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2007-07-14, 02:04 PM
Immagine you were in a generic D&D world, could you see yourself as a gestalt? This is how The Koga would see himself...

Race: Half-Orc
Class: Rogue/Fighter (sneak attack varaint)

A bastard with mad skillz in pre-emptive striking! We'll assume the sneak attack's stack meaning everytime he go's un-noticed and attack it probably will result in death!!! Not particularly smart or charming, The Koga has to depend on dirty tricks and war-tactics to get ahead inlife!

The Koga is good at sneaking up on people despite his large stature, and once more, even if he just pokes people, it seems he does more damage "sneak attacking" them with a mere poke then he does in direct assault!

Fax Celestis
2007-07-14, 02:16 PM
I am a Hexblade/Fortune's Favorite/Luckstealer//Spellthief. Sky-high CHA, lucky charismatic bastard who just so happens to know how to hit you where it really hurts.

2007-07-14, 02:23 PM
Expert/rogue, most likely. A dude who's good at picking up skills, and can pick up almost any of them.

Thexare Blademoon
2007-07-14, 02:24 PM
Since we're going gestalt, may as well go for 20 too. No epic for me, though. Human Rogue 18/Fighter 2//Urban Ranger 20. I'm sneaky, incredibly quiet when walking (scared customers on accident at work almost daily), and I'm very comfortable in a city (yet not in rural areas).

Needs Weapon Proficiency (Improvised Weapons) though, heh.

2007-07-14, 02:26 PM
3rd level expert // aristocrat.

Well, I don't think I have the proficiencies of the aristocrat, but still...

2007-07-14, 02:29 PM
Smart//dedicated hero, advancing into telepath and acolyte.

2007-07-14, 02:48 PM
KOGA: I soo consider the pic in your post a SPOILER that now I really regret reading this thread. Please think of others before doing that kind of thing.

2007-07-14, 09:09 PM
Expert 1 // Warrior 1 (NPC classes)

I have an intuitive knack for defending myself and am reasonably skilled at some things, but I don't think I'm good enough at either to be a PC class.

2007-07-14, 09:27 PM
What the fudge is gestalt? My character is a complete holistic autonomous being. Is that enough?

2007-07-14, 09:53 PM

2007-07-14, 10:07 PM
Neutral Elf Archivist/Battle Sorcerer with a good INT, WIS and CHA, a middling STR score, a mid-high DEX and a 10 CON (the only one I can really nail down :P).

Result: A person who really only cares about studying, expanding knowledge, retaining things most people forget, am capable of defending self if necessary. Regards adventuring as dirty, sweaty, enjoyable work that cuts too much into study time, but has an unquenchable lust to go and test what he knows against the world.

Oh, and lots of skill ranks in cross-class stuff, maxed out Knowledges (arcana, religion, nobility, history, etc) and a few languages (Common, Draconic[Equivalent of knowing DOS! Yes!]).

Reasoning: I'm a big guy that enjoys sitting around just reading, or studying, or learning some new bit of obscure technobabble or researching new hardware and software (which is like magic! Honest! :P).

2007-07-14, 10:16 PM
Is leet gamer a class? No? Then Bard/Monk or Bard/Marshal.

Bard because I play guitar very well and in a band. Monk because I was in karate for a year and also play a lot of contact sports, and marshal because I am a natural leader (or so I am told).

2007-07-14, 10:59 PM
Probably a cleric/wizard. Or that cloistered cleric variant from UA I believe. Yeah probably a cloistered cleric/wizard. This would be because I'm smart (and egotistical apparently) and study a lot, and because I'm a very religious person.

Duke Malagigi
2007-07-14, 10:59 PM
What I probably would be is either a wizard (necromancer: anatomist)/archivist 5 or wizard (necromancer: deathslayer)/archivist 5. High Intelligence, high Wisdom, decent Constitution, decent Strength, low Charisma (I think) and mediocre Dexterity.

2007-07-14, 11:17 PM
More Cha than I know what to do with, I'm learned in the ways of where to shank people to it's fullest effect. Dark disposition and warlockish personality and way of thinking, lots of bits of knowledge at will, just yanked from my head by a force of will.

2007-07-14, 11:28 PM
For me I would have to say a Paladin/wizard.

This is mostly from personality then physical. Paladin because I love to help poeple espically healing. (I am about to be a nurse after all). I am very protective of people espically the people that can't help themselves and I am really pretty lawful. I am the one that turns in the 1 million dollars that he finds and does not expect a reward.

Wizard because I feel I a am fairly smart and very imaginative and would work good as a wizard.

2007-07-14, 11:37 PM
Also a paladin/ wizard. Obsessively hardworking, extremely dedicated to all of the work that I do, and I fully understand what I've dedicated myself to.

Hell Puppi
2007-07-14, 11:39 PM
I love animals/ nautre. I will shoot you in the face if you do not.

2007-07-14, 11:40 PM

I'm not quite sure if you can even legally do that... Put I pick it. I'm removing the alignment requirements for both, and going to be Neutral Good. I can fight, sneak up on things, heal myself, and I've got good saving throws.

Delaney Gale
2007-07-15, 01:21 AM
*pokes av*

Race: Human - sure I'd love to be long-lived like an elf, but I matured quickly and have a lot of random skills I'd need the bonus skill points for.

