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Ranged Ranger
2016-11-21, 05:28 AM
The Amulet of Recharge is a silver amulet of a gold chain.
Each Amulet of Recharge is either holy or profane.
It provides its wearer with a +3 Holy/Profane bonus to Cha.
Whenever the wearer casts a spell of 7th level or above, the amulet absorbs surplus energy from the charge. There is a one tenth chance (10 on a d10 roll) that there will be sufficient energy captured to add a charge back into a charged magical item (staff/rod/wand/etc (up to max charges)) that the wearer is carrying.

This is for a campaign where remote regions of the material plain have been used as battlefields for conflicts between Good Outsiders and Evil Outsiders for centuries. As a result Items from other planes are relatively common.

I'm not sure how to price it though, since I don't know of any spells that would recharge staves/rods/wands/etc.

2016-11-21, 01:25 PM
I'm not certain what edition of the game you are using? This is quite similar to an item I once stated in 3.5 but that turned out to be very - very powerful.

2016-11-21, 05:14 PM
The tags say 3.5. This is kind of interesting. Itso like pearls of power or momentother magica (or w/e the spontaneous version of the pearl of power is). But it's more than a once a day, but it is random. So it has the potential to be freaking amazing. It also has the potential to be useless if you get unlucky.
Also, a +3 to a Stat is kinda weird. Darn near everything that I've seen give a stat boosts is done in even numbers.
Edit: It's slightly different than I though, charging an item, but then it makes it even better for a couple of prestige classes that are really good for charged items, incantrix is on iirc.
And then: yeah so 7th and above I read as "up to 7th" before. So that really reduces who can use it, but it's still really good.

2016-11-22, 03:10 AM
The tags say 3.5.

Sorry about that. Missed that completely.

I'm not sure how to price it though, since I don't know of any spells that would recharge staves/rods/wands/etc.

In which case, you might want to read Power Surge, the artificer spell, on page 114 of the Eberron Campaign source book. In case you don't have access to that book: It's third level, imbues a wand or staff with temporary charges (1 per five levels) and requires 5XP x the highest level spell in the book.

If you use this spell as the basis of your item then you can make a calculation. We created a gauntlet that an artificer could use which allowed him to charge a wand or staff as a quickened use of this spell. The cost was very high because we assumed the XP cost for the item had to be increased by 5 XP x 9th level spells x 50 (for an XP cost paid by the item) but even still it turned out to be a very potent item.

The random recharge and the 7th level spell trigger could definitely make the item more balanced and would probably reduce the xp cost. I'm really not sure what kind of discount the 7th level spell should be though.

Ranged Ranger
2016-11-22, 11:15 PM
Thanks for your input, especially pointing out the spell to base this on.

...Considering the randomness and the 7th level trigger, would 10,000 gp sound reasonable for this item?

2016-11-23, 10:50 AM
...Considering the randomness and the 7th level trigger, would 10,000 gp sound reasonable for this item?

Its very difficult to judge that 7th level trigger thing. Since the item would likely be at least a 13th level item (guestimate based on the fact that its sort of a reactive version of a 3rd level spell; sounds close enough to quickened) then 7th level spells really are just an example of the wizard casting his best spell.

I did a rough calculation and I got 17,900 gp (give or take) and that included -30% for a specific class (not quite but since its the best spell from several classes I considered that about right) - 50% because the spell's effects are halved (at that level it would normally produce two charges) and -90% (because it only works about 10% of the time). Somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 (leaning toward the high end of the scale) is probably not too far from the mark with a 13th level caster level and access to the artificer spell or two or three appropriate 6th or 7th level spells from other spell lists for creation would probably do it.

It would also be restricted to non-Epic items since it can only recharge effects of up to 9th level.

2016-11-23, 10:55 AM
... and that also doesn't include the profane bonus to Charisma. That's a tricky one because its not really an option given in the DMG. Its probably not going to be cheap though. 9,000 gp would buy you the basic +3 enhancement bonus to Charisma. I would probably double this for a profane bonus (since it can stack with an enhancement bonus). In fact, I might do far more than double it. Anything from 18,000 to 90,000 gp would seem appropriate depending on how likely I though it was that the player's could stack the bonus with an enhancement item or spell.

If it was just a +4 enhancement bonus to charisma (which would be more normal) then you would just add 16,000 gp to the cost of the item and the appropriate 2nd level ability enhancing spell to the prerequisites to make it.