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2016-11-22, 02:16 PM
First off: English, not my native language. I am quite good at it, but far from Perfect.
Second: This is my try to make Dragons more powerful than the generic variety of the MM and add the general feeling the dragons had in the novels (in which khisianth for exaple was using the spellbook of fistandatiullus)

In an age when stars were born and dreams began, the gods of light and darkness gave to the world their children, the first dragons. These regal serpents soared in the skies over Krynn, numbering but ten in all—five favored daughters of Paladine, and five more bold sons of Takhisis. The dragons of the Platinum Father were creatures of light and goodness, formed of the metals that brightened and gave strength to the world. They were gold and silver, brass and bronze and copper. Females all, the quintet of serpentine sisters made their lairs in the west of Ansalon and dwelled there for countless eons, singing praises of Paladine among the vast swaths of peaks that would one day be called the Kharolis.
Arrayed against them were the five sons of the Dark Queen, wyrms of implacable evil arrayed in the colors of their matriarch: red, blue, black, green, and white. They spread wickedness and destruction in the name of Takhisis, each serpent a blight of chaos and waste upon a great section of the world. Ultimately, like the daughters of Paladine, these chromatic dragons settled, making their lairs in the great mountains of central Ansalon. This smoldering, volcanic region would later be known as the Khalkist.
For the better part of an era, the number of the ten dragons remained constant. Ancient beings, they did not age beyond their full maturity, but neither did they procreate. Naturally, Paladine and Takhisis each wished for wyrmlings born of their mighty offspring, that all Krynn might be populated with dragonkind. They both took dragon form and procreated with their creations. All dragons, male and female, chromatic and metallic, are their descendants.

Wyrmfathers , Wyrmothers and Offsprings

The greatest of the Dragons, their true names and whereabouts lost to History, where those first ten beasts mentioned above. Those where the Prime Examples of Dragonkind, and what is known to Historians as the First Generation. Though not exactly Gods, they where the closest a mortal of Krynn can come to them and some dragons still pray to them.

As the Dragons grew and reproduced, this divine spark diminished and faded, but it still exists within them. An adult dragon of the 2nd generation was much more powerfull than an adult dragon of the 3rd for example.
Constant wars and the passage of time however has made all but a handful of those Dragons extinct.
The bulk of the chromatic dragons of Krynn are currently those that were sired, born and raised in The Abyss during the Dragon exile. Those Dragons are the Generic MM dragons and are of the 10th generation.

Since no Metallics where born on the Dragon Exile all the Metalics currently alive are of the 9th Generation.

All dragons, despite their generation posses the following abilities:

Change Shape. The dragon magically polymorphs into a humanoid or beast that has a challenge rating no higher than its own, or back into its true form. It reverts to its true form if it dies. Any equipment it is wearing or carrying is absorbed or borne by the new form (the dragon's choice). In a new form, the dragon retains its alignment, hit points, Hit Dice, ability to speak, proficiencies, Legendary Resistance, lair actions, and Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores, as well as this action. Its statistics and capabilities are otherwise replaced by those of the new form, except any class features or legendary actions of that form.
Innate Spellcasting: All dragons of Krynn can cast a number of Innate spells as per the MM’s variant rule.A dragon chooses these spells the moment it gains them and it can never change them afterwards. The innate spells are part of a dragons magical capabilities and cannot be changed unless by aging or a wish spell. However a dragon may learn more spells (but not gain more slots) if it possesses a spell book. A dragon cannot add spells to a spell book, but can read it if it finds it. Should the Dragon loses the spell book, it also loses the extra known spells.
If a dragon gains spell slots from other sources use the guidlines given for warlock multiclass.
Though specific or more powerful dragons may choose different spells, the general population gains the following:
Young Black: (slots 2 lvl 2nd): Darkness, Grease
Adult Black: (slots 3 lvl 4th):+Blight
Ancient Black: (slots 4 lvl 7th): +Incect Plague
Young Blue: (slots 3 lvl 3rd): Blinding Smite, Haste, Errupting Earth
Adult Blue: (slots 4 lvl 5th): + Staggering Smite
Ancient Blue:(slots 5 lvl 7): + Chain Lightning
Young Green:(slots 2 lvl 2nd): Mirror Image, Entangle
Adult Green: (slots 3 lvl 5th): + Phantasmal Killer
Ancient Green: (slots 4 lvl 7):+ Project Image
Young Red: (slots 4 lvl 3rd): Hellish Rebuke, Minute Meteors, Suggestion
Adult Red:(slots 5 lvl 5th): +Immolation
Ancient Red:(slots 6 lvl 8th):+ Incendiary Cloud

Young White: (slots 1 lvl 2nd): Gust of Wind
Adult White:(slots 1 lvl 4th):+ Ice Stom
Ancient White:(slots 2 lvl 6th):+ Wall of Ice

Young Brass: (slots 2 lvl 2nd): Speak With Animals, Charm Person
Adult Brass: (slots 3 lvl 4th): +Suggestion
Ancient Brass: (slots 4 lvl 5th):+ Conjure Elemental
Young Bronze: (slots 3 lvl 2nd): Shield, Sleep, Fog Cloud
Adult Bronze: (slots 4 lvl 5th):+Maelstrom
Ancient Bronze :(slots 5 lvl 7th):+ Whirlwind
Young Copper:(slots 2 lvl 2nd): Acid Arrow, Hideus Laughter
Adult Copper:(slots 3 lvl 4th):+ Meld Into Stone
Ancient Copper: (slots 4 lvl 7th):+ Wall of Stone
Young Silver:(slots 4 lvl 3nd): Cure Wounds, Lesser Restoration, Bless, Fog Cloud
Adult Silver:(slots 5 lvl 5th): + Circle of Power
Ancient Silver: (slots 6 lvl 7th):+ Reverse Gravity

Young Gold:(slots 5 lvl 3rd): Cure Wounds, Bless, Blindness, Aid, Hypnotic Pattern
Adult Gold:(slots 7 lvl 5th):+ Aura of life, Hallow
Ancient Gold: (slots 9 lvl 8th):+ Sunburst, Holy Aura
Dragons Of Older Generations

Dragons that where sired by parents closer to Paladine and Takhisis, are more powerfull than their newer cousins. As stated above, during the War of the Lance, no metallic dragon younger than 9th Generation exists. and Chromatic Dragons should be given these extra abilities only if they are Named NPCs. Note that the dragons CR will change.

A Dragon younger than 10th Generation gains +1 to all stats / generation lower than 10th. Thus a dragon of the 6th gen, would have +4 to all stats. (Changes to CR and Charisma due to this, would result in more Innate Spells)

For every 2 lower generations he also gains a +1 to AC as it’s scales are harder and more difficult to pierce.

Finally a dragon of 9th or lower generation, can choose ONE class.

For every generation Lower than 10th a dragon can chose a class. His effective level in that class is Equal to (age category x 2) + (10 - Generation) For example, an adult gold dragon of the 6th generation would have 6 (3x2) + 4 (10-6) = 10 lvls to choose abilites from.

A dragon only gains only the abilities of the General Class, and the Classes available to it are Fighter, Sorcerer, Cleric and Rogue. In the above example, the dragon could choose sorcerer and gain spellcasting, font of magic, metamagic x2 and 2 ASI.

Using the above formula, a dragon’s maximum “class” lvl can be 17 (8 for ancient + 9 from generation)

Favourite Dragons of the Deities may posses more abilites, while those that have fallen in dismay may posses less.