Class: Wizard//Swashbuckler/Rogue (definitely more swashbuckler).

Feats I probably have: Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Expertise

I know my high stats are INT, DEX, and CHA (probably in that order).

I study way too hard for my own good, and am currently employed as a physicist- I don't so much tell the laws of physics to shut up and sit down as I tell the problems with the laws of physics to shut up and sit down, but I think I can work with that.

I'm the student assistant to the school's fencing instructor, and the only person at my school who's an active competitor in the sport. I joke that the real reason I'm studying abroad in Hungary is so I can put just enough effort into my math classes and study fencing the rest of the time. ^_- I have a long way to go to start winning consistently, but I've pulled off some pretty impressive losses- taking two touches in a five-touch bout from one of the best epee fencers in the state in my first tourney in the weapon (after not touching one for over a year), for example. I'm also the maitre d'armes for the school SCA, mostly because I have better technique than the president (the other rapier fencer)- he's fully aware he leans way too far forward and we're working on correcting it.

Also, my metal boy regularly says things like "When you die, I'm going to erect a statue of you over your grave, and the inscription will be one word- 'poncy'."

As for the rogue? I spend a good bit of time straddling the morally ambiguous grey zone between chaotic neutral, neutral evil, and chaotic evil. That and I'm a sneaky bastard with a fine touch for complex machinery. Oh, and I can bluff my way through about anything. People really need to start putting ranks into Sense Motive. :smallwink:

2007-07-15, 11:48 AM
I would be the DM and roll up new stats for all you guys just to mess with you.

2007-07-15, 12:04 PM
Ranger/Wizard 10 and Paladin/Loremaster 10

2007-07-15, 12:17 PM
I'm going with the slightly cheesy Archivist / Beguiler. Can learn just about anything. No religion. Neutral Good. Human, obviously. Got skillz - maybe even pimpin' skills :smallcool:

Thes Hunter
2007-07-15, 04:14 PM
If I am feeling egotistical, a Sorcerer/Druid.

If I am being realistic, so sort of expert commoner. :smallbiggrin:

2007-07-15, 05:01 PM
Real- Urban Archery Ranger//Feat Rogue
Super- Urban Archery Ranger with Hidden Stalker and Voice of the City//Transmuter with Transmutable Memory and Animal companion

Both Half Elf.
I'm Urban Rangerish with a hunger for useless knowledge and love of aminalz.

2007-07-15, 05:22 PM
Without a doubt:

Balor Savage Progression 32/Survivor 5/Cleric 3//Druid 40

Why? Because I'm actually a 12ft tall demon who turns into a wide variety of bears upon command in real life. No joke. I mean, some of us are born with academic apptitude, and some of us get Improved Evasion, and can do Divine Metamagic while transformed into a demon-bear. I try not to flaunt my gifts.

(And I refer, of course, to this Savage Progression: Here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31160))

Saithis Bladewing
2007-07-15, 05:33 PM
Wizard/Bard, possibly with a dash of Monk thrown in.

Unless you're going for realistic, at which point Expert/Commoner is more likely. :P

2007-07-18, 12:45 PM
A multiclass combination of 20 Commonner, 20 Serf, and 20 Bloody Useless Git. I'm so powerful I have 60 levels!

2007-07-18, 01:05 PM
Combination of Bard/Expert/Rogue with perhaps 2 or 3 levels of Monk added in.

2007-07-18, 01:10 PM
Me? I'm a Bard 5//Druid 5 with a level in Mystic Theurge.
Or in my preferred Modern, Dedicated Hero 3//Intelligent Hero 3.

2007-07-18, 02:05 PM
Let's see. I'm quite intelligent (despite being a little sel depricating about it), I have a love of nature, and I have a smattering of knowledge in a large number of subjects. Put down as a:

Wizard 10/ Druid 10/ Bard 5/ Rogue 5/ Fochluran Lyrist 10.

What would this character be good for? Don't know. Which means it's a perfect match for me. :smallbiggrin:

2007-07-18, 02:19 PM
mmm.. y havenīt think about that, but i think i would bee a:

Druid/Wizard/fighter Lizardfolk in this order i thnik...

or maybe a...
Fighter/Cleric--Dwarven defender...

2007-07-18, 11:25 PM
Possibly some sort of elf, though in DnD they are a bit short...
Classes, well a slight dip in Monk, a bit of cloistered cleric (I like my knowledge...) and I suppose Ranger or Wilderness Rogue (I'm a Kiwi, we like outdoors)

Monk 2/Cloistered Cleric 3//Wilderness Rogue 5

Ability scores... well low strength but everything else sky high. My hands are really dexterous (Comes from all the gaming), tough constitution (I lived in China. Have you seen some of the food!?), intelligence and wisdom well I'm just smart, though I do always slack off... Maybe drop wisdom a bit...
And as for Charisma, well it seems everywhere I go I find girls are after me (And yet I have poor social skills so can never talk to them... It isn't fair)

2007-07-18, 11:36 PM
If it was me in DND world commoner/Expert
What I would want to be in DND world Cleric(positive energy)/Dread Necromancer

What I would want to be in this world. Druid 20+/ Ranger 15+//Natures Warrior 5. Or some other build to help me destroy all man has made and restore humans to balance with nature using wild shape and my epic spell casting.