View Full Version : Recommended character references for shady negotiator info-gathering character?

2016-11-22, 12:12 AM
In a game that I am currently playing, my character has become the guy who always knows what shady guy to talk to, who knows how to swindle people and keep the party from being swindled, etc. He always knows a goblin merchant, gambling-den owner, or cutpurse that has the information the party needs to get going.
I enjoy roleplaying him instead of just making what amounts to rolling bluff, sense motive, and gather info checks. I was hoping to get some inspiration to roleplay him better by possibly watching movies and shows with similar characters.

What can you guys recommend?

2016-11-22, 08:08 PM
"The Usual Suspects. "

Great film about a master-manipulator. I tend to base my central criminals on Kaiser Soze. It's about a character who stays 1-2 steps ahead of the action while appearing to be oblivious to what's going on.