initially turned on to an Emerald Claw cell by one of their "known operatives" being spotted in the city. After the PCs discovered and thwarted the plot, taking out the cell, the "known operative" vanished with the last Claw member who saw her tied to a bed and poisoned. Was fun despite the party having no one in it to investigate the actual intrigue, despite the fact that there were clues. (the party in question had no rogue.)